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cleaning carpets too often

Is it Possible to Clean Your Carpets Too Often?

There are many myths regarding carpet cleaning that have to be debunked or proven true. For example, one common misconception is that it’s possible to clean your carpets too often. 

Understandably, many people worry that cleaning their carpets too often will result in the threads and materials of the carpets deteriorating. This is incorrect, though. The key is hiring the right experts with the proper training, knowledge, and equipment so that your carpets will be cleaned thoroughly without being damaged.

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Professional Carpet Cleaning

As professional carpet cleaners, we know exactly how to clean your carpets without causing any damage. This is true even if you contact us for more frequent cleaning. We always evaluate the type of carpet you have and what conditions they are in before we proceed with cleaning. 

There’s nothing wrong at all with calling us more frequently if your carpet receives a heavy amount of foot traffic in a short amount of time.

Debunking the Myth

Some people think that it’s possible to clean your carpets too often. However, the fact is that carpets today are actually very resistant. Coupled with modern cleaning technology that is effective yet safe, your carpet won’t be at risk of being damaged. Our carpet cleaning methods are able to refresh your carpets without the use of aggressive and damaging methods.

Also, will regular cleaning shrink your carpet? Shrinking can occur when carpets have natural fibers and are not allowed to dry thoroughly. This was certainly more common in the past. However, these days, most carpets are manufactured using synthetic materials, so rest assured that shrinking won’t happen. 

Frequent Carpet Cleaning

Keeping a frequent cleaning schedule for your carpet is actually beneficial. Dirt, stains, contaminants, mold, and other unhealthy germs build up in your carpet over time. It becomes an even bigger problem if your carpet is not cleaned as often as it should be. Not cleaning your carpet can also cause damage, discoloration, and the formation of horrible scents and contaminants.

While it can depend on how much foot traffic your carpet receives, how often things get spilled on it, and whether you have pets, the fact remains that cleaning your carpet frequently and correctly can make a world of difference. 

Ultimately, having a consistent cleaning schedule in place will help. The more often you clean it, the better it will appear. Letting dirt and grime build up will be more harmful to your carpet.


Your carpet will not sustain any damage from being cleaned too often as long as you contact professional carpet cleaners like us with the right expertise, chemicals, and equipment to do the job effectively yet safely. We know how vital it is to clean your carpets and preserve them at the same time. So instead of avoiding carpet cleaning in The Villages due to misconceptions, don’t hesitate to hire our carpet cleaning experts as and when required, and trust us to clean your carpet the proper way.

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pet owners carpet tips

5 Pro Tips to Help Pet Owners Keep Their Carpets Clean

Owning pets is a joy and brings many fond memories. Your pet can be a source of stress relief and entertainment, but sometimes, they may also be a source of frustration as you struggle to keep your home and carpets clean.

To help your carpets look and stay cleaner, here are five pro tips to help you.

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Pro Tips to Help Pet Owners Keep Their Carpets Clean

  1. Groom Them Regularly

Taking your pet to the groomer regularly can do a lot to take care of shedding and loose fur. The groomer will also clip their nails, lowering the risk of your pet’s claws breaking off into the carpet or snagging it.

Trips to the vet can help lessen the amount of shedding your pet does at home and help keep them clean. If your pet has long fur, it can get very dirty when they start to shed their winter fur. Let the groomer help them out and schedule regular visits so that your pet can stay happy and healthy and your carpets can stay clean.

  1. Potty Train Them as Soon as Possible

Whether you want your pet to go outside to do their business or to use a pee pad, little box, or another form of pet toilet, make sure you train them to do so as soon as possible. If you get your pet while they’re still a baby, this is especially important as your pet has no idea what is and isn’t expected. However, if you adopt an older pet, they’ll probably already be familiar with potty training, so it’s up to you to show them where they can go.

  1. Clean Messes Quickly and With an Odor Remover

If your pet makes a mess, clean it up immediately, whether they’ve knocked something over or had an accident. Messes are just a part of owning pets, so focus on cleaning the mess as quickly as possible.

When cleaning up a mess, use an odor and stain remover. This will help prevent your carpets from smelling, and if the mess is a result of your pet doing their business on the floor, it will prevent your pet from feeling inclined to repeat the incident.

  1. Have a Good Vacuum

There are vacuums on the market specifically for pet owners. These powerful vacuums can suck fur out of thick carpets and prevent dirt from building up in the carpet fibers. 

A good vacuum cleaning will help your carpets. One of the best kinds to have for pet owners, in particular, is a water-filtered vacuum. When the vacuum sucks in pet fur and dirt, it’s sent into a water filter that will prevent them from being spit back out like what sometimes happens in regular filtered vacuums.

  1. Call the Professionals

Your carpets will need a professional cleaning eventually. While you don’t need to call on the professionals after every spill, accident, or major shedding, calling in a team of professionals can help your carpet avoid lasting damage and help bring it back to life.

Professional carpet cleaners like us have professional-grade tools to pull all the shedded fur, dandruff, and dirt out of your carpets. They’ll also be able to use stronger soaps made for your carpet type and will have a stronger effect on the stains, smells, and messes.


As a pet owner, you’re probably already familiar with your pets making messes and having accidents. While this can be frustrating and lead to more cleaning, it’s all part of owning a pet. Fortunately, you don’t have to sacrifice your carpets in order to keep your pet indoors. Just take the few extra steps above to prevent stains and avoid accidents. Call us today – we are the experts of clean carpets in Kissimmee!

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dust mites

Can Pests and Allergens Live In My Carpets?

The simple answer is yes, pests and allergens can live in your carpets. In fact, with all the daily foot traffic, you never know what might be hiding in your carpets. This is why it’s vital to have a professional carpet cleaning in Tampa. Keep reading to find out more about the pests and allergens that lurk in your carpets.

Can Pests and Allergens Live In My Carpets?

You should be regularly vacuuming your carpeting to help keep it clean, but regular vacuuming can’t eliminate everything that might be hiding there.

Microbiologists have done research about what lives in carpets—and an average carpet can hold around 200,000 bacteria per square inch. 


Unfortunately, your pet might bring fleas into your home. There are over 2000 species of fleas, and many of them are small, fast, and difficult to spot. You might only notice them through bites or when you brush your pet.

These pests can live many years, although they usually die after a few months. If you let them stay on your carpet, you might end up with many more of these bugs hiding out of sight.

Dust Mites

Dust mites are tiny organisms that live in warm, humid places, and they love soft furniture like pillows, mattresses, and carpets. When you step on your carpet or vacuum it, you might throw these mites up into the air, where they’ll float around. Unfortunately, it’s also possible to inhale them, which is why they can trigger allergies. 

Regardless of how clean you try to keep your home, you can’t completely eradicate dust mites. However, you can control how prevalent they are in your home and how quickly they breed. So be sure to vacuum often, wash your bedding in hot water, and professionally clean your carpets regularly. 

Pet Hair and Skin Cells

Your pet doesn’t only shed hair, they shed dead skin cells too. Microscopic insects like dust mites will feed off these, though, allowing them to continue thriving on your carpet.

If you leave pet hair and dander on your carpet, not only will your allergies and air quality worsen, but pests like dust mites will multiply. They also tend to end up deep in your carpet fibers, becoming harder to remove.


This is another allergen that tends to irritate people. Pollen can drift through the windows and doors during certain seasons and leave you struggling to manage your allergies. You can try to ease your allergies by vacuuming, but still, pollen can sit in carpets for a while and end up troubling you even months later.


It’s inevitable to have bacteria in your home. However, they tend to really thrive on your carpet. Some common types of bacteria include Salmonella and E. Coli, and they can be brought in by your pets or even by your shoes.

Don’t forget about other forms of bacteria, like mold and mildew. These tend to thrive in a warm, wet environment, and while your carpet shouldn’t be wet, you still might be dealing with it growing where you can’t see.


Unfortunately, there are a high number of pests and allergens that can live in your carpets. From dust mites to bed bugs to dander and pollen, you need to ensure that you have your carpet cleaned to prevent these pests from accumulating. Call us today, so we can help you give your carpet an effective deep clean so you can enjoy a cleaner and fresher home again!

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clogged dryer vent

What Signals Might There Be if My Dryer Vent Is Clogged?

Clogged dryer vents are both a safety hazard and a nuisance. Not only will they prevent your dryer from functioning correctly, but they can also increase your risk of house fires and put you and your family in danger.

Knowing the warning signs of a clogged dryer vent will keep you safe and ensure that your dryer can efficiently dry your clothes. While not all the signals may appear, if you’re able to recognize one or two early on, you can react promptly and arrange for our Orlando dryer vent cleaning company to clean out your vents.

What Signals Might There Be if My Dryer Vent Is Clogged?

Here are some signs that your dryer vent is clogged and needs to be cleared out.

  1. Clothes aren’t drying

If you notice that it’s taking longer for your clothes to dry or that the regular setting you use isn’t working as effectively, this can be a sign that your vent is clogged. A clogged dryer vent will make it difficult for air to pass through, and in return, the water won’t be able to evaporate through the vent. Instead, your clothes will stay wet, and you’ll spend extra time waiting for them to dry.

  1. There’s a burning smell

Whenever something smells like it’s burning, you should immediately know something is wrong. If it smells like something is burning when you’re running your dryer, your vents may be clogged. 

The burning smell in dryers is caused by the lint and debris that’s clogging up your vents. As dryers get very hot and lint is incredibly flammable, it won’t take much for it to start smoldering or burning. If you smell smoke or burning, immediately turn off your dryer and call a technician rather than waiting for the load to finish.

  1. The dryer is hot

It’s not uncommon for a dryer to feel a bit warm while it’s in use, but if it feels hotter than usual, this can be a sign that it is struggling to work, and the vents may be clogged. Clogged vents will make your dryer work harder, which can risk overheating and as plugged lint and debris are extremely flammable, this can lead to a fire hazard.

  1. Your clothes are hot

While your clothes should be warm when they come fresh out of the dryer, they should not be hot. If they’re too hot to touch, your dryer vents may be blocked.

  1. You see lint or debris

You should regularly check and clean out the dryer vent flap that’s accessible to you, but you should also check the outside dryer flap and peer into the hose if you can. If you can see built-up debris or lint in either of these areas, it can be a sign that your vents are or soon will be clogged.

Additionally, if you notice that the removable lint filter isn’t as full as usual, this can be a sign that lint is escaping into the hose and vents. If there are any tears or rips in the filter, you should also be wary of escaped lint. 

In contrast, if you notice that the lint filter is fuller than usual, this can also be a sign of a clogged vent.

Since your lint filter can be a pretty good indicator of the health of your dryer vent, make sure to regularly clean it. If you know how much lint is usually trapped by the filter, you can monitor it for any changes more efficiently.


Clogged dryer vents are a serious hazard, and if you suspect your vents are clogged or on their way to being so, you should call our technicians to come and investigate. In addition, regularly having your dryer vent cleaned can reduce the risks associated with clogged vents and keep your dryer healthier, ensuring it lasts as long as possible and you and your family remain safe.

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keep carpets fresh

How to Keep Your Carpets Fresh After Your Professional Cleaning

After hiring carpet cleaning services, it’s normal to want to preserve your fresh carpets for as long as possible. While you can’t expect them to stay perfectly clean forever, there are a few things you can do to keep them looking and smelling fresh for quite a while.

Depending on how much foot traffic your carpets receive each day, the amount of time they stay fresh will vary. Even if you take good care of your carpets, they’ll wear back down faster if you have lots of daily foot traffic. Still, making an effort to keep your carpets fresh will make a difference, and you’ll be able to enjoy your fresh, clean carpets for longer.

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Here’s what you can do:

  1. Let the carpets dry without people around

Right after your carpets are cleaned, it’s crucial to let them fully dry before people or pets are allowed back into the room. Walking over the freshly cleaned carpet while it’s still drying can harm the carpet fibers and increase the dry time, so it’s best to leave the room blocked off until the carpet is dry.

Carpets dry best in warm air, so do your best to allow this. If it’s warm out, turn off the AC and open the window to allow the warm air inside. If it’s cold, turn up the heater.

  1. Vacuum regularly

Making sure that your carpets are vacuumed regularly will help them last longer. Vacuuming won’t remove all the dirt and debris, but it is the best way to prevent it from building up too quickly and help your carpets stay fresh for longer.

By vacuuming once or twice a week, your carpet won’t allow dust, debris, or allergens to build up, which will extend your carpet’s lifespan and improve the room’s air quality.

  1. Keep shoes off the carpet

If possible, avoid walking with shoes over the carpet. Shoes track a lot of dirt inside, which can build up quickly in between your carpet fibers. By simply making sure guests, kids, and all family members take off their shoes before stepping onto your carpet, you’ll significantly improve the lifespan of your carpet and keep it fresh.

  1. Don’t rub when cleaning stains and spills

When something spills on your carpet, your first instinct is likely to try and scrub out as much of it as you can. While cleaning up stains and spills as quickly as possible is vital, you should never rub or scrub vigorously at your carpet. Rubbing can embed the stain and hurt your carpet fibers.

The best practice for cleaning up stains is to blot them. First, use a dry rag to soak up as much of the excess liquid as possible, then use another rag to blot your favorite cleaning solution. Blotting will do much more to lift the stain from your carpet, and it won’t damage the fibers.

  1. Professional deep cleaning

Hire our professional carpet cleaners at least twice a year to prolong the freshness of your carpets. You may think professional cleaning is a one-off service but it’s crucial to think of it more as ongoing maintenance. 

Professional deep cleaning can remove a lot of dirt, dust, and grime from between your carpet fibers. Let us come in with our industrial equipment and cleaning solutions to refresh your carpet.


By performing routine carpet care and making a small effort to change your daily habits, you can keep your carpets fresh and in better shape for a longer period. Even if you can’t commit to deep cleaning occasionally or ensuring no one walks across your carpet with shoes on, simply letting it dry after your professional cleaning and vacuuming often will do a great deal to keep your carpets fresh.

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tile and grout buildup

What Causes Tile and Grout Buildup?

Your tiles inevitably get dirty with all the daily foot traffic, but you might notice that some of your tiles are much cleaner in one spot while others are dull. This is a sign of tile and grout buildup. If you’re wondering what causes tile and grout buildup, keep reading so you may understand more about how you can prevent it.

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What Causes Tile and Grout Buildup?


You might not realize this, but all those cleaning chemicals you’ve been using can actually cause your tiles to appear dirty. This chemical residue buildup will stay on your tiles when you do not scrub off or thoroughly remove your cleaning chemicals. It’s crucial to note that this chemical residue might also make the floor more slippery and even attract bacteria. 

It might be ironic that cleaning chemicals can make your floor look dirtier and duller, but it might be time to think twice about the cleaning chemicals you’re using on your floor.

Daily Exposure

No matter how hard you try to keep mud or bad stains off your tile floor, your floor will still be exposed to moisture, dust, and general debris daily. All these can cause grime to build up on your tiles.

Mold Buildup

Mold or mildew can grow on your tiles and grout. This is because any unsealed grout and tile is porous, which means that once water gets inside, it can provide an ideal environment for mold to grow.

Granted, this is more common for your bathroom tiles since it’s more likely that you’ll have water sitting on those tiles.


How much limescale builds up on your tiles will depend on where you live. If you live somewhere that uses hard water, your limescale buildup will happen at a much quicker rate. Basically, the water that sits on your tiles evaporates, leaving behind the residue of minerals like calcium.

This is what hard water is: the type of water that’s filled with these minerals. When the water evaporates, you’re left with the minerals that reduce the shine of your tiles. The longer you leave the limescale on your surface, the more challenging it will be to remove it. 

White Residue

You might also notice some white residue on your grout, which is usually caused by the process of efflorescence. This is a process similar to limescale buildup, where the water evaporates and leaves minerals on the tiles. That causes the appearance of white residue, which dulls the look of your tiles.


There are many causes of the buildup that you see on your tile and grout. You might be dealing with limescale, white residue, or even chemical buildup, all of which will affect the look of your tiles and grout.

Your best course of action is to hire a professional tile and grout cleaning company like us. We know how to thoroughly clean your tiles and have the powerful industrial equipment and chemicals to get it done properly the first time around. Call us today, so you don’t have to put up with the unsightly tile and grout buildup!

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