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A survey by the IICRC found that 64% of U.S. homeowners have area rugs in their homes, but only 40 percent clean them on a regular basis. Like carpet cleaning, area rugs require proper maintenance to retain their appearance and durability.

Area rugs tend to be made of more delicate fibers, questionable dyes and woven constructions that can easily be damaged by do-it-yourself procedures or even professionals without adequate training and experience. IICRD Certified technicians are trained to recognize different fibers, constructions and types of carpet and area rugs, along with their potential problems. They have the equipment, training and experience to restore the beauty of carpet and rugs — improving the look of your home or business and protecting the indoor environment, as well as your investment.

Cleaning in place (in your home)

If our technician approves an area rug for in-place cleaning (in-home “steam” cleaning), we follow the same procedure and use the same equipment that has proven safe for Orlando carpet cleaning ( We use the same truck mounted equipment but a slightly different process is performed (up to 10 steps) ).

Area rug cleaning is based on the size (square footage) of the rug. Since area rugs are normally laid over hardwood floors, we’ll take extra precaution to protect the floor underneath while using a low-moisture cleaning technique on the rug itself. Rugs laying on wood floor will either be moved to another surface (i.e. carpet, tile, concrete, or vct) or plastic sheeting can be placed (for an additional fee) under the rug to protect the wood floors.

Cleaning off-premises (in our rug cleaning plant)

For valuable oriental rugs, delicate fabrics, and area rugs with significant staining and odor; we recommend a more thorough cleaning at our Orlando rug cleaning plant. IF YOU’VE SUFFERED WATER DAMAGE TO YOUR RUGS, WE RECOMMEND OUR WATER RESTORATION SERVICES. We can pick-up your rug, safely and more effectively clean it, then return it to your home. In plant cleaning is significantly more expensive than in-place cleaning due to the increased cleaning time and specialized equipment that is used, however you will be very pleased with the result.


We use an 8-step process

  1. Pre-inspection.
    We inspect your rug to determine the optimum cleaning process
  2. Dry soil removal.
    A proprietary machine (Rug Badger®) is used to gently shake the carpet over a grating system before vacuuming
  3. Pre-treatment.
    Using a special pre-treatment, we’ll address spots, stains, and fringe before regular cleaning
  4. Shampoo.
    Our shampooing step is designed to carefully lift dirt from sensitive fibers
  5. Wash & Rinse.
    Both sides of your carpet are cleaned in solution in a wash pit
  6. Drying.
    Your carpet dried in a controlled environment (we may also spin dry your carpet in our centrifuge)
  7. Grooming.
    Special grooming tools will be used to comb and finish your carpet
  8. Post-inspection.
    Before we deliver the carpet, we will make sure that cleaning has met our high standards

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