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Choose your power & convenience level!

You are in control! We offer 3-levels of cleaning and al-a-cart services – each priced per square foot. There are no hidden charges and you pay only for the areas being cleaned (wall-to-wall room measurements are used to determine sq. ft.). Choose the cleaning level that’s appropriate for your home, then add steps (per room) to customize your service. Your IICRC® certified Technician will recommend the level that will deliver the best result! See the full explanation of each level below the chart.


Carpet Cleaning Process

Why 3-levels of Carpet Cleaning?

Not all carpets are the same! And, one size does not fit all!

We have a solution for every soiling condition and carpet type!

You can select the service level that best fits your lifestyle, budget, and schedule (and cleaning requirements).

Sometimes carpets are just too dirty for regular “steam” cleaning (using a standard wand) offered by most carpet cleaners. And, equipment and time limitations often prevent other cleaners from achieving the desired result that we do! Instead of excuses, we offer new cleaning technology (like our RotoVac® multi-directional cleaning machine), advanced cleaning techniques, and more powerful cleaning solutions that can restore even heavily-soiled carpeting (“deep scrub and corrective cleaning”).

By organizing our 15-step carpet cleaning process (listed in sequence above) into 3 service levels we’ve made it much easier to select a group of cleaning power and convenience steps that will best fit your lifestyle, budget, and schedule (and cleaning requirements too!). At each successive level we add more aggressive cleaning solutions (additional spot and traffic lane treatment applications), more cleaning power (patented electric rotary machinery), more convenience (furniture moving, pre-vacuum, etc.), and more cleaning time on your job (steps from previous levels are included). And, you can also add post-cleaning treatments (applied to freshly-cleaned carpet) like Enzymes (for control of pet odors) and Carpet Protector (to prevent ordinary soiling and spills from becoming permanent stains).

Purchase only what you need. Start out at our 1st level (7-steps) then customize your service “room-by-room” by adding steps. Regardless of the service level you select, you’ll get amazing results — clean carpets using family-safe products.

After you and your technician complete the Pre-inspection, you’ll have a better idea of which steps (if any) should be added or subtracted from your service. Ask your technician to make specific recommendations.



Here’s our Three Service Levels (see chart above):
1. 7-step (Level 1) – Even at our “maintenance level” we out-deliver most professional carpet cleaners. With pricing at $.30 cents per square foot, you’ll get some of the best carpet cleaning possible if your newer carpet is lightly-soiled with minimum signs of wear and traffic. Level 1 is intended for the maintenance of newer carpets in good condition. To keep your cleaning cost lower we don’t move/block furniture or pre-vacuum (you save money by doing that yourself). An Earth-friendly, pet and family safe 3-component Pre-treatment emulsifier, disinfectant,/oxidizing cleaning booster, and deodorizer) is applied then evenly distributed with a carpet “pile” rake (agitated) before standard “steam” cleaning (extract & rinse using a wand).

2. 10-step (Level 2) – Super Deep Cleaning. If you need a deep cleaning without the convenience of pre-vacuuming and furniture moving, select Level 2. With pricing at $.50 cents per square foot, you’ll get the “deep scrub and corrective cleaning” recommended for most households that need “restorative” cleaning of more heavily-soiled carpets with visible traffic lanes. For more “steam” cleaning power we use RotoVac® (a patented multi-directional electric powerhead). We use an Earth-friendly, pet and family safe 3-component pre-treatment (emulsifier, disinfectant/oxidizing cleaning booster, and deodorizer) as well as “spot treatment” both pre- and post-cleaning. You’ll get traffic lane cleaner too!

3. 15-step (Level 3) – We offer Service Level 3 to those who desire the very best carpet cleaning experience. For $.99 cents per square foot, you’ll get all of the power and convenience steps of levels 1 and 2 as well as furniture moving and pre-vacuuming plus special finishing steps (dry bonnet machine and fiber grooming) designed to bring out the best look of high-quality carpets found in finer homes. We also include an application of premium stain protector.|

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How often should carpets be cleaned?4_-_EPA_Logo_Circle

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports that the typical person can be found inside of their home or office space at least 90 percent of their time.Therefore it is imperative that harmful pollutants are removed regularly. With as many as one hundred times more pollutants found indoors compared to outside, carpet (the building’s filter) must be cleaned often. Vacuuming and spot cleaning can only remove surface debris. Performing a deeper treatment removes the dirt, pet hair, dust mites, and other debris that commonly work their way down further into the carpet. While everyone tracks these unwanted contaminants indoors, kids and pets can greatly increase the volume of incoming pollutants. Over time a build-up of dust and grime can occur, so it is important to remove these contaminants to preserve the carpet’s appearance and protect the health of those within the space.

Cleaning Interval.The more use the carpet gets, the less the interval between cleanings should be.:

  • 12-month interval. Even if foot traffic is light, your carpet is still subject to the accumulation of dust and other environmental debris. Clean your carpets at least once a year to prolong its life, maintain its appearance, and comply with the manufacturer’s stain-resistance warranty.
  • 9-month interval. For health purposes, clean your carpet every nine months if you have children or pets (or you have a household in which there are at least one smoker).
  • 6-month interval. Clean your carpet every six months if you have kids and pets or kids and smokers in the family.
  • 3-month interval. If your home has pets, kids and smokers you should make sure to have carpets cleaned once every three months (and add enzymes too)! Individually, any one of these factors are tough on carpets, but together they can quickly ruin the appearance, resiliency, and longevity of even top quality goods.

Keep in mind that every home is different, so these recommendations are general in nature. For example, the carpet cleaning interval could be increased in homes with a lot of hard surfaces (tile, natural stone, hardwood, etc.) in traffic areas. And, carpets have to be cleaned more often in homes located in very humid or dusty environments (like Florida).

What’s the recommended carpet cleaning method?5_-_IICRC_Logo_circle

The IICRC® (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning & Restoration Certification) is the world’s mostrecognized body of certification for carpet, upholstery, and tile cleaners.

Recommended Method

. The IICRC® and carpet manufacturers (to maintain their stain-resistance warranty) recommend the “hot water extraction” (commonly called “steam” cleaning) method at least once per year. This method uses “heat” (240 degrees at truck) to “sanitize” carpet (kill mold, bacteria, germs, mites and other toxins that are present) and 400 PSI of water pressure to rinse out dirt and contaminants. The level of moisture is controlled to prevent damage to the underlying material and excess water (along with the dislodged dirt) is continuously removed by powerful vacuum suction. The depth with which this method treats not only reduces harmful allergens, it will greatly improve the overall appearance and lifespan of the carpeting. A key benefit to steam cleaning carpet is the minimization of chemicals present during the process. In addition, there is less chance of harmful residues contaminating the indoor environment. The air can remain healthy and clean for those within the space.

Pollution Control.

Keeping carpet and other floor coverings (we also clean tile, natural stone, and hardwood) fresh is an important part of maintaining a healthy indoor environment. And, reducing or eliminating a major source of irritants is critical to family members who suffer from allergies, asthma, emphysema, sensitivity to cigarette smoke, or other breathing problems. Forced-air HVAC systems (and gravity) cause airborne pollutants settle onto floors. And, particulates (soil, dust, pet hair, etc.) are carried inside your home on the skin, hair, clothing, and shoes of family members (including pets) and guests (any foot traffic). Carpet fibers catch and hold particulates, absorb food and beverage spills, facilitate residue transfer (oil, tar, grease, etc.), and harbor contaminants (pollens, fungus, bacteria, air pollution, cigarette smoke, car exhaust, etc.) and countless chemicals that could contaminate the air quality inside your home. Just like any other “filter” carpet becomes less effective at its job when full, so routine sanitation (and removal of debris) is a must. Frequent vacuuming is important in preventing buildup of soil and grime, but it is only the first line of defense in carpet care.

Damage Control

. Just like sandpaper, dirt is an abrasive. With every step, dirt is ground into carpet fibers causing it to wear out faster. Clean carpet will far outlast a dirty carpet. And, while regular vacuuming helps to eliminate dirt and other particulates, the longer the interval between professional cleanings, the faster your carpet will wear out!

Eco-friendly Pre-treatment

Our formula for really clean carpets!

Our Proprietary Pre-treatment Formula includes up to six (6) powerful components:

1. Emulsifier

A powerful agent that effectively releases dirt and other contaminants from carpet fiber in highly soiled areas and suspends them in solution for easier removal (included at all levels).

2. Disinfectant.

Our disinfectant is anti-microbial (kills molds, virus, and bacteria) and delivers oxidizing cleaning boosters and fabric brighteners as well (included at all levels).

3. Deodorizer

Effective deodorizer that eliminates odors (included on all cleaning packages).

4. Surfactant

This “surface acting agent” improves the cleaning performance of our pre-spray emulsifying oils, waxes and tars … especially in Olefin fibers! (Berber carpet). Included in our 10-step and 15-step levels. Available a la carte to our 7-step process.

5. Traffic Lane Cleaner.

A concentrated pre-conditioning detergent with deep penetrating action for heavily soiled carpet. Its combination of builders and detergents with a solvent boost for aggressive cleaning action removes grease and heavy soil. Included in our 10-step and 15-step levels. Available a la carte to our 7-step process.

6. Solvent Booster

A high pH cleaner designed to attack the toughest soils, our solvent booster contains the latest in surfactant technology, chelating ingredients and alkali builders (used primarily on heavily soiled carpets and commercial jobs). Included in our 10-step Commercial Carpet Cleaning process.

Carpet Pre-treatment with the right chemical formulation in the proper pH range is the key to effective carpet cleaning! We use powerful cleaning solutions designed to get residential and commercial carpets amazingly clean without damaging effects. Carpets are “pre-treated” before heavy-duty “steam” cleaning using an effective multi-component spray-on application. Up to 6 components based on the cleaning level selected (available separately). Included FREE on every job.

Our Equipment

6_-_Rotovac_CircleWe dispatch a fully-equipped professional cleaning crew to your job. We have the equipment and the trained personnel to get your job done correctly (according to IICRC standards) and efficiently (in a reasonable time frame that permits thorough cleaning). You won’t find a better-equipped and trained cleaning company.

Vehicle Fleet

Service Vans with power unit and self-contained water tank. Trailers with power unit only.


Vehicle parking cones, first aid kit, fire extinguisher, and other DOT-required equipment.

Site Protection

Pressure hose connector covers, door mat, non-marring hose retainer (for 2nd floor and stairways), corner guards and furniture blocks are standard site protection equipment. The use of safety signs, entry door seal (for hoses), shoe covers, and other site protection equipment and procedures are only included with our Ultra Care™ package. Site Protection provisions are made on every job.

Non-power Equipment

Our service vehicles are outfitted with a full complement of cleaning equipment, pump-up sprayers, hand tools, and crew convenience items (drinking water, hand soap, personal gear).

Power Unit.

Commercial grade, vehicle mounted, gasoline-powered, high pressure (1000psi) hot Water (240 degrees) extraction equipment specifically designed for cleaning carpets.


Non-marring vacuum (2”) hoses and high-pressure hot water hoses (3/4”) reach up to 250’ and are maintained on vehicle-mounted reels. Metal couplings are covered with protective jackets (pressure hose connector covers).


Our pre-filter collects carpet fiber and all other debris. Any valuable items swept up by our vacuum process can easily be recovered before reaching our main filter.

Air Movers

We provide air movers (specialized electric blower fans) for faster drying times (Ultimate Package Only). Air movers are included on every job to accelerate carpet drying.


We us a variety of specialized high-pressure wands to clean your carpet


is a revolutionary deep-cleaning rotary power head used for restorative cleaning on heavily-soiled carpets (included only in the Hero and Super Hero packages

rotovacThe Rotovac® 360i is a Patented Rotary Jet Extractor that utilizes rotary vacuum heads to thoroughly deep clean carpet with hundreds of multi-directional cleaning passes. This state-of-the-art cleaning head is equipped with 3 stainless steel shoes and three spray jets to create less over spray, more agitation and quicker dry times. Unlike a traditional carpet “wand” this advanced equipment operates in a self-propelled side to side motion creating a circular pattern that helps to restore the original look of the carpet fiber (eliminate pile distortion and matting). The 360i is equipped with a variable head speed control to adjust the head speed from 0 to 250 RPM. This feature allows the equipment to adapt to all carpets from direct commercial glue downs to plush installed over pad residential carpeting.

Carpet Treatment

7_-_Carpet_ProtectorCarpet Protector. When properly applied (we use the IICRC® approved method), a quality fluorochemical fiber protector (the ones we use) willactually help to prevent spills and spots from becoming permanent stains(our protector contains a fluorochemical that blocks carpet dye-sites). Food and beverage spills will clean-up easier too (our protector effectively resists water and oil-based spills) because the products are designed to slow the absorption of solids (like food) and liquids (like beverages) into the core of the carpet fibers. This “extra time” allows for a more complete “clean-up” before the contaminant creates a “stubborn” spot or “permanent” stain. Soil adhesion is also minimized, enabling your home vacuum to be more effective atdry soil removal(our protectors contain soil retardants). Generic protector is costs $.15 ($15.00) per sq. ft. (.00 for a 10’ x 10’ bedroom). Our Branded Protector is $.25 ($25.00) per sq. ft. (.00 for a 10’ x 10’ bedroom).

Enzyme Treatment. We recommend an enzyme treatment to eliminate odors in your home. This application is safe and effective for all households with pets, pet kennels and cages, designated assisted-living, and day-care responsibilities.

We apply a patented blend of bacteria and digestive enzymes to safely deodorize carpets, textiles, and upholstered furniture. Rather than masking the odor, enzymes actually eliminate the source of odor. And, they continue to work on new odors until fully exhausted. Enzyme treatment costs $.15 ($15.00) per square foot (.00 for a 10’ x 10’ bedroom).

Guaranteed Results

Our Triple Promise

  1. We include everything needed to get the job done right!
  2. You’ll receive a great value! We promise fair, upfront pricing.
  3. Our Certified Technicians recommend the appropriate cleaning level.

“Re-clean” Guarantee

Our “Re-clean” Guarantee is included at all levels . If any spots resurface on your carpet within 3-weeks of our service we will return to your property and re-clean the affected area(s) at no additional charge.

Upgrade to Super Hero (Ultimate 15-step service – level 3). If you are not completely thrilled with the service experience you receive, we will rush back to your property at no charge to remedy the situation. If you remain unimpressed, you owe us nothing and we will provide a 100% refund (of fee paid over Hero Service – Level 2).

What’s Not Covered?

We can’t extend our “Re-clean” Guarantee if you have Berber (Olefin) carpeting or on any carpeting that has been damaged, abused, or neglected. Some carpets may require a second cleaning (at an additional cost) to qualify for our “Re-clean” Guarantee.

*We clean Berber carpet using the recommended low-moisture cleaning process employing only neutral PH cleaning agents. To prevent spots from re-appearing (“Wicking”), we recommend that you have your Berber carpets cleaned more frequently to prevent heavy soiling.

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