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How Often Should I Have My Dryer Vents Cleaned and Why?

How Often Should I Have My Dryer Vents Cleaned and Why?

Laundry is just a part of daily life. Whether you’re doing just a load each week for only yourself or whether you have a whole family’s load of clothing to wash, you want those clothes to be dry when they come out of the dryer. If the dryer vent isn’t cleaned, you might have some problems then. Keep reading if you want to know how often you should hire Orlando dryer vent cleaning services.

How Often Should I Have My Dryer Vents Cleaned and Why?

The whole point of cleaning your dryer vent is to enhance the overall efficiency of the dryer. When lint, dirt, and debris are removed, the dryer will be able to work optimally, and you will have dry clothes when the load is done.

Generally, regardless of how many clothes you’re washing or how big of a family you have, you should have your dryer vents cleaned once per year.

Annual Cleanings

The best move is to have your dryer vents cleaned once per year. This will ensure that your clothing actually dries and reduce any possibility of a dryer fire.

Dryer fires do happen, after all, around 16,000 of them per year. This is why you remove the lint from the trap in the dryer before you do each load. You can’t get the lint from the vent every time, though, which is where a professional can be a huge help.

Where is the Vent?

You might be reading this wondering if this type of cleaning is something you can do on your own. The fact is, it might be difficult since that vent is along the back of the dryer, connecting through the vent pipe. Over time, this vent can become clogged when lint and dirt escape the lint trap and end up back there. For an effective and thorough clean, it’s best to leave this job in the hands of professionals like us.

Professional Cleaning

The basis of a vent cleaning is removing the lint screen and cleaning out any obstacles from both inside and outside. The area behind the dryer should be cleaned out too. But everything, even the inside of the vent, should be cleaned. This will get rid of all the lint stuck inside of the mesh.

From here, a professional will also give the mesh a scrub and another vacuum just before putting everything back together again.

Signs That It’s Time For Cleaning

While you should try and get a dryer vent cleaning at least once a year, it might have been a while since you’ve had one. Or maybe you’ve never even thought about getting your dryer vents cleaned. If you see these signs, you should try to get your dryer vent cleaned as soon as possible:

  • If your clothing isn’t drying, or if you have to run the dryer a few times to get it dried. 
  • You may also notice the clothing and the dryer being much hotter than usual, and even perhaps a bit of a burning smell on your clothes.


Realistically, you only need to get your dryer vent cleaned about once a year. This will help prevent dryer fires while ensuring that your clothes dry. However, if you have a larger family, you may find that twice a year will work better. Just keep an eye on the condition of your clothing and your dryer to make sure you get it cleaned properly and that you and your family (and your clothing) all remain safe. 

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air duct equipment

What Kind of Equipment Will Be Used During Air Duct Cleaning, and How Does It Work?

It’s impossible to clean your air ducts effectively without the right tools. You might be wondering about all the equipment your professional Orlando duct cleaning technicians bring into your home. Before they arrive, read up here on what you can expect.

Equipment Used During Air Duct Cleaning

The exact equipment used by a professional cleaning team will vary by company. Some companies choose to use truck-mounted vacuums while others prefer portable vacuums. Some companies may even use both types of vacuums. Vacuums are really just the beginning, though, and aren’t the only tool used to clean your air ducts.

Access Tools

Before we can begin cleaning your air ducts, we need an access point. When professionals start a job, we’ll take access tools with us to get into your air ducts. Our technicians may make small holes in order to see inside your air ducts or use entire access panels so they can fit their equipment inside.

After your air ducts are cleaned, it’s important to remember to secure close up your access point.

Inspection Tools

It’s important to be able to see what we’re doing and what your air ducts look like. Inspection equipment can be as complex as a snake camera system or as simple as a handheld mirror. Periscope tools may also be used as well as CCTV camera systems. Inspecting your air ducts lets us know where and how much cleaning they need. 

Hand Cleaning Tools

To clean your air ducts effectively, we use a combination of vacuums and hand cleaning tools. We’ll talk more about vacuums below, but for now, we’ll look at what hand cleaning tools that are used.

Both hand brushes and pneumatic cleaning devices are used in this step. Manually brushing debris loose can make the cleaning process go quicker, so it’s worth the effort of finding a brush and brushing your air ducts.

Commonly used pneumatic devices include blowguns, air whips, and air skippers. These tools make hard to clean debris easily accessible. Without them, the vacuum may not clean up everything which is why it’s important to dislodge particularly stuck debris before reaching for the vacuum.


Professionals typically use either a truck-mounted vacuum or a portable vacuum to suck up the debris and clean out your air ducts. 

We use commercial-grade truck-mounted vacuums for their sheer power. They can clean out pretty much any type of debris. Portable vacuums have the advantage of going wherever you need them to and being easy to maneuver. However, we don’t recommend using them as they’re simply less effective. 

Compressed Air Source

Compressed air powers a lot of the cleaning equipment used for your air ducts. Making sure to have a compressed air source nearby to power the tools is important as without it, we won’t have a way to power your equipment. 

As compressed air can damage some air duct systems, it’s vital to hire a company that knows what they’re doing. Metal ductwork that is lined with fiberglass, flex duct, and duct board can all be damaged by aggressive removal methods.


Air duct cleaning professionals use a range of equipment to get your air ducts cleaned effectively. Our well trained, professional team takes pride in our work while adhering to strict guidelines and standards. We use the best air duct equipment to get the job done right. If you have any further questions about the equipment we might use, give us a call, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions.

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dryer vent cleaning process

What Is Involved in Our Dryer Vent Cleaning Process?

You’ve probably heard that you need to clean out the lint trap in your dryer. And you probably think you know how to do it too- you just remove the little drawer, pull the lint out, and throw it away. However, your dryer should still receive a more thorough cleaning, which is why you should give us a call to make sure that it’s done right.

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What Is Involved in Our Dryer Vent Cleaning Process?

You might have never cleaned your dryer vent before, but to avoid potential fires, it’s recommended to get a cleaning about once a year.

We have cleaned hundreds of dryer vents in the area, and know how to remove lint build up and clogged up vents. We can even offer deep lint removal with our cleaning machines, which work using powerful suction, filters, and spinning brushes.

Before the Cleaning

Our professional technician will start by turning on the dryer to inspect the vent and exhaust system. In some cases, this might mean that they need to go on up to the roof. At other times, your exhaust might be vented out of the side of the house.

System Inspection

Our technician will then measure the airflow and remove your dryer from the wall to ensure there are no leaks and that everything has been installed correctly. This is when they’ll begin cleaning both the inner and outer elements of the dryer system, from the coils in the lid to the heating element.

If anything is damaged or might lead to possible fire damage, this is when our technician will inform you.

Dryer Cleaning

At this point, our technician will clean out all the lint from the vent and from the dryer itself. This means using a high-powered vacuum to clean out the lint and debris and to get into the dryer vent using a spinning brush and multiple sizes of brushes.

We have various sizes of brushes to fit into your vents, along with an electric blower to loosen up everything and brush it all into the vacuum.

Clean Up

From here, we will reinstall everything properly and check the system for any leaks. The goal here is to ensure that your system is put back together as it should be so that there are no issues in the next year or so before you call us again.

Why Clean Your Dryer Vent?

You might have never cleaned your dryer vent, so why start now? The fact is, there are many reasons to get the vent cleaned out, especially with around 15,000 fires and millions of dollars of property damage that occur each year.

Cleaning out the lint trap is a crucial step in keeping yourself safe from fires and will prevent any damage to your home.

That’s because not only does the lint trap debris, but the vent does too. Slowly, it will fill with lint that prevents air and moisture from leaving, and if everything remains damp, you might end up with more problems in the future.

You don’t just want to clean to avoid fires, though. You should get a technician to clean your vent because a thorough cleaning will ensure that your dryer actually works better. A more efficient dryer means less time operating it to get your clothing done and less electricity required.


It’s essential to clean your dryer every year to ensure you remain safe and that your dryer works optimally. Instead of struggling to get your clothing dry, call us to take a look at your dryer vent. We have been working with dryer vents for years and know how to get to all the nooks and crannies so that you can have peace of mind. 

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reasons cracked tiles

What Are Some of the Main Reasons That Tile Will Crack?

Tile comes in various colors, shapes, sizes, materials, and application methods, making it a versatile and durable flooring and wall solution for your home. However, what causes tile flooring to crack, and how can you prevent it from happening?

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Main Reasons That Tile Will Crack

Bad Mortar or Lack of Mortar

Too little mortar or adhesive underneath the tile can cause the tile to crack, pop loose, shift or even fall off the walls over time or with sudden drops from objects. In addition, sticky tiles can come undone on the corners and start to roll if there isn’t enough adhesive solution put down.

A bad batch or miscalculated batch of mortar and adhesive can cause tiles to pop free and even crack under heavy weight from furniture or appliances. Uneven mortar can cause tiles to snap and crack when pressure or weight is applied to the area that has less mortar underneath. Overall, the mortar used plays a significant role in the entire job.

Improper Subfloor

The wrong type of subfloor can cause tile flooring to crack when too much weight is put on it, absorbs moisture and swells, or if there’s any flexing in the subfloor like with plywood.

Excessive Weight and Impact

Extremely heavy furniture and appliances can cause tile flooring to crack over time. Hard impacts from heavy objects can also cause tile to crack and break, so be aware when moving heavy furniture or objects such as small appliances.

Cracking Concrete Base

If the base flooring is concrete and begins to crack, those cracks can be reflected in the tiles above. Putting in a concrete installation membrane will keep the tile from cracking even if the concrete underneath does.

Poor Installation

Improper installation will cause tiles to crack, and if the cracking begins to spread throughout the floor, the tile will need to be removed and reinstalled properly. Tiling over improperly spaced joints can also cause tile flooring above to crack and shift.

Improper Tile and Grout Cleaning

Most homeowners don’t realize that improper DIY tile and grout cleaning can cause damage to their tiles. For example, using too much water when cleaning can cause the adhesive to weaken, allowing moisture to collect under the tiles and leading to cracks eventually. Scrubbing excessively is another culprit for damaging grout, and when the grout is damaged, you’d face potential tile cracking down the road.

How to Prevent Cracking in Tiles

Hiring a professional company to install your tile is the best route, as they’ll ensure that everything is done to code to give you beautiful floors or tiled walls. They’ll also ensure that your subfloor is well prepped before installing your new tile floors, and bring to your attention any areas that will not be suitable for tile floors. Tiling is more than just laying your chosen tiles in place. Ultimately, their knowledge, training, and experience will enable them to do a professional job with excellent results.

The same goes with tile and grout cleaning. Improper cleaning methods can do more damage than good. To prevent tile cracking caused by improper cleaning, hire a professional tile and grout cleaning company like us. We know just the right equipment, chemicals and techniques to use for the best results without leaving any damage.


Ensuring your tile flooring is properly supported, installed, and maintained is crucial if you want to prevent cracks from forming and having to do costly repairs in the future. 

Leave your tile and grout cleaning in our professional hands and don’t cause yourself more problems with any damage that could cause your tile to crack.

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I’m Just Renting, Should I Bother to Have the Air Ducts Cleaned?

Whether it’s your own home or a rented accommodation, your health is a priority. However, one of the areas that can get overlooked is air ventilation. Fresh, clean air is always essential, and if you find yourself indoors for most of the day, it is crucial that you pay attention to the airflow within the house. 

Air circulates within the air duct system, which is likely to be the dirtiest part of a home. With more of us staying indoors, indoor air quality has become more of an issue everyone needs to look at. Should you clean the air ducts if you’re just renting? The simple answer is yes.

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What Does Air Duct Cleaning Involve?

There are several points for tenants to consider when it comes to air duct cleaning. The size of the system will affect how much it will cost, so does the general accessibility of the system. The climate you find yourself in is also a factor, and perhaps more importantly, the degree to which the ducts are contaminated. 

A good cleaning will see the various heating and cooling system components such as the grilles and diffusers, heating and cooling coils and more be thoroughly cleaned. This will help maintain the entire system in good working order and prevent the potential growth of dangerous contaminants like mold. If you’re suffering from allergies, it’s a good idea to clean the air ducts.

Why Should I Have The Air Ducts Cleaned?

Allergic reactions aside, dust will always build up in the air ducts. The sooner you can get fresh air inside the home, the better it will be for the general health of everyone living in the unit. There are some clear benefits of having the air ducts cleaned, and they include:

Better Indoor Air Quality

The one area that will benefit the most is definitely the indoor air quality. Everyday living generates plenty of contaminants, such as dust or chemicals, and they get circulated about five to seven times a day in the air duct system. This constant recirculation will cause an unwanted build-up that will affect the air quality. 

Health issues may occur, and the sooner you get the system cleaned, the sooner you’ll be able to enjoy cleaner indoor air.

Energy Savings

The contaminants mentioned don’t just harm your health. They can cause you a pretty penny as well. A buildup will force the heating and cooling system to work harder to compensate for the decreased efficiency, which increases your energy costs. When an air duct system is properly cleaned and maintained, it can work at its optimal efficiency without incurring further costs. 

Temperature Consistency

At certain times of the year, or even from month to month, you might find that certain rooms are colder or hotter compared to others in the house. This can result from a dirty air duct system that is being hampered by external particles. 

Getting a good clean will ensure that all rooms are getting good air circulation and experiencing the same temperature consistency.

Odors Be Gone

You might sense a musty odor permeating the home every time you operate the furnace or air conditioner. That is not a pleasant experience, and the cause could be an air duct system that has not been maintained properly. By getting the air ducts cleaned, you can be sure that no musty odor will be allowed to linger in your home, and you can breathe easy again.


Ultimately, the benefits of cleaning the air ducts are clear. Even if you’re just renting, you’ll be able to enjoy better health and cleaner air with lesser allergies when you get the experts in to give your air duct system a good cleaning.

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cat lying on carpet

How Often Should I Clean My Carpets if I Have Pets?

There’s no question that you love your pet. While you still love them through the messes and dirt tracked through the house, it’s a fact that you’ll need to do more work keeping your carpet clean when you have a pet. You might be wondering how often to hire Tampa carpet cleaning services when you have pets, so keep reading to find out.

How Often Should I Clean My Carpets if I Have Pets?

You might not think about cleaning your carpet if your pet hasn’t tracked in mud or peed somewhere, but your carpet will still benefit from cleaning just because of all the pet hair. In addition, a good cleaning will help get rid of dust and dander that might exacerbate respiratory issues, not to mention that it will extend the life of your carpet too.

Type and Number of Pets

Realistically, how often you clean will depend on what type of pet you have and how many pets you have.

For example, if you have a dog with a lot of hair and sheds a lot, you’ll need to clean your carpet more than you would otherwise. If you have a short hair cat that doesn’t shed a lot, you will still need to clean, but certainly not as often.

The same is true for the number of pets that you have. The more pets you have, the more you will need to clean. Even if your pets are house-trained and are fairly clean, more pets will naturally translate into more cleaning.

Cleaning Times

As a general rule, you’ll want to clean your carpet at least every week if you have one pet, but most people who have one dog clean every three or four days. If you can clean twice a week, that would be best.

For those of you with more than one dog, or perhaps a pet that has a lot of fur, you should try to clean every other day. This may seem like a lot, but you are only vacuuming at this point.

For a more intense cleaning, try to book in a shampoo for your carpet around three or four times a year. Think of it like cleaning once every season.

How to Clean with Pets

You have to clean your carpet, so begin by picking everything up off the ground. Use the vacuum to suck up most of the dust around you.

It’s slightly more complex if you want to clean up urination, which you should do quickly to prevent any odor. You can buy a cleaning powder that you sprinkle over the stain about half an hour before you vacuum, which will get rid of any smell. You might also use shampoos or other types of sprays to clean your carpeting.

Professional Services

If you have a lot of pet stains, or if you’ve noticed some extra dirt tracked in, it’s prudent to hire a professional like us to help. We know how to treat specific stains, and can even do a steam cleaning with specialized equipment. With years of experience, we have worked with all types of carpet and know what’s best for your specific carpet.


When you have pets, you should clean your carpet at least once or twice a week. That does depend on how many pets you have and the type of hair they have. It may seem like a lot, but regular vacuuming will help keep your home clean and healthy too. Simple vacuuming is not enough for the long term, so be sure to book in with us to give your carpet a deep, effective clean throughout the year!

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