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carpet padding

Do Carpet Cleaners Clean the Pad?

Everyone knows about the importance of cleaning carpets. However, not many people know about the carpet pad underneath. The pad is the material beneath the carpet that serves multiple functions such as providing cushion between feet and the floor, preventing the carpet from sliding across the floor, and ultimately prolonging the carpet’s lifespan. 

During your professional carpet cleaning, you might wonder: do carpet cleaners clean the pad? Keep reading to find out.

Do Carpet Cleaners Clean the Pad?

The straightforward answer is: no, carpet cleaners do not clean the pad. In fact, they aim to avoid soaking the pad.

It’s essential first to understand that carpet fibers are unable to absorb too much liquid or moisture. You might not realize this, but most of the moisture goes right through into the padding underneath. 

One major characteristic of carpet padding is that they are usually spongey in nature. This feature allows the padding to feel soft under the feet. However, this feature also makes paddings highly absorbent, which can be problematic. The padding acts like a sponge and quickly becomes saturated with the water.

It can be rather challenging to remove liquids that get into the padding. You can’t just assume that the liquid will evaporate from the padding because air circulation is lacking in the pad as it is sandwiched between the carpet and the floor. 

Once the carpet padding is saturated, you can expect it to stay wet for a few days. In addition, the moisture that is retained in the carpet pad can potentially be a breeding point for mold. 

Now that you understand more about the properties of carpet pads and how they work, you’d be able to see that it’s best to avoid saturating the carpet pad.

Our Carpet Cleaning Equipment

Our advanced vehicle-mounted carpet cleaning equipment can clean your carpets efficiently and powerfully. Rest assured that our cleaning process can penetrate the layers and deep rinse your carpet fibers, all without soaking your carpet backing. In addition, our equipment can control the amount of water and moisture, so your carpet pad doesn’t get affected.

After a professional clean, you’ll find that your carpet is deeply rinsed, but just feels damp when you touch it. With good water recovery, our equipment doesn’t leave a lot of moisture behind which means you can expect your carpet to dry in just a few short hours.

What Happens If My Carpet Pad is Stained or Has an Odor?

Pet owners often have issues with pet odor or urine staining their carpet and soaking through into the carpet padding. In extreme cases, it’s not unexpected for the urine to penetrate the padding onto the subfloor underneath. This creates a complex odor issue that spans several layers and cannot be easily removed.

The pet urine has to be neutralized layer by layer, and sometimes, a urine neutralizer might be applied onto the carpet. Unfortunately, in extreme cases, the carpet padding might have to be replaced. The subfloor may even have to be treated.


Carpets are expensive investments that have to be protected, and soaking the carpet pad is something you’d want to avoid. Call us today and trust us to clean your carpet the proper way. Our process powerfully removes dirt and gives a deep rinse, all while leaving your subfloor and carpet pad dry.


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Do You Vacuum After Carpet Cleaning?

Do You Vacuum After Carpet Cleaning?

After hiring carpet cleaning professionals, many people wonder if they should vacuum their carpet after the session. In addition, most people are hesitant to touch their carpets since it’s now fresh and pristine. So, is vacuuming after carpet cleaning a good idea? We certainly do recommend it, and here’s why:

Only Vacuum a Dry Carpet

Before you start vacuuming, check that the carpet is 100% dry. This is a crucial step, and not waiting for a complete dry can cause an even bigger problem. This is because dirt from your vacuum cleaner can get stuck on the damp carpet, and a standard vacuum is just not designed to handle wet carpets.

If you vacuum a wet carpet, dirty water could enter the motor and cause damage to it. In severe cases where the carpet is too wet, you could even risk electrocution. Even in a mild scenario, you’d still end up with a soggy mess to deal with when you eventually empty the dust bag.

In general, vacuuming helps restore the carpet’s pile and removes any bits of dirt. The additional vacuuming can also help remove any cleaning residue that tends to dry and settle on the carpet surface.

Benefits Of Vacuuming Your Carpets After Cleaning

For starters, you can expect your carpet to look more uniform in appearance with the help of your vacuum cleaner. A professional clean may have left some minor patterns from the cleaning machine, and vacuuming can help remove these marks. In addition, vacuuming will restore your carpet pile to its fuller, fluffier original state.

Even for professional cleanings, there may be a slight chance of leaving behind cleaning residue. But, however minute the amount is, it is still not good to leave it lying around. 

When dry, cleaning residue often presents itself as a flaky substance that needs to be removed. Running your vacuum over will help remove them to keep your carpets clean. The same applies to stubborn stains that can take a while to be removed. By going through the cycle of cleaning and vacuuming, there is a better chance of removing the stain in the long run.

It is also good to note that as a carpet dries after cleaning, dirt that has been embedded deep in the carpet may slowly surface. Vacuuming after the carpet is completely dry will guarantee that the last bit of dirt no longer plagues your carpet and maintains its level of cleanliness until the next deep clean session.


Ultimately, running your vacuum over your carpets after a professional deep clean is great but remember to do it only after your carpet is completely dry. 

Vacuuming your carpet when it’s still damp could cause dirt to be transferred from your vacuum cleaner, so patience does pay off. Help your carpet look its best with this simple additional step, and you’ll get to enjoy a fresh, clean and fluffy carpet once again.

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opening the windows

Should You Open Windows After Carpet Cleaning?

After professional Tampa carpet cleaning, it’s normal for your carpet to feel damp. As you wait for your carpet to dry, you’re probably wondering if opening your windows will help. This is a common question, and the answer does depend on a few factors. 

Should You Open Windows After Carpet Cleaning?

The carpet cleaning itself often takes about 20 minutes per room, but it’ll take a lot longer for your carpet to dry. We recommend that you limit access into the room while the carpet is still drying. 

Open the Windows

Ultimately, opening the windows will indeed help reduce the drying time. That’s because you’ll have fresh air moving through the room. Just make sure that you open one or two windows at the opposite ends of the room to get a breeze going and improve the airflow.

Opening the windows can also help freshen up your carpets and reduce any smells from chemicals used in the cleaning process. It will help you clear up any musty smells that come with damp carpet fibers, and does wonders for clearing out dust too.

Before you open up those windows, take a second to consider a few factors first. In some cases, it may be better to set up some fans or turn on the AC instead.

  • Is it Hot and Humid Outside?

When it’s really hot outside, hold off on opening up the windows. While it can still be helpful for getting rid of the musty smell of drying carpet fibers, your carpet won’t dry well if you don’t have a great breeze and if it’s too warm.

In this case, you’ll want to turn up your air conditioning and set up some fans to keep the air cool. This will work a little better than opening windows on hot days. We do provide air movers, also known as commercial floor fans, to help speed up your carpet drying process. If you’d like to use our air movers for up to 24 hours, you can do so for a minimal additional fee.

  • Is it Cold and Rainy Outside?

On days like this, it’s not a great idea to open the windows. Instead, you should turn on the heat to help the water in your carpeting evaporate, speeding up the drying process.

If the temperature outside is below 52 degrees, set your HVAC system to a minimum of 75 degrees and leave it running for a few hours. 

If the temperature outside is between 55 and 70 degrees, set the heat to 80 degrees and leave it running for one hour. Then, alternate with the air conditioner at 70 degrees for another one hour. Follow this alternating pattern between heat and AC modes for 6 to 8 hours to dry your carpet thoroughly.

When to Open the Windows?

You’ll want to open your windows when the weather conditions are right. This means that there should be a breeze going outside, and it shouldn’t be so hot or cold that your carpeting won’t actually end up dry.

Try to pick a warmer day, or a dryer day in the summer. This will give you the option to let the open windows help dry your carpets instead of using your heating and electricity, although we still recommend your HVAC system as a crucial tool for drying your carpet.

How Long Does It Take to Dry?

Cleaning your carpet involves a method of hot water extraction, or steam cleaning. This is what leaves your carpeting damp even after the cleaning is done. Just leaving your carpeting to dry will take about up to 24 hours on its own, but you can speed this process up if you don’t want to wait too long to set foot on your carpet. 

We recommend that full drying takes place within 6 to 8 hours, with help from your HVAC system.

In the end, you’ll be able to step on the carpet comfortably after a full 24 hours. If you really need to walk across the carpet, make sure that you’re wearing a clean pair of socks and no shoes from the outside.

You should also wait the full 24 hours until you put all of your furniture back. It’s inconvenient, but this will ensure that you don’t embed any dirt or dust into the damp carpet.


It’s satisfying to have your carpet cleaned and to see how good it looks again. Having to wait until your carpet is dry is only a small and temporary inconvenience in exchange for it. With the right weather, you may open your windows to help speed up the drying time but turn on the heat or AC for the fastest and most effective drying. 

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walking on carpet

Can I Walk On My Carpet After Professional Cleaning?

It’s easy to see why many people opt for carpeting in their homes or businesses. Providing warmth and comfort at a reasonable price, there’s no doubt that carpeting seems to tick many boxes.

One thing people must know is that with carpets, you do need to maintain and clean it to ensure its durability. After a professional clean by a Tampa carpet cleaning company, it can be very tempting to start walking over the carpet or placing furniture on it immediately. 

Keep reading to find out what you must take note of and why we recommend you to be patient in waiting for a complete dry.

Can I Walk on my Carpet After Professional Cleaning?

Once your carpet cleaning expert is done, the fibers of your carpet are in the best shape possible. Clean and washed, your carpet will resemble the luster of when you first bought it. 

If you walk on the carpet at this moment, know that it might cause portions that are still damp to flatten. If those parts go on to dry, they may remain that way until the next clean.

Similarly, if the carpet is still damp, it will be very susceptible to trapping dirt and other debris that have just been cleared out of the fibers. Instead of wasting the efforts of the cleaning, steer clear of your carpet until the drying process is over.

One of the key considerations after a clean is the time needed for your carpet to fully dry. Depending on the different cleaning methods used, the range will vary. Even dry cleaning is not exactly a ‘dry’ method, so you will need to be aware of the moisture being used during the clean.

A safe bet is that it will take anywhere from three to six hours for carpets to dry fully after a clean. In more humid areas, it could even take up to 24 hours before the drying is complete.

Factors Affecting When Your Carpet Drying Process

There are several factors that can either prolong or reduce the drying time needed for a carpet that has just been cleaned. Here are some of them:

Carpet Material

Some carpet materials can dry out quickly, while others will take a significantly longer time. As an example, a carpet made of wool, which is a very absorbent material, will definitely need more time to dry compared to others like nylon or polyester. 


The humidity in your area will also be key to determining how fast your carpet can dry. As a rule, the lower the humidity, the faster the carpet will dry. 

The dry air facilitates evaporation and hence, allows quicker drying. It also helps to ensure there is enough ventilation in whichever room the carpet is in. The circulation of humid air and dry air will quicken the drying process.


If we are talking about humidity, then the temperature is also part of the equation. Carpets are found indoors, so the temperature in the room will affect how fast the drying process can be. Keep the room temperature slightly warmer, so that moisture can evaporate at a faster rate.


For people who like to keep their carpets cleaned and maintained for longevity and hygiene, a professional clean is a great first step. Just make sure you do not be too hasty and eager to walk on your carpet after a clean. 

If you need to walk on the carpet urgently, be sure to wait for 30 minutes at the very least and remove your shoes and use socks or utilize shoe protection covers. Ideally, let it dry out completely and enjoy the results.

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Cleaning Carpet

Is Professional Carpet Cleaning Better Than Doing It Yourself?

Carpet is a reliable choice for many, whether it’s for a residential home or a commercial property. There is just something comfortable and cozy about stepping on carpet, compared to a hardwood or vinyl floor. 

However, while it may look and feel good, maintaining your carpet is not always the easiest. We all know how carpets trap dirt and stains easily. To combat this, regular maintenance and cleaning are needed to prolong your carpet’s durability and lifespan. In fact, a professional cleaning by carpet cleaners in Tampa every 12-18 months is highly recommended.

Many people think that professional cleaning will probably be costly, and doing it yourself may sound tempting. Before you purchase your cleaning supplies to get started though, keep reading first to understand the risks and downsides of DIY carpet cleaning.

Risks of DIY Carpet Cleaning

If you have decided to rent out your own DIY carpet cleaning machine, that is hardly the end of it. Without professional help, you also have to purchase cleaning solutions. Factor in the costs of the rental as well as the time and effort needed to bring the machine where you need it, and the idea of DIY cleaning does not sound so good now.

More importantly, such machines are likely to be only good at surface carpet cleaning. The dirt that is visible on the surface may be removed using such machines, but beneath it, your carpet can still be dirty. 

Even after your DIY cleaning and washing, you still have to dry the carpet. Depending on the area of your carpet, this can be a long process without the right equipment. With low water pressure and weak vacuums, there is only so much you can do. Your best hope is that you do not end up with a carpet that is soggy and musty.

There is also no guarantee that such rental cleaners are going to be effective for your particular carpet. The risk of damage is always there, and certain carpet cleaners can be too harsh, causing wear and tear instead.

Why Professional Carpet Cleaning is Better

When you hire professional help, you can expect high-quality results. With an experienced crew doing the hard work for you, you can rest easy knowing that your carpet is getting the right treatment it deserves.


Instead of risking it with DIY cleaning, professional carpet cleaning services will help to extend the life of your carpet. This is done so by removing all of the dirt, dust, and debris that have accumulated over time among the fibers. Once a thorough cleaning is done, the chances of such pollutants adhering to your carpet become lower.

A thorough cleaning is also only possible due to cleaning methods utilized by the professionals, such as hot water extraction.

Save Time and Costs

Contrary to common belief, engaging cleaning services are actually going to save you both time and money. With the latest innovations and technology, professional cleaning experts like us can do the job much quicker and more efficiently.

Expert Knowledge

As seasoned carpet cleaning experts, we are armed with deep knowledge of the different types of carpets. We know how to clean your specific carpet in the best way possible, without causing damage to your precious flooring. Reduce the chances of damage by removing the guesswork from the equation.


While regular vacuuming will always help, a deep and thorough cleaning is still required for carpets if you want your investment to last. By relying on a professional crew, you ensure that your carpet is getting the best treatment.

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carpet cleaning methods

Is It Better to Shampoo or Steam Clean Carpets?

You probably vacuum your carpets on a weekly basis like most people but you also know that a deep clean is still needed. Without a thorough Tampa carpet cleaning service, you might find your carpet filled with dirt and stains that can’t be so easily removed with just vacuuming.

If you’re looking to give your carpets a better clean, you’re probably wondering: is it better to shampoo or to steam clean carpets? Both methods work well, but we’ll give you the low down on which method is better.

Is It Better to Shampoo or Steam Clean Carpets?

The straight answer is: you’ll want to go with steam cleaning over shampooing, if only because this is the option that works well and is the most practical. 

It’s likely that you’re not cleaning a huge chunk of carpeting regularly, after all, and if your carpet doesn’t have a lot of heavy stains on it, you don’t need the shampooing either.

Your best bet will be steam cleaning, and here’s why.

Steam Cleaning vs. Shampooing: Effort Involved

Steam cleaning is often preferred by many people because it’s such a simple method. It uses water and steam to get to the dirt. Then you only need to vacuum up that dirt to get rid of it. Finally, you only have to wait for the carpet to dry before you walk across it.

The only real issue with steam cleaning is that it doesn’t reach deep stains very well as compared to shampooing. 

Shampooing the carpeting will use water just like the steam cleaning with the additional element of the shampoo, which helps to bring dirt to the surface before you need to scrub it away. 

If you shampoo your carpet though, not only does it need to be rinsed with hot water too, but that moisture needs to be extracted as well. You can’t just let it dry as you would do with steam cleaning

Ultimately, this makes steam cleaning easier, with less effort involved in the process. If you don’t have deep stains or a lot of stains, you’d be better off not trying to mess with the shampoo.

Cleaning Power

Ultimately, you can rest assured that you are getting a lot of cleaning power with both of these methods. Your carpeting will no doubt be cleaner regardless of the method, but with steam cleaning, you’re killing bacteria and germs along with stains. 

You can’t clean stains that are too deep, but you can prevent further dirt from rising to the surface.

You can also get rid of the eggs of pests when you use steam cleaning as well, because of the high temperature. This all-natural method might just benefit you more in the long term.

Cleaning Agents

This is one of the biggest differences between the two: what you clean with. 

When you’re steaming your carpeting, you’re only using steam and water to get the job done. When you’re shampooing your carpeting though, you’re likely using a chemical agent to help bring the dirt to the surface and remove it.


Steam cleaning and shampooing both use water to clean your carpet, but shampooing uses a lot more moisture. This means that it can take as long as 48 hours for your carpet to dry once you’re done with the shampooing process. 

By contrast, when you only steam clean your carpet, you’re using a lot less water and your carpet will therefore be dry in just a few hours. Especially if you have a family running around or you need to walk on your carpet again, you might prefer a shorter cleaning time.


When choosing between steam cleaning and shampooing your carpet, you really can’t go wrong with both, but steam cleaning would be the better option. It removes more unseen pests and dirt, and can handle heavy-duty cleaning without making you wait long for drying. 

You may not be able to get some deep stains, but you can get a great, disinfecting clean without any chemicals left behind.

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carpet cleaning misconceptions

Carpet Cleaning Misconceptions

There’s a surprising number of misconceptions out there when it comes to carpet cleaning. Like what the best method for cleaning is, or how to keep your carpet looking great. You don’t want to waste time doing things you don’t have to do, nor do you want to spend lots of money on improper cleaning methods. Let us help you break your carpet cleaning misconceptions so you can clean your carpets effectively and avoid long term damage to your carpets.

Carpet Cleaning Misconceptions

Carpet Wearing

You might think that vacuuming more often means that you’re more likely to wear out the carpeting. This isn’t true anymore. Now, carpets are made to be stronger and more durable, meaning that you can vacuum every day and you won’t wear out your carpet. It does help though if your vacuum is functioning like it should.

Cleaning Methods

“How you clean your carpet doesn’t matter as long as it gets clean.” While this might be true in some other situations, this isn’t true in terms of carpeting. You can clean your carpet every day without noticing any wear and tear, but if you use the wrong methods or poorly maintained equipment, your carpet may suffer for it.

For example, there’s a method called the Bonnet Carpet Cleaning method. This method was originally developed for hard flooring, and is made to clean using a high-speed pad soaked in carpet cleaning solution. This doesn’t really do much on carpeting besides grinding the carpet fibers and distributing dust and dirt rather than cleaning it.

It’s important to actually get your carpeting clean, with actual steam or water extraction and powerful suction.

Steam Cleaning

Speaking of using water or steam to get your carpet clean, you don’t need to worry about this method leading to the growth of mildew in your carpeting. That’s because steam cleaning involves the usage of hot steam rather than water, and is often done by a professional.

Now, you could still do steam cleaning on your own with a rented cleaner too. If you do this, it’s important that you understand all the risks, like staying in one spot too long and oversaturating the carpeting. To keep your carpet looking great, it might be best to call carpet cleaning experts in Port Orange who know how to operate the equipment.

To avoid any mildew or any other problems though, it’s important to let your carpet to thoroughly try after your steam cleaning is finished.

A New Carpet is New

Your new carpet is brand new, so you don’t need to clean it, right? Wrong. It’s important to start early with your carpet cleaning so that you can prevent problems with dirt and dust getting stuck in between your carpeting. To have your carpet for as long as possible, don’t wait to get your vacuum out.

Using Carpet Deodorant or Baking Soda

You might think that you can use some kind of carpet deodorant or baking soda to get rid of the smell in your carpet and keep it clean without vacuuming. Know that this is always a temporary solution though. Using these too much will just get them stuck in the carpet fibers, and will make it nearly impossible to get them out.

On top of that, these won’t work forever. They might mask smells, but if there’s a smell to your carpet, you really need to get rid of the source of the smell to really notice a difference.

Clean When It’s Dirty

You might not want to clean your carpeting until it really starts to look dirty. Unfortunately, by this time, it’ll be too late though. Waiting to clean your carpet until it looks dirty and avoiding regular vacuuming will only shorten the lifespan of the carpeting because of how much dirt gets stuck up in the fibers.

Safeguard your carpeting to keep it for longer, and know that your carpeting isn’t clean just because it doesn’t look dirty. Vacuum regularly not only to clean up particles of dirt and pollen, but also to help your air quality.

Cheapest Option

You may be tempted to just go with the cheapest carpet cleaning option—because they all get your carpet clean anyway, right? As we mentioned before, you need to choose the right method for your carpeting, and need to remember that the professional experience might just be best sometimes.


There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to carpet cleaning. It’s important to debunk them so you don’t end up damaging your carpet in the long term and know how to get your carpets cleaned the right way.


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professional port orange carpet cleaning

Professional Carpet Cleaning Methods and Why Choose a Professional

When it comes to keeping things clean, the surface on which we walk can be one of those problem areas. This is especially so for carpeted surfaces, where debris and obvious signs of dirtiness may not be always that apparent. 

When it comes to such your carpet, it is best left to the experts to do the cleaning for you. Obviously, there are different methods to getting things spick and span. If you are wondering just which kind of professional carpet cleaning methods you should be exploring, we have got you covered.

Professional carpet cleaning methods

While not all methods will work for all carpets, there are always some reliable ways professional cleaning companies rely on to keep your surface clean and safe. As a guideline, the methods usually fall under two categories – wet or dry cleaning. 

Hot Water Extraction Cleaning

The more commonly seen method, hot water extraction cleaning is also known as steam carpet cleaning. This method utilizes pressurized hot water in order to ensure your carpet gets a good wash, so to speak. The carpet fiber gets jolted, as dirt is dissolved.

This will require the typical application of a cleaning agent, especially on soiled areas. A brush is then used to agitate the carpet, and followed up with a good rinsing. Once the cleaning agent is more or less settled in the carpet after a short while, the real washing begins. 

Specialized equipment helps to rinse the cleaning agent out thoroughly, before your carpet is left to dry.

Foam Encapsulation

The newer kid on the block, foam encapsulation uses synthetic detergents to help with carpet cleaning. These detergents help capture dirt, before turning into a powder form when dried, and easily removed by vacuuming or brushing.

While carpet shampooing used to be a chosen method, foam encapsulation has taken over. It uses less water, requires less time for drying, and it leaves behind less residue which means you may not need a clean all the time.

The only limitation it has is that it is unable to clean heavily soiled carpets, so keep that in mind.

Bonnet Cleaning

If you are looking to keep the surface looking good, consider Bonnet cleaning. The process is targeting at cleaning the top part of fiber using a machine with a cleaning solution. This helps to absorb the dirt from the surface quickly, and shortens the time to dry.

Bonnet cleaning is extremely useful for areas that see heavy traffic, and not much downtime is available. However, it is clear that this is not a deep clean. Carpets will likely get soiled again really quickly, while chemical residue will build up over time.

Why Choose a Professional?

As you would have already guessed, different needs require different methods and an expert hand to help you along the way. Professional cleaning is the way to go, and if you still have doubts as to why you will need the help of Port Orange carpet cleaning specialists, here are some benefits to look forward to.


When it comes to carpets, there is no doubt that these surfaces see some heavy traffic. However, they are not that cheap or easy to replace at the same time. It is essential that you keep the carpet lasting for as long as possible. Regular, professional cleaning helps with that by removing debris and dirt.


The removal of dirt and bacteria built up in carpets over time will only make your environment that much cleaner. Prevent health issues and remove pollutants with some expert help. You can also prevent odors from deteriorating fibers. 


You can save yourself trouble and time as well by relying on professional cleaning services. They get the job done efficiently, while making sure your carpet gets the love they deserve. Regular maintenance also ensures that you do not have to fork out money for new carpets so often.


Although carpets are usually the largest furnishing in any room, it is not exactly the most looked at surface. However, without regular cleaning, it will inevitably look worse for wear and dampen the aesthetics of the room. A professional cleaning every once in a while will keep things looking fresh and as they should be.


By ensuring your carpets are maintained and cleaned consistently, you can increase the longevity of your carpets and make sure your environment is clean and looking great. With such heavy usage, sometimes it just doesn’t cut it without some professional help. Contact us today, and let our carpet cleaning experts do what we do best.

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diy carpet cleaning

Do-It-Yourself Carpet Cleaning Mistakes

We all love the feeling of clean carpets, and it can be satisfying to do the work yourself. Whether you clean them yourself for the satisfaction of a job well done, or you’re trying to save some money, you need to do it the right way. As so many people learn, there are plenty of do it yourself carpet cleaning mistakes you can make along the way. Want to avoid them and potentially damaging your carpet? Read on before you bring out your cleaning gear. 

Do-It-Yourself Carpet Cleaning Mistakes 

No Prep Work

If you’re trying to avoid looking at a dirty carpet, you’re probably ready to dive in and get them clean. However, you need to do some prep work beforehand. First, get the right cleaning supplies. Next, make sure you test your cleaning products on a small and somewhat hidden patch of carpet. If a disaster happens, you can avoid it on the rest of your floor. 

Letting Stains Sit

While it isn’t part of carpet shampooing, it is part of your routine carpet cleaning and care. When something spills, don’t scrub it, but rather gently soak it up with a neutral, light colored towel. The longer stains sit, the deeper they saturate the fibers in your carpet. Of course, this makes it much more difficult when you actually get to deep cleaning your floors. If needed, use a tried and tested spot cleaner on the area. 

Too Much Shampoo

A little carpet shampoo is good when you need to get your carpets looking new again. However, using more isn’t necessarily better, even when you’re dealing with tough, set in stains. The more shampoo you use, the more difficult it is to rinse all of it out, especially without soaking your carpets which can ultimately lead to water damage. 

The other problem with using too much shampoo or soap is the residue it leaves behind (and it will leave some behind). This residue might not feel sticky, but it does grab dirt and debris, which makes your carpets look dirt over time. 

Not Rinsing Properly

This mistake ties into the mistake above, using too much shampoo. If you don’t rinse enough, soapy residue gets left behind. If you rinse too much, you have another problem, besides the carpet taking a long time to dry. 

First, you can cause water damage, fungus, or mold, or your carpets can’t properly dry. Next, you also risk shrinkage as your carpets dry, which will disrupt their ability to adhere to the floor underneath. Or, you might notice discoloration because of the backing materials beneath your carpet.

Deodorizers (Sometimes)

Deodorizers are great when you need to get musty, stubborn smells out of your carpets. However, a lot of these come as sprays or in powder form. You disperse the deodorizer on your carpet, let it sit, and then vacuum it up. 

Using too much, or using the cheaper versions, often leads to a gunky build up in your carpet. It might take a while to notice it, but it can ultimately make a thorough clean of your carpet much harder in the end. 

Scrubbing Not Dabbing Stains

This is a tough one for most people to get over. The best way to clean up a fresh stain (or one you’re treating with a stain remover) is by dabbing it up with a clean cloth. However, a lot of people get frustrated, or impatient, and end up scrubbing at the stain. That might work on hard floors, but it’s not a good idea on carpets. 

Scrubbing at stains tends to disperse the stain, and because you’re shifting the fibers in your carpet and exposing deeper carpet, you can end up moving the stain around more than you’re removing it. 

Lack of Maintenance

DIY carpet cleaning should be part of your regular household chores. We’re not talking about steam cleaning, but you should vacuum and remove stains regularly. This keeps them from getting deeper, and more stuck, in your carpets. Most experts in carpet cleaning in Port Orange, FL also recommend deep cleaning your carpets between once and twice each year.


Now that you know the most common and the worst do it yourself carpet cleaning mistakes, you’re ready to go. Just remember to test your products, maintain your carpets, and always take care of a spill right away. Cleaning your carpets doesn’t have to be hard. As long as you follow this advice, you can enjoy fresh, clean carpets all the time, not just for special occasions. 

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types of carpet cleaning

What is the Best Type of Professional Carpet Cleaning?

There are several types of professional carpet cleaning out there, all of which are meant to get the dirt out of your carpet. They all do the same thing in the end, but not all types of carpet cleaning are equal. Some work better on different types of carpeting, and others perform well in high-traffic areas. The best type depends on your home.

What is the Best Type of Professional Carpet Cleaning?

Before we go through the best type of professional carpet cleaning services in Daytona Beach, let’s talk about all of your options, including hot water extraction, carpet shampooing, and carpet dry cleaning too.

Hot Water Extraction

You’ve probably heard of this type of carpet cleaning since it’s more commonly referred to as steam cleaning. Steam cleaning works as the name suggests: using steam. The carpet is first pre-conditioned with a chemical cleaner that is meant to lift dirt and anything else that may be stuck in your carpet fibers. 

Heated water is then pressurized to become steam before it is injected into the carpet. After around 15 minutes, all of this is sucked up with a vacuum.

Steam cleaning works best for the removal of ingrained dirt and deep stains, and doesn’t leave any residue or odors in your carpeting. Especially if you have pets, this is the best method for getting smelly stains out. Your only problem might be the cost, and the fact that you have to wait a while for the carpeting to dry.

Carpet Shampooing

Most people don’t shampoo their carpets anymore, but this is still a viable option. It works like you would expect as you put a cleaning solution into the carpet in the form of a wet foam. The problem with this method is that the foam can leave behind a residue, and you do have to remember to rinse out the carpet after you’ve applied the shampoo. This reduces the sticky feeling in your carpeting.

This method can feel like a lot of work for some people, since you have to apply not only the solution, but you need to rinse it out too. Then again, it is less expensive than the machinery you’ll need for a steam cleaning.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

There are solutions that you can buy at the store that will help you with dry carpet cleaning. You only need to shake these powder solutions above your carpeting. The solution will work to absorb the dirt in your carpeting, so after 15 minutes, you can just vacuum it up. If you’re looking for a quick sort of clean, this is the perfect method. 

This is also a great method if you have jute, coir, or seagrass flooring, which are prone to damage and shrinkage if they get wet. For these types of carpeting, dry carpet cleaning is the best option.

This is a convenient method because there’s very little drying time and it’s easy to do. You may not like the harsh chemicals used in these solutions either, and you shouldn’t try to use this on plush pile carpeting, which can trap the powder mixture.

Foam Cleaning

You have the ability to clean with foam too. Just like the powder, a cleaning solution is distributed evenly across the surface of the carpet, but then it is whipped into a foam. The foam is then worked into your carpeting with a rotating brush. Once the foam sits for a little while, it can be removed with a vacuum cleaner, and since there’s so much foam and very little water, this works for water-sensitive carpets.

You will need about an hour to wait until the carpeting is dry and ready to use again, which is faster than other options. You won’t necessarily be able to get the dirt that’s deeply embedded into the carpeting though.


In terms of the best carpet cleaning option, it really depends on what you’re looking for. If you want to get the most amount of dirt possible, hot water extraction may be best. If you have carpeting that doesn’t work well with water, foam cleaning or dry carpet cleaning is better. There’s also carpet shampooing as a cheaper yet more time-consuming option. Which method you use just depends on what method will work best for your carpets. 

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