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Why You Should Get Your Carpet Cleaned For Spring

Carpet Cleaning
Have you ever wondered why people become so eager for spring cleaning and want to get their carpets professionally done? Besides, from the desire to rejuvenate their home after the winter months, why do people go to such lengths when it comes to their spring cleaning? Naturally, after spring cleaning, a home is cleaner, tidier, and ready to enjoy for the Easter holiday. However, there are a lot of other benefits to getting your carpet cleaned by Dan Dan the Carpet Man for an old tradition that goes beyond just a clean appearance. Here are some reasons why getting your carpet cleaned for the spring season can be so important.

Mental Health Depends Upon It

Whether you realize it or not, clutter is a significant factor in stress and anxiety. It can add unnecessary stimuli, which can potentially lead to feeling overwhelmed and that you’re out of control of your life. Also, it can distract you from your other responsibilities and make you inclined to blow it off since you seem like you have a never-ending task of chores. The worst part of it, it can stop you from being able to relax in your home. Clutter and seeing that your carpet is dirty can make you feel guilty for not taking better care of your home after you have invested so much time and money into it. Straightening things and getting your carpet cleaned is a vital part of spring cleaning for this reason.

Allergy Attacks Can Be Reduced or Eliminated

A spring carpet cleaning can help with major and minor allergy symptoms. During the holiday seasons, allergens, dust, and debris build up in your house. Then, it gets tracked throughout your house from the bottom of your shoes and gets blown in from open windows and doors. Now that these allergen particles have settled into your home, they can cause allergy symptoms once you breathe in the airborne particles, or when you sit on your furniture where allergens and other dust particles have landed.

Furthermore, spring cleaning serves as the best time to have your furniture, draperies, and carpets deep cleaned. A professional service such as Dan Dan the Carpet Man, won’t just get the surface dirt off but will clean below the surface where regular cleaning and vacuuming can’t get. Spring cleaning with the assistance of our professionals will create a healthier environment inside your home.

Hidden Issues Can Be Discovered

Spring cleaning can also help homeowners find hidden problems they may not have noticed before inside their house. When you begin your spring cleaning, you typically end up going into places in your home that you usually avoid during your daily cleaning routines. It’s expected during spring cleaning for people go into their attics, sheds, garages, and stuffy corners that haven’t seen the light in months; and find areas where issues may be lurking because they are rarely touched.

While you’re spring cleaning, you may find problems such as insects, animals nests, leaks, mold growth, foundation or wall cracks that need attention. The cleaning of these spaces is always a good reason to clean every year since it allows you to inspect all the tiny nooks and crannies in your home carefully. In addition, you will be able to handle any problems that can pose serious health and safety risks to the rest of your family.

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Types of mold that can occur in a home

Types of MouldOutdoors, molds play an important role in nature, helping break down and recycle dead organic matter, such as fallen trees. When they come indoors, however, problems may come with them. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), types of mold most commonly found inside include Aspergillus, Cladosporium, Penicillium, and Alternaria. Stachybotrys chartarum, or black mold, is a bit less common but far from rare. Here’s a bit about each of these fungi:


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The Correlation Between Carpet and Indoor Air Quality

cat on carpetDespite its svelte appearance, carpet frequently bears bacteria, dust, allergens, and other perilous toxins that affect indoor air quality and could potentially make you sick.
It’s luxurious, it’s convenient, and it’s affordable. But if you’ve found yourself suffering from asthma or allergy related health problems as of lately – your carpet could be to blame. You spend countless hours vacuuming, swapping out air filters, and striving to keep allergens at bay, but your prudent efforts seem to be in vain. Chances are, when you wake up and make the trek across your house or apartment each morning, you don’t think twice about what’s hiding beneath the carpet. The reality is that many are unaware of the significant role carpet plays in determining the quality of indoor air, and ultimately lack knowledge of how to properly clean and maintain their carpet.


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What should one do once carpet is cleaned?

After a carpet is cleaned, several procedures must be implemented to protect and preserve the fibers. If you chose to work with Dan Dan the Carpet Man, you can cleanse every space in your home professionally, and keep each area in optimum condition. According to our award-winning service technicians, the process of caring for carpeting won’t be challenging if you invest in:

  • A deep cleaner
  • Chair mats
  • Spot cleaners


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Our Carpet Cleaning Options

We know that life can get dirty, and the carpets in our houses seem to constantly hold on to all that grim and dirt that gets tracked inside. With that understanding, our company offers three different levels of carpet cleaning. We are also really proud of the well-trained experts that will come out to do the carpet cleaning as they know exactly what to do when it comes to different types of carpets, the treatments needed for it to be clean, and how to give customers a quality service in a professional manner. Our three different levels (Good Samaritan, Hero, and Super Hero) provide specific services and can fit nearly any budget.

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How Often Should One Get Their Carpets Cleaned?

Clean carpets improve the aesthetics of one’s humble abode and can extend the lifespan of the fabric. Too frequent cleaning, however, can aggravate the natural wear and tear of the carpet and accelerate the decline of quality. Thus, a homeowner must strive for a balance in between never getting carpets cleaned and over-cleaning and, consequently, overpaying for it.

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