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What should one do to keep Tile&Grout Clean?

Keeping Your Tile and Grout Clean

Tile and grout can be problem cleaning areas, even for a professional. That once bright, white grout can become dingy with age and everyday dirt. For pet owners, the yellowing can become even more discolored due to the oil in your pet’s hair.

Tile and grout can be easily maintained with some simple house hold solutions and a little elbow grease. It will save you money on professional cleaning services.

Before using heavy duty commercial cleaners, we recommend using safer alternatives, especially in households with pets and/or small children.

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What happens when you don’t clean your tile and grout?

People love the look of tile on their floors, but some feel that the cleaning and maintenance of this type of flooring choice is time-consuming and expensive. In reality, tile and grout cleaning is neither tedious nor pricey.

There are plenty of alternative ways to keep these floors looking as fresh and shiny as they did on day 1. The problem arises when you decide not to take action and let dirt and mold take over. Here are some problems that come up when you do not take care of your tile and grout.

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What Does Tile & Grout Cleaning Entail?

Grout can get downright dingy if you don’t pay special attention to cleaning it. Something about the texture of the grout and the little cracks in between the tiles really seems to attract dirt and grime. Unfortunately, with the humid weather in and around Orlando Florida, regular tile cleanings aren’t necessarily enough to keep your grout looking good. Getting stuck in dirt and mildew out of hard to reach places requires a little extra care. We’ve found two really great techniques for getting your grout and tile sparkling clean.

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