It isn’t always obvious when your tiles are dirty. You might not even notice until you move that rug or cabinet and see how white your tile and grout used to be. While it’s true that your tiles can take on a lot of foot traffic and handle a lot of dirt, it will still require some basic cleaning every year.

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Is My Tile and Grout Really That Dirty?

Sometimes, you might be able to tell how dirty your tile and grout are. Other times, it may not be that obvious. A quick way to check is to compare a spot that gets a lot of foot traffic with another spot that you don’t walk on as much. 

Of course, regular cleanings are a good idea anyway. It’s beneficial to clean your tile and grout at least once a year since dirt, bacteria, and grime can build up in the grout and on the tile surfaces.

Benefits of Cleaning Tile and Grout Every Year

Easier Cleaning Over Time

You probably know that allowing dirt and debris to accumulate on something will only make it more difficult to clean over time. For example, if you wait for years to scrub out your tiles, you’ll definitely struggle to get them sparkling clean again.

By contrast, regular cleaning means that you can continually restore the beautiful look that they originally had.

Original Color

Annual cleanings can restore your flooring to its original color. Especially if you have tiles that are lighter in color and tend to take on a greyish or yellowish look over time, cleaning them can make them shine again.


You might not realize this but bacteria and mold do form on your flooring if you don’t clean them at all. This is especially so within the grout. If you have a small child or a pet, cleaning your tiles and grout will keep them safe and in good health since they often crawl or lay on the floor.

Reduces Damage

If you never clean your tiles or grout, it’s possible that they can become damaged over time. You might even struggle to clean them properly since certain tiles require certain cleaners.

This is where a professional cleaner might be able to help you since they’ll already have all the materials available to clean, but even if you do this yourself, cleaning your tiles will keep them in good condition for as long as possible. This extends their life by removing all that dirt.

Hiring a Professional

Our tile and grout cleaning professionals have all the right equipment and materials for cleaning. Household cleaners that you can buy over the counter aren’t as effective as professional cleaners and equipment that we use. Leave the job to us and save yourself time and hassle, especially if you have a bad back or can’t get down on your knees to clean the tiny spaces of the tiles and grout. 

Attempting to clean your tile and grout yourself is not recommended since you need to know what equipment and chemicals to use. For example, granite and ceramic tiles require different types of cleaners. Unfortunately, any mistakes can cause irreparable damage to your tile and grout.


All in all, it’s necessary to clean your tile and grout every year. An annual cleaning can keep your tiles and grout looking good long-term. Call us today and keep your flooring free of bacteria and germs!