Company Policy

Company Policies

When a Purchaser (Customer, individual or business) has ordered and/or paid for (pre-paid orders), and/or entered into a pre-approved payment arrangement for Dan Dan the Carpet Man (“Company”) services; that Purchaser will be bound by all Company Policies (i.e., Order Placement, Payment, Cancellation, Refund, Terms & Conditions of Service, and Terms of Use) which are hereby made a part of the Company’s Service Contract (“Work Order”). The Company will rely solely on the written Policies as listed on its Website and made part of the Work Order as approved by the Purchaser. Regardless of whether an “Acceptance Form” is signed by the Purchaser, final Payment will determine that the work was completed as ordered by the Purchaser and no misrepresentation or fraud has been perpetrated by the Company.

Order Placement Policy.

Dan Dan the Carpet Man issues a Work Order pursuant to the Purchaser’s placement of an order (by telephone, eMail, or Website) for service describing the “Scope-of-Work” to be performed and indicating the unit price for individual services. The estimated cost for the entire job will be listed on the Work Order (“Estimator’s Guess”), however the final cost of the service will be determined by the Technician at the jobsite (see below) on the day-of-service (except for onsite estimates provided in advance (“Firm Price Quote”). Purchaser can add or subtract items from the Work Order on the day-of-service, subject to a Minimum Service Fee of $150 (plus base and access fees). The proposed Work Order is delivered to the Purchaser in writing via email in advance of the day-of-service. The date / time of service (Reservation) arranged between the Company and the Purchaser is confirmed with the Purchaser (via phone, eMail, and/or text) prior to the dispatching a Technician to the jobsite. After inspection of the jobsite, and prior to the performance of any work, the Technician will take measurements, assess the scope-of-work, and provide a “Firm Price Quote” for the proposed work. Before work begins, the Purchaser must authorize the work and the Initial the total price for the work to be performed (“Ordered Services”). If the Purchaser refuses to authorize any work and/or cancels the service with the Technician onsite, the Technician will leave the premises without performing any work and no monies will be owed to the Company, except on any job requiring a pre-payment in which case the Company will keep said pre-payment as “Liquidated Damages” and there will be no further collection activity on the account. Should a Purchaser decide to have additional services added at any time (add-on services) after making a Reservation or when our Technician is assessing or performing the services on the jobsite (day-of-service), a price for the additional service will be provided to the Purchaser. If the Purchaser authorizes the add-on services, payment for those additional services shall be made on the day-of-service in accordance with Policy.

Payment Policy.

Payment in full is due upon the delivery-of-Service and collected by the Technician at the jobsite on the day-of-service unless the Purchaser has a made an alternative payment arrangement with Company management in advance (and such arrangement is indicated on the Work Order). There is an additional 3% Fee charged for Billing on all accounts unpaid at the jobsite on the day-of-service (unless the account was pre-paid in full). The Company may require pre-payment (in-full or partial) on certain Work Orders. No refunds (in-full or partial) will be made on Pre-paid work orders regardless of hardship or circumstance, except when the job is canceled or rescheduled in accordance with Policy.

Form of Payment.

Payments may be made by cash, cash app, check, or credit/debit cards and will be governed under Company Policy and the laws of the State of Florida. Payments not made upon the delivery-of-service and collected by the Technician at the jobsite on the day-of-service are subject to a “late fee” of $25 after 30-days and any unpaid balance shall accrue monthly interest at the highest rate permitted by Florida Law. The Purchaser agrees to pay a $50.00 fee for any returned check or non-funded credit card payment. In order to keep our costs down while continuing to offer our most competitive pricing, a very small convenience fee of four (4%) percent is applied to all credit and debit card transactions. No additional fee is applied to Purchasers paying by check, cash, or Cash App.

Cancellation & Refund Policy.

To be eligible for a refund, Work Orders must be cancelled at least 24-hours in advance of the Reservation. Work Orders that are cancelled and/or rescheduled must be completed within 30-days of the original Reservation or the Company will retain any pre-payment made by the Purchaser as “Liquidated Damages” (no Refund or Credit will be issued). Notice must be delivered to the Company via eMail ( or phone (407-792-0412). When such Notice is received, the Company will issue an acknowledgement via email. In the event of a dispute, this acknowledgement will be the sole method for the Purchaser to legally establish the date/time of Notice submission. There will be no cancellation of any service when any part or all of the services ordered has been performed by the Company and accepted by Purchaser.


"Dan provided very professional service and transformed our carpets so that we could get a new tenant into a townhouse we use as a rental property in Dr Phillips, Florida."

Client of Coldwell Banker


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