Tile and grout look beautiful when they’re freshly installed or well taken care of. Unfortunately, it’s not all that easy to remember to clean them as it’s not a common household cleaning task that people are familiar with.

If you have tile and grout that haven’t been cleaned in a while, it’s time to restore them and bring them back to their former beauty!

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How Will Our Company Restore Your Tile and Grout?

Restoring tile and grout can prevent mold growth and make your home look newer. While restoring tile and grout isn’t more complicated than installing it, it’s best to leave it to the professionals so that you don’t accidentally damage or ruin it.

When it comes to restoring your tile and grout, we follow a tried and true method that will bring your tile back from dullness and add a new shine to the room.

Our first step is to inspect both your tile and grout. We’ll take a close look at the problem and determine which of our cleaning solutions will be the best for the restoration process. Once we’ve decided, we’ll move your furniture out of the way so that it doesn’t get damaged during restoration.

Next, we’ll vacuum the area to get rid of any dust, dirt, and lingering debris before starting the cleaning. We bring our own powerful commercial vacuums that are extremely effective.

When we begin our cleaning and restoration process, we’ll start with a non-toxic cleanser to your grout and tile. If you have tile tiling, we’ll choose an alkaline cleanser that will whiten and brighten your tile. If your tiling is not white, we’ll go with a pH-neutral cleanser.

In order to remove the dirt that has stuck to your grout, we’ll use a machine cleaning brush that agitates and helps loosen it. For corners and other hard to reach areas, we’ll hand clean the grout and tile. 

If the dirt is particularly difficult to remove and stubborn, we will also use a vapor steam cleaning machine to help further loosen and remove it from your grout. This will really help lift all the dirt and staining from your tile and grout lines and is the last major step in the cleaning and restoration process.

Once your tile and grout are cleaned and look like new once again, we will apply a post-treatment solution. This will help protect your tile and grout in the future from any stains, spills, and dirt, but will not prevent you from needing to routinely care for and clean your tile.

Our solution is both pet and family safe, so you don’t need to worry about your animals or children around the tile after we leave.

After we’ve finished applying the tile protecting solution, we do one last inspection of the area to ensure that we haven’t missed any spots and that you’re satisfied with the work.


We recommend sealing your tile after a professional cleaning, especially if you did not have your tile sealed during installation. This will further protect against staining and discoloration and keep your tile looking fresh for longer.

If you still have questions about our restoration process or have a unique situation, call our team and we’re more than happy to help you out. Whether this is your first time having your tile and grout cleaned or you’ve done it before, we’re here to answer all your questions!