Unsurprisingly, wearing shoes indoors can be detrimental to the quality and cleanliness of your carpet. It may feel comfortable for some people to wear their shoes indoors, but they may also be unaware of all the dirt and toxins they are bringing in.

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Should I Stop Wearing Shoes While on My Carpet?

Overall, it is heavily recommended to stop wearing shoes indoors, especially if your floors are carpeted. This is because shoes can bring in dirt, toxins, and many forms of harmful bacteria into your home, which can become trapped within your carpet and build up over a short amount of time.

Even if you think your shoes aren’t exceptionally dirty, whatever they track over your carpet can eventually cause damage and become a health hazard. It can lead to stains, discoloration, fiber damage, and many other adverse effects if your carpet is not treated properly.

Along with the pollutants your shoes can track in, the overall quality of your carpet will continue to deteriorate. Your carpet will inevitably become dirtier and worse each time you track dirt and grime in with your shoes. 

Ultimately, it is best to just leave your shoes at the doorstep so your carpet can stay fresh and clean for longer periods of time. This way, you can also keep the rest of your house cleaner.

Going Barefoot?

Since shoes aren’t the best for carpets, should you go barefoot then? Contrary to popular belief, going barefoot on carpeted floors can also cause harm to your carpet. 

The sweat glands on your feet will create sweat and moisture that get trapped within the fibers of your carpet. This can also build up over time and cause your carpet to deteriorate just as much, if not more, than wearing shoes on them can. Furthermore, the smell of the carpet can also become worse over time with the amount of dirt being left in the fibers.

Instead of wearing your shoes or being barefoot on the carpet, it may be best to get into the habit of wearing socks or clean slippers on carpeted floors. This can help you avoid tracking dirt and debris everywhere and help your carpet stay cleaner for longer periods of time. Keeping a pair of slippers or socks somewhere by the entryway of your door can be beneficial for the long-term health of your carpet.

Professional carpet cleaning

Whether you wear shoes on your carpet, the importance of keeping a reliable cleaning schedule can’t be underestimated. Sweeping and vacuuming your carpet regularly can help, and it’s vital to hire our carpet cleaning professionals to give your carpet a thorough clean. Carpets are more delicate than you may think, so it is crucial to hire professionals like us to clean your carpet effectively without damaging it.

With our expertise, industrial equipment, and cleaning solutions, we can effectively remove stains, bacteria, pollutants, and other harmful forms of residue from your carpet. This will help extend the life of your carpet and keep your home fresh and clean.


Overall, wearing shoes is detrimental to your carpet. Wearing socks or clean slippers is a better way to keep your carpet cleaner longer. If you want to keep your carpet in optimal condition for a longer time, it might be time to change your daily habits and stop wearing shoes on your carpet or going barefoot. Don’t forget to call our carpet cleaning service in Kissimmee so your carpet can be clean and fresh again.