Your carpets have never looked better than after a professional carpet cleaning, and, naturally, you’d want to keep it that way for as long as possible. With kids and pets running around, clean carpets can seem more like an unattainable luxury than something you can maintain in your house.

With our tips, you can keep your newly cleaned carpet looking fresh and clean for longer. Whether you use different cleaning methods or change some habits, keeping your clean carpets clean is possible.

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How to Maintain Your Newly Cleaned Carpets

Don’t Walk On It While It’s Drying

It’s crucial that you don’t walk on freshly cleaned carpet until after you’re certain it’s dry. If you do, the carpet fibers will be flattened, and it will take even longer to dry. While it’s drying, be sure to keep furniture, kids, and pets off the area and only walk on it if necessary. If you need to walk on it, wear clean white socks and use the shortest route possible.

To speed up the dry time after a carpet cleaning, ensure that your home is warm so your carpet can dry quickly. By getting warm air to move over your carpet, you can dry it out faster and without damaging it.

Vacuum Often

By vacuuming weekly, you can greatly reduce the amount of dirt and debris buried in your carpet fibers. Be sure not to do just a few quick passes over the area. Instead, take your time passing over each area and work in a criss-cross pattern from different angles to remove as much debris as possible. 

If you have pets, investing in a pet vacuum will help you to clean their dander and fur out of the carpet. While regular vacuums may work, using pet vacuums will make it easier to remove dander, fur, and dirt from between the carpet fibers.

Don’t Go Barefoot

Most people know that wearing shoes over your carpet is bad for it, but going barefoot isn’t ideal either. The natural oils on your skin can seep into the carpet fibers and attract more dirt and bacteria. It can also lead to a buildup of debris, so instead of walking around barefoot, wear socks or slippers around the house.

It’s vital that the slippers you use for walking on your carpets are not outdoor slippers, as this will track dirt across your carpets.

Clean Spills and Stains as Soon as Possible

When something spills or you notice a new stain, address it immediately. Use a stain remover and dab at the spill, but don’t rub. Rubbing will work the spill deeper into the carpet fibers, making it harder to remove. Instead, blot the stain with the cleaner and again when you dry it. 

Blotting spills and stains makes them easier to remove and less likely to stain. Using a spot treatment regularly on the area can also make it easier to remove and more likely to come out without problems.


Clean carpets make a home feel much more luxurious, but you’ll have to care for them if you want your professional carpet cleaning results to last. 

Even if you get your carpets professionally cleaned regularly, taking the extra step to care for them between cleanings will help your carpet last longer and look better. As a bonus, your house will feel clean and fresh whenever you return home. Call us today to schedule your professional carpet cleaning or ask us for more advice about keeping your carpet clean!