Everyone wants to live in a clean home, but very few people think to deep clean their carpets like they clean the rest of their home. While you may remember to vacuum your carpets weekly, you may not remember to get your carpets professionally cleaned regularly.

When you neglect your carpets and don’t get them cleaned, there are a lot of hazards that present themselves in your house. You may not even realize it until you start to suffer the consequences.

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The Hazards of Neglecting Your Carpets

You’ll Need to Replace Them Sooner

When your carpets are neglected, they’ll wear down quicker and start to fall apart. While you may think that not cleaning them will prevent them from being exposed to chemicals or tools that may cause the glue to deteriorate, this isn’t true. Cleaning your carpets ensures that they remain strong enough to withstand regular wear and tear for years to come.

They Can Make You Sick

Carpets that aren’t routinely cleaned are often full of bacteria, dirt, and dust. If anyone in your household suffers from asthma or allergies, your carpets could cause their asthma to act up, or they may experience allergy symptoms even while indoors. The bacteria that hide in your carpet fibers could lead to skin problems or make you ill.

From respiratory illnesses to skin diseases and allergies, dirty carpets can lead to many preventable health issues. Simply cleaning your carpets once a year or so can prevent these issues, though.

Your Home May Stink

Hidden dirt and bacteria doesn’t hide its smell. As it gets buried in your carpet fibers and builds up over time, your house will start to smell. If you have pets, they may track waste through your home. Even if you wipe it, your carpets may still trap the odor.

Until you get your carpets professionally cleaned and sanitized, hidden odors will cause your home to stink. You may try to mask the odor with air freshener, but eventually, this will no longer make a difference, and you’ll need to get your carpets cleaned.

Your Carpets Will Stain

Old, dirty carpets will harbor stains and start to lose their original color. Even if you clean stains as soon as they occur, the stains will still impact your carpets and you’ll soon start to notice that the color looks dull.

After a professional cleaning, your carpets will look fresh and new like they were upon installation. You may not have even realized just how dirty, dull, and old they looked until after the cleaning is finished and you come home to freshly cleaned carpets.

Your Home Will Lose Its Appeal

Your carpets can make or break your interior decoration. If you have nice decor but old, dirty carpets, your guests will notice it.

Cleaning your carpets will help keep them fresh and ensure that your home looks clean whenever guests may come. Scheduling a cleaning before a family event may be too stressful, but with routine cleaning, you won’t have to worry about this.


Many people think that not cleaning their carpets is alright. However, it’s important to remember that not cleaning your carpets does have consequences. Neglected carpets won’t last as long and they present many health hazards, so call us today to find out more about deep carpet cleaning in Kissimmee so you can have clean and fresh carpets.