If you or someone in your family has seasonal allergies, then you definitely notice when allergy season begins. Between pollen, dust, and other seasonal changes, allergy season is miserable for anyone affected. 

Many people don’t realize that dirty carpets can actually worsen allergy season. For those with extremely sensitive allergies or asthma, forgoing a professional deep clean by The Villages carpet cleaners can make the season much worse.

How Does Carpet Cleaning Make Allergy Season Easier?

When you clean dirty carpets, you rid your home of many allergens. With clean carpets and a newly allergen-free home, you can come home and rest assured that your allergies won’t be worse once you return home for the day.

Here are some of the reasons why carpet cleaning is helpful during allergy season:

Removes Allergens

Despite your best efforts, allergens always make it into the house in one way or another. If you have carpets, it won’t take long before these allergens make their way into the fibers and find a new home.

Common allergens that hide in your carpets include dander, dust mites, mold, dirt, and bacteria. If you have kids or pets, these allergens are most likely spread throughout your house despite you not knowing about them.

Vacuuming regularly will remove surface dirt and dust, but it won’t do enough to remove the allergens buried deep inside your carpet fibers. You’ll need to hire a professional carpet cleaning service to take care of them. After just one cleaning, your carpets will be free of hidden allergens.

Improves Air Quality

Without allergens hiding in your carpets, the air quality in your home will improve drastically. Instead of allergens and dust circulating through the air, your home will have fresh, clean air to help reduce allergies. 

All sorts of irritants, allergens, and bacteria can live in your carpets and circulate through the air without you even knowing. While you may use an air filter and vacuum regularly, this won’t be enough to improve the air quality of your home. With professional cleaning, however, you’ll notice an improvement in air quality immediately as these irritants are removed.

Reduces Mold and Bacteria

If you have pets or children, then the odds are high that your carpets harbor a lot of bacteria and even mold. As moisture is trapped between the carpet fibers with dirt, feces, food, and juice spilled on the carpets, it will all accumulate and result in a less than healthy carpet.

Carpet hides a lot that you don’t know about, including mold and bacteria. The only way to get rid of them, though, is through carpet cleaning. With high-powered industrial equipment, strong solutions, and years of expertise, our professional carpet cleaning will kill mold spores and bacteria hiding deep within your carpet so that you can live healthier and experience fewer allergy symptoms.


Allergy season is miserable for everyone. While you may not realize it, many seasonal allergies are made worse by the allergens hiding within your carpets. If you take the time to hire a professional carpet cleaning, though, then you can reduce your allergy symptoms and feel better when you’re at home. Call us today to schedule a professional carpet cleaning that will make your indoor air quality much cleaner and allergen-free!