Carpet cleaning is vital in removing all the dirt, grime, and bacteria trapped in your carpet fibers. Before you hire a carpet cleaning company in Tampa, though, you might wonder if you can clean your carpet with exotic pets or if it’s safe for them. Keep reading to find out more about our carpet cleaning method.

Is Carpet Cleaning Safe For Exotic Pets?

If you think all carpet cleaning methods are safe for your exotic pets, you might want to think twice. Purchasing carpet cleaning chemicals at the shops is not ideal as they usually contain harmful chemical ingredients. 

While these potent chemicals might look like they make dirt and grime disintegrate effectively, they’re toxic and have strong, unpleasant odors. In addition, these chemicals may evaporate and linger in your home, bringing on indoor air pollution. You’ll find the effects of this air contamination to be even worse if your home is not properly ventilated and if it’s humid.

Take note that some carpet cleaning companies might even use such toxic chemicals when carrying out a professional carpet cleaning for you. Other toxic ingredients in many common carpet cleaning chemicals include formaldehyde, disinfectants, and acids. 

Hence, the point is that not all types of carpet cleaning are safe for your exotic pet or even your family. 

Why Hot Water Extraction Is Safe For Exotic Pets

Here at Dan Dan The Carpet Man, we use hot water extraction to clean your carpets. Hot water extraction involves using hot water at high pressure and a special cleaning solution to remove dirt and stains from your carpet. 

One of the reasons why hot water extraction is such a popular choice is because it’s eco-friendly. There are no harmful chemicals used, unlike in many other carpet cleaning methods, making it safe for pets, children, and anyone with allergies. 

Other carpet cleaning methods like shampooing or dry cleaning leave a film of residue on your carpet, along with a smell that often stays for a while. It may be hard to see this residue but don’t be mistaken, their presence can often be felt on your carpet. The reason for this residue is that these carpet cleaning methods involve letting the solvent soak in for some time, which causes it to be difficult to remove. 

With hot water extraction, though, you don’t have to worry about any residue that might affect your exotic pets or be ingested by them. The cleaning solution we use in hot water extraction is biodegradable, safe, and leaves your carpet smelling fresh and clean without any residue.

Can I Have My Exotic Pets Around During Carpet Cleaning?

While hot water extraction is safe for your pets and family, it’s best to keep your exotic pet out of the area where we’ll be working in. It helps our technicians move around more easily with our industrial equipment, and since hot water is involved, it’ll be safer for children and pets to be kept out of the area. 

We also advise homeowners to keep off the carpet after carpet cleaning to allow it to dry adequately. Overall, it’s ideal to keep your exotic pet with a friend or family or outside in the yard (assuming there’s someone supervising it and there’s good weather), if possible.


At Dan Dan The Carpet Man, we want to keep your family and exotic pets safe. As a pet owner, it’s normal to be worried about any hazards to your exotic pet during carpet cleaning, as some methods might involve detergents and cleaners that can be harmful if ingested. Fortunately, you can rest assured that the hot water extraction method is safe for both children and pets. For your peace of mind, no toxic chemicals are used, and no residue is left behind. 

If you are still in doubt about whether or not carpet cleaning is safe for exotic pets, call our carpet cleaners in The Villages, and we’ll gladly answer any questions you have and even give you some advice about any precautions to protect the health of your exotic pet while we are on site.