The short answer is yes; steam cleaning is the most effective way to clean your carpet. Cleaning your carpet with hot water at high pressure will successfully remove dirt, bacteria, grime, and toxins embedded in the carpet fibers. While steam cleaning can definitely clean your carpets, it actually comes with many other advantages too.

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How Steam Cleaning Works

Also known as hot water extraction, steam cleaning works by using hot water at high pressure with a cleaning solution on your carpet. The water that’s filled with dirt and debris will then be suctioned back out, leaving your carpet extremely clean and fresh. The water’s high temperature is key in this method, along with the strong pressure that helps to effectively remove dirt and bacteria from your carpet. 

Overall, you can be assured that this deep cleaning technique is a lot more effective than other carpet cleaning methods. It not only gives your carpet a surface pass but can truly reach deep in the carpet fibers to disinfect, deep clean, and deodorize.

Prolong Your Carpets

While steam cleaning removes dirt and grime embedded in your carpet, it can also prolong the life of your carpeting. Harsh chemicals used in other carpet cleaning methods tend to harm your carpet, after all. The only thing steam cleaning does is use hot water and a cleaning solution to go deep into your carpeting. 

Effective Cleaning

Most people are tempted to try different cleaning chemicals, but steam cleaning is one of the better ones if only because it doesn’t use harsh chemicals. If you have allergies, can’t stand strong odors, or need to remove deeply embedded stains, you’ll want to choose steam cleaning. It kills bacteria deep down without any harsh cleaners but also works to get rid of allergens deep inside, like mold and pet scents.

Hot water extraction doesn’t only clean the carpet’s surface but goes deep into the carpet fibers to remove debris and stains. The hot water used goes straight into the fibers and can effectively disintegrate stubborn debris and particles that you haven’t been able to remove with vacuuming or other cleaning methods.


If you have tough stains on your carpet that you just haven’t been able to get out, steam cleaning can help with that. It is by far the most effective cleaning method when it comes to all kinds of stains, including stains that have been there for a while or stains that are hard to remove, like tea, coffee, food, or oil.

No Residue

Many carpet cleaning methods that use dry cleaners and sprays will leave a layer of residue on your carpet. Steam cleaning doesn’t do that, so you don’t have to worry about additional residue left on your carpet fibers.


When it comes to cleaning your carpet, the hot extraction method of hot water, high pressure, and an effective cleaning solution is truly potent. Steam cleaning gives your carpet fibers the deep clean and disinfection it needs, instead of just a surface clean. Call us today to schedule your hot extraction carpet cleaning with us and watch your carpet get a new lease of life!