There’s nothing quite like a newly cleaned carpet. It’s soft, it’s clean, and looks great. However, if you don’t take the extra time and effort to take care of it, your newly cleaned carpet will start to look dirty sooner.

When it comes to keeping your newly cleaned carpet looking great, there are a few tricks to follow. By keeping up with them, you can ensure that your carpet looks great for longer.

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Many people detest vacuuming, but if you have carpets, it is one thing that you simply must do. Pets and shoes track a lot of dirt throughout the house every day. The best solution is to vacuum several times a week, but if this is unsustainable, then you should make sure to vacuum at least once every week.

Vacuuming prevents a lot of dirt and grime from burrowing deeper into your carpets. While it won’t prevent everything, it can have a noticeable effect on your carpets.

Have a No Shoes Policy

Although it won’t prevent dirt from entering your house, having a no-shoes policy is definitely healthier for your carpets. Dirt and bacteria that live on the bottoms of your shoes can lead to filthy carpets and unhealthy air quality. Additionally, the hard materials on the bottom of your shoes can also make your carpet wear down faster.

Use Welcome Mats

Placing welcome mats at every entrance and exit will help reduce the amount of dirt and grime that is tracked across your carpets. In addition, by allowing guests a place to wipe their shoes or feet, you’ll be able to keep most of the dirt out of your house.

Clean Up Spills As Soon As Possible

The longer a spill is left out to sit on your carpet, the harder it will be to remove. Unfortunately, many spills lead to stains that are difficult or impossible for homeowners to remove. However, by acting quickly, you can reduce the stain.

When a spill occurs, ensure that you dab it rather than rub it. This will help lift and remove the spill instead of forcing it deeper into your carpets. If you notice severe stains, then be sure to call a professional like us to come take care of it. Many DIY attempts can damage your carpet despite your best efforts.

Schedule Regular Cleanings

If you really want to keep your carpets looking fresh, then it’s important to schedule a regular carpet cleaning at least once or twice a year. Depending on how many pets you have or how much dirt your carpets see in a week, you may want to schedule a professional cleaning more frequently.

With routine cleanings, you’ll be able to stay on top of stains, dirt, and bacteria that may make their home in your carpets. During the scheduled cleaning, you should point out particular stains or problem areas that you would like the professional to take care of. This will help make sure that your carpets get the care they need and deserve on a regular basis.

Trim Snags

Some carpets are more prone to snags than others. Over time, as your carpet begins to snag, it can start to look old, no matter how clean it is. Rather than pull at a snag, however, find some scissors and trim it.

If you tug at a snag, you risk unraveling your carpet or making the problem worse. On the other hand, trimming snags will help your carpet look smoother. 


Newly cleaned carpet looks great, but it will only stay looking great if you take care of it. It’s up to you to vacuum often, schedule routine cleanings, and take care of spills and snags quickly. By taking the time to do so, you’ll be amazed at just how great your carpet will look.