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The Cleaning Blog

The Cleaning Blog is the most helpful carpet cleaning blog out there! We publish multiple entries per month to keep you up to date on the carpet cleaning industry and our expert advice!

Paint On Carpet

No matter how it got there, paint is one of the hardest things I have come across to remove from carpet. Maybe you were repainting your room and a few drops escaped from your grasp, or your artistic daughter decided the rug needed painting. Whatever the situation, acting fast is the key. There are many different colors and types of paint, and naturally, some are easier to get out than others. But we are here to help you with all of them! (more…)

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DIY Mustard Stain Removal

Mustard is a common companion to ketchup, and is frequently found in most American kitchens, and if your guests are sloppy, on your carpets. Mustard is one of those things that once the stain sets in, you might as well throw in the towel, or at least get an area rug. For the most part, if your mustard stain has had time to set in, you are in trouble. If you just spilled your mustard and stumbled upon this blog, get ready to act fast! (more…)

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Removing Caramel From Your Carpet

Caramel taste and flavour in drinks or snacks definitely makes for a sumptuous bite. However, in the event that caramel finds its way to your carpet, you will be faced by the problem of getting out a sticky stain. There is a home-based solution that you can try to remove the stain all by yourself.
For this remedy, you will need white vinegar, liquid detergent and water. The objects to aid your stain removal that will be necessary include a bowl, butter knife as well as some towels. (more…)

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How Often Should You Have Your Carpet Cleaned?

After knowing that Dan Dan the Carpet Man is probably the best carpet cleaning company close to you, the next thing is answering the above question. It is the kind of use that your carpet has to withstand that should guide your frequency of cleaning it. Usually, you will need to vacuum your carpet to keep it clean. However, professional cleaners like Dan Dan the Carpet Man go deeper and of course this cannot be done every other day. (more…)

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Carpet Cleaning Vs Replacement

If you have a large home, replacing your carpet can honestly be a pretty time consuming and expensive endeavor. This raises the question, is it worth it to get a carpet replacement, or should I just invest in a professional carpet cleaning service? The answer for this isn’t as simple as it may sound. Of course, cleaning your carpet will almost always be less expensive than replacing it (Unless you’ve hired thieves for carpet cleaners). (more…)

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Dan, Dan the Carpet Man Difference

For the best Carpet Cleaning turn to the carpet cleaner Dan, Dan the Carpet Man. A Carpet Cleaning Company specializing in professional carpet cleaning in Orlando and throughout Central Florida. The well-trained, uniformed, fully certified technicians are experts at carpet rug cleaning, oriental rug cleaning, air duct cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, furniture cleaning and are the upholstery cleaner of choice among Orlando Home Owners. (more…)

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