You don’t want to neglect your tiles and grout and only hire tiles cleaners in Port Orange when they look dirty and stained. By then, it’s harder to get them clean and sparkling once again, so instead, you should clean your tiles and grout periodically. 

Tiles are well known for their durability but don’t just choose any chemical at home to clean them. Some chemicals can damage them, so keep reading to learn which at-home chemicals you should avoid before you get to scrubbing.

At-Home Chemicals That Will Damage Your Tile and Grout

Abrasive Cleaners

You might think that you should be using a cleaner that has something gritty to get the dirt out. Don’t do this, though—something with an abrasive texture will damage your tiles. That’s because you’ll scrape off the seal on your tile that will usually keep the dirt from getting into your tiles and the grout. 

By using something abrasive, you’re making it easier for your tiles to be dirty in the long run. 

Harsh Chemicals

Bleach seems to be the go-to cleaner for nearly everything, but don’t use bleach for your tiles. Likewise, don’t use lemon and vinegar either. All of these harsh chemicals can damage your tiles, not to mention that they might pose other problems for pets or other items in your home.

Colored Solutions

You might find a colored solution that doesn’t have many harsh chemicals in it, but you should still avoid anything that can color your grout. Grout is porous, after all, so it can absorb that coloring and look worse in the end.

Too Much Water

This isn’t a chemical, but remember to limit the amount of water you’re using for your cleaning, especially when it comes to grout. Too much water can saturate the grout and cause it to lose its grip on the tiles. Especially if you have older flooring, you might end up with water underneath your tiles, causing mold or mildew to develop where you can’t even see.

This is another great reason not to use harsh chemicals: they’ll require lots of scrubbing with water, and too much water isn’t as helpful as you might think.

What to Avoid When Cleaning Your Tile and Grout

We’ve covered the types of cleaner to steer clear of, but there are other things to avoid when it comes to cleaning your tiles and grout. For a nice sparkle to your flooring, keep these in mind:

Don’t Do Too Much

Ultimately, you can clean your tiles just fine on your own, but don’t do anything that’s outside of what you’re capable of. For example, don’t use a steam cleaner if you don’t know how to use it properly. You might end up doing more damage to your flooring or even your cupboards if you expose them to excessive heat.

Not Cleaning and Protecting

Don’t allow stains to sit on your tiles as it will lead to discoloration. Instead, wipe and clean them off quickly. You can also protect your tiles from excess water or dirt by sealing them or using mats to collect any dirt.

No Routine Cleaning

Clean your tile flooring now and again. If you can clean once a week, that’s the best option, but every few weeks is better than never cleaning your tiles and letting them become discolored and dirty. 

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Your tiles and grout are a long-term part of your home. You want to keep them looking clean and fresh for as long as possible. Be sure to avoid certain cleaners and cleaning methods, and clean your tiles regularly.