When looking at areas of potential concern in your home, you should always be wary of issues beneath the surface. It’s easy to spot something wrong when it is on the surface, but knowing the right signs of something occurring underneath and knowing when to call a tile cleaning company is also crucial

Dealing with moisture is one of the most vital aspects of home maintenance, and it can easily affect both your tile floors and even walls if you are not careful.

Early Warning Signs of Moisture Buildup Under Your Tile Floors

Moisture can build up whether you’ve just done a fresh floor installation or your flooring is old. Look out for these indications of moisture under your tile floors:

Loose Flooring Tiles

You would expect your flooring tiles to be secured and safe, but moisture can cause the opposite to happen. Excessive moisture can cause adhesive failure between the subfloor and the tiles, which results in looseness and the potential to shift. The weakened adhesive is dangerous. So if your tiles are shifting but there is no water or flooding on the surface, you should look at moisture buildup as a potential cause.

Musty Mold

If there’s consistent moisture buildup, you run the risk of mold developing. In this case, homeowners might start smelling the musty odor given off by the growth of mold. If your floors are kept dry and cleaned regularly, you shouldn’t smell that musty odor. If you do, it could be a sign of moisture under your tile floors.

Pest Invasion

Excess moisture is a problem by itself, but it can also invite other forms of trouble. Moisture might cause an increase in pests such as ants or termites. 


Water damage can be a big problem, and over a prolonged period, floors can warp or dip as the subfloor gets damaged by moisture. Having an uneven floor is not ideal and could point to moisture buildup underneath.

Early Warning Signs of Moisture Buildup Under Your Walls

Just like flooring, your walls are also vital parts of the home that can be prone to water damage. Here are some signs of moisture that you should be looking out for:

Dark Patches

One of the more apparent signs of water damage is dark patches appearing on walls. It is hard to miss, and if you spot such patches, you can be sure that water has somehow seeped into your walls. So be sure to keep an eye out for these patches, especially after heavy rainfall or storms. 

Musty Odors

Similar to flooring, musty odors can be a sign of moisture issues in your walls. Again, there might not be visible damage, but the smell is unmistakable. This smell can be caused by mold or bacteria growth, and if it is not taken care of, you might be at the risk of further health hazards.


Wallpaper and paint are also susceptible to the effects of water damage. Moisture can cause peeling and bubbling of both, so if you spot that, check for separation at the seams or where paint is flaking. You might spot a leak that needs to be rectified.


Walls can be warped if too much water is absorbed. If your walls are bending or curved, a water leak can be the cause of your issues. It is critical to get this sorted out, as structural damage could be next on the cards.

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Moisture buildup in either your floors or walls is problematic, but the sooner you can spot the issue developing, the better it will be when finding a fix. With our professional help, you can be saving yourself plenty of trouble in the future so give us a call today if you spot any of these moisture warning signs at home!