Your tile backsplash is supposed to add a bit of charm and beauty to your kitchen. Unfortunately, it seems so easy for your backsplash to get dirty with all that cooking. Tile and grout cleaning is a chore that you’ll have to do at some point and while it’s easy to clean spilled water or food, grease is another story altogether.

Tips For Cleaning Grease Off Your Tile Backsplash

Grease can be challenging to clean as it’s resistant to many different cleaners. Fortunately, grease can be removed with a bit of work and the correct cleaning agent. To get you started, here are the top tips for cleaning grease off of your tile backsplash.

  1. Baking Soda

Baking soda is a mild detergent that can be used to scrub away grease from a backsplash. To make a cleaning detergent, mix some baking soda with water to create a thick paste. It should be sticky enough to stay on your wall tiles for several minutes. 

Once you’ve got your baking soda paste, rub it onto the grease and let it sit for about 10 minutes. When 10 minutes have passed, get a damp cloth to scrub the area with. Scrubbing the grease after letting it sit will further encourage it to come off. By the time you’ve gently scrubbed all the paste off, the grease should be gone too.

  1. Goo Gone

If you’ve tried a mild detergent and the grease is still on your backsplash, try a strong degreaser such as Goo Gone. It’s essential to test the degreaser on a small, unseen area of your tile before applying it to the greasy spot. There’s always the possibility that it will damage your backsplash, so you don’t want to test it in a visible area.

Once you’ve tested the degreaser and determined that it won’t harm your tile backsplash, follow the included instructions. When you’ve finished, be sure to rinse the remaining residue off entirely.

  1. Toothpaste

You probably won’t want to use your toothpaste (or toothbrush), but this is a great way to remove grease from the grout between your tiles.

Before using the toothpaste, clean the tiles with water. Once they’ve been rinsed off, get out your spare toothbrush and toothpaste. Be generous when squeezing toothpaste on the grout and tiles. Scrub with the toothbrush then rinse off with a clean rag. 

  1. White Vinegar

You can use white vinegar as a spray detergent if you don’t want to use a chemical solution. Just spray it on the greasy area and let sit for around 5 minutes. After it has sat, you should be able to wipe away the grease with a warm cloth.

  1. Dishwashing Detergent

Sometimes, all you need is your trusty dishwashing liquid. By nature, your dishwashing detergent should be potent against grease. Place your sponge in warm water and squeeze out the excess. When it’s damp, put just a blob of dishwashing soap on it and put your sponge to work.

If the grease doesn’t come off easily, try letting the soap remain on the grease for a short time before scrubbing again. You can also use a brush to scrub out the grease.


Grease can be tricky to remove from your tile backsplash. Fortunately, many regular household items can be used to remove it. In addition, you don’t always need to buy the most potent degreaser that you can find. 

Using one of the solutions above, you can lower the amount of chemicals used in your kitchen while still removing the grease stains. Just remember to test on a small, unseen portion of your tiles first, just to be safe and ensure that the cleaning method of your choice won’t damage your beautiful tile backsplash.