Your tiles might look great right after professional tile cleaning services, but eventually, they can start to lose that shine. Of course, any homeowner wants to keep both their tiles and the grout clean in between professional cleanings, so try these at-home techniques to prolong that shine.

Techniques to Keep Your Tile and Grout Shining

Classic Soap and Water

This is undoubtedly the most obvious option: a mixture of soap and water. Add some detergent into a bucket with warm water and mix it up. Once you’re ready, you’ll only need to dunk a mop in to start cleaning.

Just make sure that you wring out your mop before you begin and that you replace the water when it starts to look dirty so that you don’t wipe the dirt around. When you’re all finished, rinse off the floor with clean water.

Tile Cleaning Solutions

If you’re looking for something to help mop up stains, you might want to go beyond soap and water. Try baking soda then—just as long as you cut it with warm water. You’ll form a paste that goes over your tiles before you rinse with clean water. Make sure that you dry the tiles to remove any water.

What to Avoid

There are multiple types of tiles, which may benefit from various cleaners. That said, there’s one thing you should avoid with all tiles: acidic cleaners.

Many types of tiles can’t handle cleaning solutions with lemon and vinegar because the pH is too high. From marble to granite, you should be careful about using harsh cleaners that might discolor your tiles. Also, take a moment to check the brush you’re using if you’re scrubbing. A brush with bristles that are too harsh might scratch your tiles instead.

Grout Cleaning Solutions

You can also mop your grout while you’re mopping your tile, but you can do a more detailed clean with a homemade solution. Mix baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and some dishwashing soap before applying it to your grout.

As you might expect, there’s some scrubbing involved. Wait for 5 to 10 minutes for that cleaning solution to sink in before you scrub. Finally, do a rinse with water to finish up, and your grout should come out looking great.

Using a steam cleaner on your grout can help too. Scrub with a brush in a circular motion, and remember to dry your grout with a rag.

What to Avoid

When it comes to keeping your grout clean, you should avoid one thing in particular: bleach. Bleach can weaken your grout, making it more porous and ultimately making it look much dirtier than before. The chemicals in bleach may be too harsh for your tiles as well.

The Importance of Regular Cleaning

You don’t need to mop or scrub every week or even every other week. But there are simple things that you can do to keep your tile and grout clean.

Start by sweeping your floor to get rid of debris you’ve missed or to clear out dust. You’ll want to make sure that you wipe up spills right away, so they don’t have a chance to absorb into your grout—especially things that are acidic, like tomato sauce. 


Don’t wait until you notice your tile and grout is dirty—instead, practice regular cleaning. Regular cleaning will go a long way in keeping your tiles and grout looking great. Now and again, do some deep cleaning in between your professional cleanings.