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air con duct cleaning

How Often Does Ductwork Need to be Cleaned?

You have to keep an eye on a lot when you own a home—and that includes your ductwork. This might not be something you think much about, but Orlando duct cleaning is an essential part of managing your air conditioning and will, therefore, keep your home cool and your energy bills lower. The real question is how often you need to clean your ducts and when you should start cleaning it.

How Often Does Ductwork Need to be Cleaned?

Realistically, you don’t need to clean your air ducts all that often—every 3 to 5 years will be enough. You might notice sooner than that if your air conditioning isn’t working well, though.

Other Factors

You’ll only need to clean your ductwork every three years at a minimum, but other factors can influence the condition of your ductwork. For example, if you live in an area with a lot of pollution or have a lot of people living in your home. More people will mean more dust in the air.

Those who live in a household with someone who smokes will also notice that you might need to clean your ductwork more quickly. Especially if you or someone in your home has allergies, preemptive cleaning is a great idea.

When You Should Clean Immediately

There are situations where you should clean your vents immediately, even if it’s been less than three years. This includes when you notice any dark stains or fuzzy particles around your vents. Those dark stains could be mold and can quickly form in places that have high humidity.

If there is mold, you may notice your allergies flaring up, or that many members in the household are coming down with a cold at the same time. In this case, it might be a good idea to clean your ducts earlier than three years.

Signs to Look Out For

If you’ve hit the three-year mark, you might be wondering if you can wait for five years instead. In that case, look for these signs to give you a good indication of when you should clean.

Visible Mold or Other Problems

As mentioned, if you see mold anywhere around your air ducts, that’s a sign that you need to clean your ductwork immediately. This can be dangerous to your family and manifest itself in allergies, colds, and other health issues.

The same goes for if you notice things like rodent droppings or hear movement through your vents. Any indication that you have vermin living in your vents means that you need to get that handled immediately since this can lead to illness.

A Warm House

You might notice that you need to set your air conditioning unit at a lower temperature to feel cooler. This is something you might not think about often, but it can indicate that you need to clean your ductwork. All you’re doing is losing energy with inefficient ducts at this point.

Rising Energy Bills

Take a look at your most recent energy bill. Is it higher than you expect? In that case, you might want to consider cleaning your ductwork, which will improve the air circulation in your home and therefore lower your energy bills at the same time.

Dust in the Air

It’s normal for there to be dust in the air, but you shouldn’t be living in a home with excessive amounts of dust in the air. If you notice many particles in the sunlight, this is an obvious and simple sign that you need some ductwork cleaning.


It’s not always obvious that your ductwork needs to be cleaned. There’s not always mold or rodents that you can see or hear, but there are signs that you need to be aware of if you want to improve your energy bills, health, and overall home. If you don’t notice many of these signs, try a routine cleaning every three to five years to keep everything reasonably clean. 

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opening the windows

Should You Open Windows After Carpet Cleaning?

After professional Tampa carpet cleaning, it’s normal for your carpet to feel damp. As you wait for your carpet to dry, you’re probably wondering if opening your windows will help. This is a common question, and the answer does depend on a few factors. 

Should You Open Windows After Carpet Cleaning?

The carpet cleaning itself often takes about 20 minutes per room, but it’ll take a lot longer for your carpet to dry. We recommend that you limit access into the room while the carpet is still drying. 

Open the Windows

Ultimately, opening the windows will indeed help reduce the drying time. That’s because you’ll have fresh air moving through the room. Just make sure that you open one or two windows at the opposite ends of the room to get a breeze going and improve the airflow.

Opening the windows can also help freshen up your carpets and reduce any smells from chemicals used in the cleaning process. It will help you clear up any musty smells that come with damp carpet fibers, and does wonders for clearing out dust too.

Before you open up those windows, take a second to consider a few factors first. In some cases, it may be better to set up some fans or turn on the AC instead.

  • Is it Hot and Humid Outside?

When it’s really hot outside, hold off on opening up the windows. While it can still be helpful for getting rid of the musty smell of drying carpet fibers, your carpet won’t dry well if you don’t have a great breeze and if it’s too warm.

In this case, you’ll want to turn up your air conditioning and set up some fans to keep the air cool. This will work a little better than opening windows on hot days. We do provide air movers, also known as commercial floor fans, to help speed up your carpet drying process. If you’d like to use our air movers for up to 24 hours, you can do so for a minimal additional fee.

  • Is it Cold and Rainy Outside?

On days like this, it’s not a great idea to open the windows. Instead, you should turn on the heat to help the water in your carpeting evaporate, speeding up the drying process.

If the temperature outside is below 52 degrees, set your HVAC system to a minimum of 75 degrees and leave it running for a few hours. 

If the temperature outside is between 55 and 70 degrees, set the heat to 80 degrees and leave it running for one hour. Then, alternate with the air conditioner at 70 degrees for another one hour. Follow this alternating pattern between heat and AC modes for 6 to 8 hours to dry your carpet thoroughly.

When to Open the Windows?

You’ll want to open your windows when the weather conditions are right. This means that there should be a breeze going outside, and it shouldn’t be so hot or cold that your carpeting won’t actually end up dry.

Try to pick a warmer day, or a dryer day in the summer. This will give you the option to let the open windows help dry your carpets instead of using your heating and electricity, although we still recommend your HVAC system as a crucial tool for drying your carpet.

How Long Does It Take to Dry?

Cleaning your carpet involves a method of hot water extraction, or steam cleaning. This is what leaves your carpeting damp even after the cleaning is done. Just leaving your carpeting to dry will take about up to 24 hours on its own, but you can speed this process up if you don’t want to wait too long to set foot on your carpet. 

We recommend that full drying takes place within 6 to 8 hours, with help from your HVAC system.

In the end, you’ll be able to step on the carpet comfortably after a full 24 hours. If you really need to walk across the carpet, make sure that you’re wearing a clean pair of socks and no shoes from the outside.

You should also wait the full 24 hours until you put all of your furniture back. It’s inconvenient, but this will ensure that you don’t embed any dirt or dust into the damp carpet.


It’s satisfying to have your carpet cleaned and to see how good it looks again. Having to wait until your carpet is dry is only a small and temporary inconvenience in exchange for it. With the right weather, you may open your windows to help speed up the drying time but turn on the heat or AC for the fastest and most effective drying. 

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keeping tiles clean

Best Ways to Keep Your Tile and Grout Clean After Your Professional Cleaning

Your beautiful tile flooring has just been professionally cleaned by a tile & grout cleaning service. Your tiles are now sparkling clean and your grout looks fresh and new again. As much as you may wish, your tile and grout won’t stay this clean always, so how do you maintain the cleanliness for as long as possible after your professional cleaning?

When it comes to cleaning tile and grout, it doesn’t have to always involve heavy scrubbing every day. With some preventative measures and simple cleaning tactics, you’ll be able to maintain your tile and grout for some time after professional cleaning.

Best Ways to Keep Your Tile and Grout Clean After Your Professional Cleaning

Wiping Shower Tiles

There are some simple things that you can do regularly to keep your tiles clean, like wiping and spraying down your bath and shower. Just a light wipe can do a lot to save your tiles and grout in the long term.

After your shower, just wipe along the tile and glass to dry it before you spray them with a mild shower cleaner. Then you only need to turn the water on again to wipe it off. This will not only keep your shower tiles clean but will prevent problems like mildew as well.

You can do a deeper clean every week or two if you want to prevent staining over time—just add some baking soda to your routine for the grout and give a good scrub. 

Cleaning Tile Floors

Although tile flooring is much easier to clean than carpeting, you’re still dealing with a lot of foot traffic constantly walking dirt and debris over it. That’s why you should spend a little time periodically cleaning up your tiles, beginning with a vacuum or a broom. 

When you sweep, try to use a broom with soft bristles as it will be more effective in removing dirt. With a vacuum, use the various brush attachments to help remove dust effectively. It’s important to vacuum or sweep right before you begin mopping your floor.

Mopping Tile Floors

Mop the tiles with soap and then with water before drying them. You can also let them air dry, but using a lint-free cloth can help prevent water spots.

When it comes to mopping, don’t choose a sponge mop. Sponge mops can make your job harder as they tend to direct the dirty water into your grout, which will make your grout more difficult to clean. Go for a chamois or rag type of mop instead.

Refrain from using too much detergent when you’re mopping, as you might end up with a layer of residue on your tile surface. As you’re mopping your entire house, change the water you’re using often so you’re not reusing dirty water in different parts of your home.

Also, take note to quickly wipe spills immediately when they happen. Don’t let them sit on the floor surface as they become harder to remove later.

Grout Cleaning

Grout is a porous material, absorbing water, debris, and dirt, which can change the color of the grout and make it look stained. Preventative measures like mats at your home entrance will do a lot to help reduce the amount of dirt being brought into your home.

When you mop your floors, be sure not to wet your floors too much. Try to mop smaller areas each time and focus on getting each area clean.

Grout Sealing

Sealing your grout helps to make it more water-resistant. It won’t be as prone to damage, stains, or discoloration and will look new and clean for longer. Also, mildew and mold won’t tend to grow on your grout since they thrive in wet and warm environments and your grout seal will keep the area dry.

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Even if you don’t have time to clean your floors daily, you should take some time weekly or every few days to keep your tiles and grout clean. This will extend the time before your next professional cleaning and keep those tiles looking great longer. 

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walking on carpet

Can I Walk On My Carpet After Professional Cleaning?

It’s easy to see why many people opt for carpeting in their homes or businesses. Providing warmth and comfort at a reasonable price, there’s no doubt that carpeting seems to tick many boxes.

One thing people must know is that with carpets, you do need to maintain and clean it to ensure its durability. After a professional clean by a Tampa carpet cleaning company, it can be very tempting to start walking over the carpet or placing furniture on it immediately. 

Keep reading to find out what you must take note of and why we recommend you to be patient in waiting for a complete dry.

Can I Walk on my Carpet After Professional Cleaning?

Once your carpet cleaning expert is done, the fibers of your carpet are in the best shape possible. Clean and washed, your carpet will resemble the luster of when you first bought it. 

If you walk on the carpet at this moment, know that it might cause portions that are still damp to flatten. If those parts go on to dry, they may remain that way until the next clean.

Similarly, if the carpet is still damp, it will be very susceptible to trapping dirt and other debris that have just been cleared out of the fibers. Instead of wasting the efforts of the cleaning, steer clear of your carpet until the drying process is over.

One of the key considerations after a clean is the time needed for your carpet to fully dry. Depending on the different cleaning methods used, the range will vary. Even dry cleaning is not exactly a ‘dry’ method, so you will need to be aware of the moisture being used during the clean.

A safe bet is that it will take anywhere from three to six hours for carpets to dry fully after a clean. In more humid areas, it could even take up to 24 hours before the drying is complete.

Factors Affecting When Your Carpet Drying Process

There are several factors that can either prolong or reduce the drying time needed for a carpet that has just been cleaned. Here are some of them:

Carpet Material

Some carpet materials can dry out quickly, while others will take a significantly longer time. As an example, a carpet made of wool, which is a very absorbent material, will definitely need more time to dry compared to others like nylon or polyester. 


The humidity in your area will also be key to determining how fast your carpet can dry. As a rule, the lower the humidity, the faster the carpet will dry. 

The dry air facilitates evaporation and hence, allows quicker drying. It also helps to ensure there is enough ventilation in whichever room the carpet is in. The circulation of humid air and dry air will quicken the drying process.


If we are talking about humidity, then the temperature is also part of the equation. Carpets are found indoors, so the temperature in the room will affect how fast the drying process can be. Keep the room temperature slightly warmer, so that moisture can evaporate at a faster rate.


For people who like to keep their carpets cleaned and maintained for longevity and hygiene, a professional clean is a great first step. Just make sure you do not be too hasty and eager to walk on your carpet after a clean. 

If you need to walk on the carpet urgently, be sure to wait for 30 minutes at the very least and remove your shoes and use socks or utilize shoe protection covers. Ideally, let it dry out completely and enjoy the results.

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Cleaning Carpet

Is Professional Carpet Cleaning Better Than Doing It Yourself?

Carpet is a reliable choice for many, whether it’s for a residential home or a commercial property. There is just something comfortable and cozy about stepping on carpet, compared to a hardwood or vinyl floor. 

However, while it may look and feel good, maintaining your carpet is not always the easiest. We all know how carpets trap dirt and stains easily. To combat this, regular maintenance and cleaning are needed to prolong your carpet’s durability and lifespan. In fact, a professional cleaning by carpet cleaners in Tampa every 12-18 months is highly recommended.

Many people think that professional cleaning will probably be costly, and doing it yourself may sound tempting. Before you purchase your cleaning supplies to get started though, keep reading first to understand the risks and downsides of DIY carpet cleaning.

Risks of DIY Carpet Cleaning

If you have decided to rent out your own DIY carpet cleaning machine, that is hardly the end of it. Without professional help, you also have to purchase cleaning solutions. Factor in the costs of the rental as well as the time and effort needed to bring the machine where you need it, and the idea of DIY cleaning does not sound so good now.

More importantly, such machines are likely to be only good at surface carpet cleaning. The dirt that is visible on the surface may be removed using such machines, but beneath it, your carpet can still be dirty. 

Even after your DIY cleaning and washing, you still have to dry the carpet. Depending on the area of your carpet, this can be a long process without the right equipment. With low water pressure and weak vacuums, there is only so much you can do. Your best hope is that you do not end up with a carpet that is soggy and musty.

There is also no guarantee that such rental cleaners are going to be effective for your particular carpet. The risk of damage is always there, and certain carpet cleaners can be too harsh, causing wear and tear instead.

Why Professional Carpet Cleaning is Better

When you hire professional help, you can expect high-quality results. With an experienced crew doing the hard work for you, you can rest easy knowing that your carpet is getting the right treatment it deserves.


Instead of risking it with DIY cleaning, professional carpet cleaning services will help to extend the life of your carpet. This is done so by removing all of the dirt, dust, and debris that have accumulated over time among the fibers. Once a thorough cleaning is done, the chances of such pollutants adhering to your carpet become lower.

A thorough cleaning is also only possible due to cleaning methods utilized by the professionals, such as hot water extraction.

Save Time and Costs

Contrary to common belief, engaging cleaning services are actually going to save you both time and money. With the latest innovations and technology, professional cleaning experts like us can do the job much quicker and more efficiently.

Expert Knowledge

As seasoned carpet cleaning experts, we are armed with deep knowledge of the different types of carpets. We know how to clean your specific carpet in the best way possible, without causing damage to your precious flooring. Reduce the chances of damage by removing the guesswork from the equation.


While regular vacuuming will always help, a deep and thorough cleaning is still required for carpets if you want your investment to last. By relying on a professional crew, you ensure that your carpet is getting the best treatment.

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carpet cleaning methods

Is It Better to Shampoo or Steam Clean Carpets?

You probably vacuum your carpets on a weekly basis like most people but you also know that a deep clean is still needed. Without a thorough Tampa carpet cleaning service, you might find your carpet filled with dirt and stains that can’t be so easily removed with just vacuuming.

If you’re looking to give your carpets a better clean, you’re probably wondering: is it better to shampoo or to steam clean carpets? Both methods work well, but we’ll give you the low down on which method is better.

Is It Better to Shampoo or Steam Clean Carpets?

The straight answer is: you’ll want to go with steam cleaning over shampooing, if only because this is the option that works well and is the most practical. 

It’s likely that you’re not cleaning a huge chunk of carpeting regularly, after all, and if your carpet doesn’t have a lot of heavy stains on it, you don’t need the shampooing either.

Your best bet will be steam cleaning, and here’s why.

Steam Cleaning vs. Shampooing: Effort Involved

Steam cleaning is often preferred by many people because it’s such a simple method. It uses water and steam to get to the dirt. Then you only need to vacuum up that dirt to get rid of it. Finally, you only have to wait for the carpet to dry before you walk across it.

The only real issue with steam cleaning is that it doesn’t reach deep stains very well as compared to shampooing. 

Shampooing the carpeting will use water just like the steam cleaning with the additional element of the shampoo, which helps to bring dirt to the surface before you need to scrub it away. 

If you shampoo your carpet though, not only does it need to be rinsed with hot water too, but that moisture needs to be extracted as well. You can’t just let it dry as you would do with steam cleaning

Ultimately, this makes steam cleaning easier, with less effort involved in the process. If you don’t have deep stains or a lot of stains, you’d be better off not trying to mess with the shampoo.

Cleaning Power

Ultimately, you can rest assured that you are getting a lot of cleaning power with both of these methods. Your carpeting will no doubt be cleaner regardless of the method, but with steam cleaning, you’re killing bacteria and germs along with stains. 

You can’t clean stains that are too deep, but you can prevent further dirt from rising to the surface.

You can also get rid of the eggs of pests when you use steam cleaning as well, because of the high temperature. This all-natural method might just benefit you more in the long term.

Cleaning Agents

This is one of the biggest differences between the two: what you clean with. 

When you’re steaming your carpeting, you’re only using steam and water to get the job done. When you’re shampooing your carpeting though, you’re likely using a chemical agent to help bring the dirt to the surface and remove it.


Steam cleaning and shampooing both use water to clean your carpet, but shampooing uses a lot more moisture. This means that it can take as long as 48 hours for your carpet to dry once you’re done with the shampooing process. 

By contrast, when you only steam clean your carpet, you’re using a lot less water and your carpet will therefore be dry in just a few hours. Especially if you have a family running around or you need to walk on your carpet again, you might prefer a shorter cleaning time.


When choosing between steam cleaning and shampooing your carpet, you really can’t go wrong with both, but steam cleaning would be the better option. It removes more unseen pests and dirt, and can handle heavy-duty cleaning without making you wait long for drying. 

You may not be able to get some deep stains, but you can get a great, disinfecting clean without any chemicals left behind.

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