If you have severe allergies, you probably already know that it’s crucial to have your carpet cleaned and treated regularly. While it may be indoors, all sorts of allergens and dust mites can be easily hidden within the carpet fibers, turning your home into a source of allergies.

Knowing you should get your carpet treated isn’t enough, though. If you don’t have the right treatment type, then cleaning your carpets may not help your allergies for all that long. That being said, what is the best carpet treatment for people with severe allergies?

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What Is the Best Treatment for Severe Allergies?

Although there are many carpet treatment options out there, the best carpet treatment for allergies is hot water extraction. It’s the best method for helping with allergies and ensuring your carpet is properly cared for.

Over time, hot water extraction has become the preferred carpet treatment whether someone has allergies or not. This may be in part because many manufacturers will void a warranty if you use another type of treatment, but it is also a very reliable and safe method.

Hot water extraction uses high heat and spray agents to kill bacteria, disinfect an area, and reduce odors. Despite using water, hot water extraction treatments pull unwanted moisture out of your carpets, discouraging the growth of many common allergens.

Why Is Hot Water Extraction the Best Choice for Allergies?

Hot water extraction kills dust mites immediately and reduces the risk of mold growth. These two common allergens can be easily missed through other treatments, leaving you to wonder why you even bothered treating your carpet if it didn’t help your allergies.

Dust mites live in your carpet no matter how often you vacuum or clean. They hide in the thick fibers of your carpet and feed on flakes of human skin, animal dander, and fungi. Dust mites and their waste are common household allergens, and, unfortunately, they can be challenging to get rid of. However, with hot water extraction, the mites are instantly killed due to the high temperatures.

Even if you keep your carpet dry, mold can grow. When it rains or snows, water is tracked into your house by you, your family, and your pets. Even if you mop up soaked areas, the moisture will remain and encourage mold growth, another common household allergen. 

Hot water extraction pulls all the unwanted moisture from your carpets to lessen the chances of mold growth and worsening your allergies.

Your Allergies and Your Carpets

You may not be aware of just how much your carpets impact your allergies. Contaminants and allergens love the moisture, warm carpet fibers, and if left ignored, they will significantly reduce the air quality of your home and lead to even worse allergies.

When you have allergens in your carpet, it isn’t just your carpet that’s affected. Many allergens circulate into your indoor air and then bury themselves in your carpet. They’ll stick around for years if they’re allowed to, and you may not even realize it.


You should clean and disinfect your carpets regularly to help with severe allergies and help maintain your carpet to ensure it lasts for as long as possible. Scheduling regular carpet cleaning treatments are an excellent way to keep your allergies down throughout the seasons. However, you may want to schedule an extra session when your allergies are particularly bad. Call us today so we can treat your carpet and ease your allergies!