So the time has come to clean your carpets professionally. After a long period of foot traffic and use, it is vital to give your carpet a good clean to keep it in good condition. To allow for more effective cleaning by our carpet cleaners in Tampa and get the most out of your investment, here are some proactive steps you can take.

How to Prepare Your Home For Carpet Cleaning

Before our professionals arrive to clean your carpet, you can make the job easier and shorten the time required for the process. Depending on the conditions of your home, you may not need to carry out all the steps mentioned below, but a combination of these tips will likely help.

Clear the Clutter

The first step you will need to take is to clear the area that is being cleaned of any clutter. Anything that can be a trip hazard or block parts of the carpet should be considered clutter to be removed. Nothing should be lying on the floor, nor should there be any obstructions as our carpet cleaning professionals go about their task. You also want to prevent any accidental vacuuming of small items like toys or coins.

Furniture should also be moved if possible, especially since it is likely that dust, dirt, and other contaminants can easily accumulate beneath them. The main point is to give our technicians enough room to move around easily to reach the corners of your carpet.

Safeguard Your Valuables

This applies not just to expensive belongings but also anything fragile in nature. Fine china, porcelain, or anything else that can break easily from a bump should be put away for safekeeping. Even with insurance, this is not something you would want to deal with, and the risks can be minimized as much as possible. The same goes for cash, jewelry, or anything of that sort. 

Keep Your Pets and Children Away From The Carpet

It’s crucial to keep your pets and children safe and away from the areas where our technicians are working. Try to schedule your carpet cleaning for when your children are away at school and keep your pets in a separate section of the house. 

Highlight Your Concerns

This is all about helping the experts understand where the problematic spots are for you, such as areas with stubborn stains. Knowing which areas need more attention will allow our professional cleaners to do what they do best in the areas that need them the most. Feel free to let our technicians know which areas experience the most traffic.

Give It Drying Time

After a good clean, your carpets will need a reasonable amount of time to dry. The last thing you should do is put it back into action and cause even more severe problems down the line. Instead, let it breathe and dry, and make sure no one steps onto it unknowingly. 

By ensuring that your carpet is dry, you can rest assured knowing that your carpet was cleaned thoroughly and will remain pristine for an extended period.


When you help with some simple preparations for your home, the whole carpet cleaning process is much more effective and efficient. Let our experts do their job in cleaning tough stains and help you keep your carpets in good shape.