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Emergency Water Damage

Water Extraction Services

While it is your job to ensure you home and family are protected, sometimes you need a little help, especially in the case of a water damage accident. This is where we come in, being water damage experts, we can assist you in getting your life back to normal.  Making sure that you call us first is crucial when trying to prevent further damages. We have been providing water damage restoration services for clients in the Orlando area for some time now, and we know how to get the job done the right way, every time.

Our experts have 1 concern, restoring your home or business.  This is our #1 concern and we will do everything in our power to make sure that when we get to your location, we act quickly, and professionally.

We are licensed, certified, and fully insured to handle any water damage, fire damage, sewage damage, or mold problems that you may have in the Greater Orlando area. We handle over 100 cases a month and guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. Whether it’s your home or your business that needs our personal attention, we are here to serve you.

We can guarantee 24/7 response to any water damage emergency, and unlike our competitors, we are actually prepared to respond at any time, every time.  It is because of this that we have an excellent reputation for what we do.

Why We Are Your #1 Water Extraction Team

Emergency_Water_Extraction_Dan_Dan_The_Carpet_Man_OrlandoThere are many other water damage restoration companies in the Orlando area, so why should you choose us? We are licensed, certified, and professional. We offer some of the quickest response times in the industry, which is crucial to ensuring that your water damage is reversed. We work with residential as well as commercial projects, so no matter what sort of water extraction you may need, we are able to help!

Almost Every company out there advertises a 24/7 emergency response but not many of them do what is necessary to respond to the crisis the right way.  We always answer your call and our crews are standing by around the clock to ensure we get your situation handled ASAP.  Each truck is fully stocked so we can get to work immediately.

We use industrial grade water extraction equipment for all of our jobs. This means that we can guarantee the man-power, as well as the equipment that is necessary to remove all of the water from your location. Additionally, we use high quality dryers and dehumidifiers to make sure that after the main water is extracted, we are able to remove residual moisture.

Acting Quickly

We are one of the fastest responding water damage restoration companies in the area. But why is it so important to act quickly? If not extracted immediately, water within your building can lead to further, hidden water damage, which can lead to a mold issue in the future.

Our water extraction technicians will eliminate the water within your home or business in such a way as to ensure that no mold develops in the future.