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Our Water Damage Restoration Equipment

Having proper water restoration equipment can mean the difference between a successful job, and one that ends in you having to permanently relocate.

There are many different types of water damage equipment used during an extraction job. This field is technically complex and requires a lot of technology and expertise to do right. Before even entering a job, all of our techs must be wearing proper clothing to protect themselves. Our technicians must also bring devices for drying out the interior and removing moisture from the air. Chemical cleaners and disinfectants are also needed after the water has been removed to prevent bacterial growth, and moisture detection devices are invaluable for spotting problem areas. For properties that have sustained heavy damage, some demolition tools may be required to quickly removed compromised material before rebuilding.

Types of water damage

There are different categories for different water damage situations, depending on what category your situation falls under, we may need to use different equipment. If the standing liquid is from a sanitary source, it is placed in category 1. If there are non-life-threatening contaminants present, it is a category 2 situation. If standing liquid is extremely contaminated and capable of causing severe illness or death upon ingestion, it is a category 3 jobsite. When working around category 1 liquids, it is possible for a technician to do his job without protective clothing for a short time, but we still highly suggest it to be safe. In many cases though, category 1 liquids can become contaminated quickly if left untreated. This is why it is very important to act quickly if you experience water damage.

What We need to know

Before we can get to work repairing your damage, we need to know where the worst of the damage is. In general, the worst area is going to be where the water damage originated from, and where it has penetrated materials the most. However, it’s it nearly impossible to detect this by sight, so a moisture meter is crucial for determining what area/s need the most attention. This piece of water restoration equipment is extremely important and precisely measures the moisture percentage of most material. This is useful for most materials that a building is made from, including drywall, wood and paper materials. With the help of a moisture meter, your technician will know which areas need the most attention and which areas are safe. As your property begins to dry out, we will have to use the moisture meter again to assess how much damage there still is to repair.

Once the standing liquid has been dealt with, it is time for the drying equipment to do their magic. There are many pieces of water restoration equipment that are used for the drying process of the project. Most are heavy duty fans that can remove moisture, but some devices function using static electricity to move liquid around. Industrial strength vacuums are also handy for removing small patches of water. We make sure we come prepared for all jobs to ensure the best possible outcome for out clients.

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