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Emergency Water Damage


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Our Water Damage Restoration Services are Second to None

Sudden water damage can be devastating to any home owner. If you are dealing with water damage to your home or business, you will need a water damage restoration company immediately! We offer the 24/7/365 Emergency response to ensure  a quality water removal job, and also to ensure the job is done quickly and properly to eliminate the risk of secondary damage to your residential or commercial building.

Our technicians are trained to handle the worst case scenarios, professionally, and in such a way that minimizes microbial growth. Our 6 step system ensures that nothing is overlooked. It is because of this 6 step system that we are able to provide top quality services to our clients. We guarantee our work, and can even bill your insurance company to make the process as easy on you as possible.

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Our 6 Step Proven Water Damage Restoration System

Water damage can occur at any time. It is crucial that the appropriate procedure is followed when restoring a home or business. Water is very intrusive, and can get into spaces most people wouldn’t think to check. This is why taking time in the assessment stage of the restoration process is a key step we go through at Dan Dan The Carpet Man, that others fall short on.

1. Damage Assessment:

We need to know what we are dealing with! Our technicians will arrive on site promptly after your call, and using special moisture detecting units, will assess how much damage has already been done as well as the central source of the water. Additionally, we will determine if the area is safe, and whether or not a power shut off is needed. Depending on where the extent of the water damage, we may need to come equipped with special equipment for the job. so be sure to give us an accurate description of what we are dealing with during your initial phone call with us.

2. Water Extraction:

Water extraction is the most important part of restoring your home or business back to normal. Using our portable or truck mounted equipment; we will quickly be able to remove large amounts of water from the area. Heavy duty submersible pumps will be used where needed to continuously pump out high level water from your home or business.

3. Drying:

After the initial water is pumped out, it is important to dry the area properly to prevent microbial growth and rot. Our commercial grade equipment will dry the affected area until the moisture levels are back to normal and all structure elements are sufficiently dry ( wall interiors, sub-floor, etc).

4. Dehumidifying:

Our industry grade, low-grain, dehumidifiers will help reduce the overall humidity, producing dry air that will pull moisture from the structure elements and minimize secondary damages. If your property is not properly dehumidified, you may run the risk of having mold developed in your home or business. We use commercial grade equipment to ensure that no mold follows the water removal.

5. Normalizing:

Normalizing is the result from proper drying procedure that considers outside humidly levels, inside (unaffected area) humidity levels, and the humidity levels in the affected areas, as well as the humidity levels of the air at the dehumidifying equipment. This technique is achieved with proper monitoring of all interior water intrusion scenarios.

6. Monitoring:

the job from start to finish using Psychrometric procedure, we chart the progression of the drying and document it so it is established that we did the job correctly without doing more or less than what was needed. This protects the customer from paying too much for unneeded service and yet ensures enough drying took place.

Choose Dan Dan for Your Water Damage Restoration Job

It is important that you work with a professional water damage restoration company to ensure that the job is done the best way possible. All of our techs undergo special training to ensure that we are prepared to handle just about anything you can throw our way. It is possible that your building is not able to be restored, so it is absolutely crucial that you act as quickly as possible. We have trained professionals answering phones 24/7 in case of emergencies.

The Dan Dan The Carpet Man water restoration team will work directly with your insurance company during the entire process with little to no out of pocket fee to you! We will charge a fair price and get the job done right the first time!




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