If you are looking online for ways to clean up stains in your carpet that happened to be from a pet, you will quickly find that there are millions of ways to do it.  It will certainly depend on what type of stain is left on the carpet, but for the most part, you will be going through a process to get the stain and the odor cleaned up.  Whether you have a cat, dog or bird, there is going to be a mess that you will be in charge of cleaning out of your carpet.  Things to keep in mind for this type of cleaning event include the type of pet, type of carpet, color of the carpet and the type of stain that was left by the pet.  Many times, if you are quick enough, you can get the mess soaked up and the carpet refreshed before any real harm is done.

If you are gone all day at work and you get home to discover that Fido used your carpeting as a person bathroom area while you were gone, the clean up process might be a little different.  If you are a pet owner, than there are very good odds that you already have some sort of carpeting treatment to use.  If this is the case, you are going to want to grab that and start to read the instructions on how to use it.  This might seem like a simple task, but sometimes the solution is very potent and might require specific handling by you.  Always spray the carpeting in an area that is not always seen by others to make sure that it will not cause a discoloration.

Once you have determined that you are not going to be changing the look of your room, go ahead and clean up any solids with paper towels and a plastic grocery bag is you have one.  The next step might be one of the most important.  Read the instructions thoroughly and continue to clean up the mess.  Many times the solution will need to be sprayed over the entire area and left to soak for a number of minutes.  Once that is completed, you can then take a stiff brush, or a carpet shampooer and complete the process.  If you were gone for a long time and the mess has soaked itself into the carpet the entire time, it might take a few applications before it is completely gone.

If you do not have any clean up solution that is made for pets specifically, there are some options that you have.  If you have a few household ingredients, you can make your own cleaning solution so you can use it in a pinch.  If you search online for clean up pet stains, you will find many blogs and websites that are willing to offer you advice to clean up the mess and remove the odor that is likely to come with it.  The solutions are very basic and some might not smell as good, but when you are not going to run to the store, they will clean up the mess.  One of the most popular solutions is made from white vinegar and baking soda.  Vinegar is one of the best natural cleaners and when it reacts with baking soda it can get deep into your carpet to work out the stain and odor.

Vinegar has been known to remove blood stains, urine stains and even fecal stains from carpeting.  The main thing to remember when using this type of solution is that it could discolor your carpeting if the solution is not diluted correctly.  The most common mixture for the two would be 2 cups of vinegar, 2 cups of water and 4 tablespoons of baking soda.  Most suggest that you put that solution into a spray bottle and mark it for easy access the next time there is a stain to remove.  Because vinegar causes baking soda to fizz, it might be a good idea to mix all of the ingredients in a bowl before putting it into the spray bottle.

Pets are fun to have around, but they can be difficult to potty train.  Keeping a solution around, or making one that is natural is never a bad idea and can save your carpeting from long lasting stains and odor problems.