No matter how it got there, paint is one of the hardest things I have come across to remove from carpet. Maybe you were repainting your room and a few drops escaped from your grasp, or your artistic daughter decided the rug needed painting. Whatever the situation, acting fast is the key. There are many different colors and types of paint, and naturally, some are easier to get out than others. But we are here to help you with all of them!

For all paint be sure you act fast!! If the paint is allowed to dry you can make a safe bet that the stain will be permanent. You are going to want to blot up as much paint as possible with towels, rags, old clothes, etc. Before you go using any strong chemicals though, be sure to test these chemicals on a small hidden area of carpet so you don’t end up with an uglier carpet than you started with.

Depending on the type of paint that is spilled, you will need to take different actions. For example, acrylic paint, glycerin applied to the stain can be very effective if followed by rubbing alcohol and mild detergent mixed with water.

Latex paint needs only a teaspoon of neutral detergent and a cup of warm water. You will want to apply this solution to the stain and blot up as much as possible and repeat this process until your stain is gone.

If for some reason or another, the paint has been allowed to dry; your best bet is to start scraping it off with a razor blade, knife, or anything similar. After this, you can spray on some WD-40 and let this sit for about 20 minutes and blot the area to remove any loose paint, and then you can go about removing the stain with the same mixture used for wet latex paint.

If you happened to have spilled a whole can of paint. First panic, and then call Dan Dan The Carpet Man to get your carpet back to beautiful!