If you have a large home, replacing your carpet can honestly be a pretty time consuming and expensive endeavor. This raises the question, is it worth it to get a carpet replacement, or should I just invest in a professional carpet cleaning service? The answer for this isn’t as simple as it may sound. Of course, cleaning your carpet will almost always be less expensive than replacing it (Unless you’ve hired thieves for carpet cleaners).

A well maintained carpet can last you upwards of 20 years or so. This being said, in order to make it last that long, it needs to be maintained. This means shampooing it and vacuuming on a regular basis. In addition, if you live in a home with kids and pets, and also don’t keep up with the condition of your carpet, a new one could last you as little as less than 5 years.

So the answer to this questions is if you maintained your carpet well, and have only had it for 10 or even 15 years,  you could probably get away with a good cleaning to take care of any issues you are having. If it seems like your problems are deeper than set in stains and dirt, and you are dealing with matted carpet, or torn areas, a new carpet is probably a good idea. Make sure when you get your new carpet to call professional carpet cleaners to take care of your maintenance. Investing in a good cleaner can add years to the life of your carpet, and ultimately, dollars to your pocket.