Tile and grout cleaning is not easy. You can’t really just take a sponge and pass over it, but you can’t just leave it either because tiles and grout can accumulate dirt. Dirt builds up in the pores of the grout and lines the surfaces of your tiles, discoloring the grout and tiles and making them look dull—and possibly also leading to the growth of mildew.

To get these tiles properly cleaned, it’s difficult to do it yourself. That’s where our quadruple cleaning process comes into play to help you remove all the deep grime and to protect your tiles in the future. 

Our certified technicians know exactly what to do with the proper chemicals, tools, and techniques to make your tiles shine again.

When Should You Get Your Grout Cleaned?

You don’t need to get a clean all the time, but when you start to notice the dirty tile and grout, that’s when you might want to think about giving us a call. All that dirt can make your entire room feel dirty, after all, and it’s not exactly an easy process to get down on your hands and knees to clean it yourself.

Usually, this is the best time to get a clean: when you’re really noticing that dirt. Of course, you’ll be able to wait for longer between cleanings if you’ve had your grout and tile protected following a professional cleaning.

Our Quadruple Cleaning Process will clean and protect your tile and grout

We use a quadruple cleaning process that is meant to remove any dirt, oils, grease, grime, soil, and so on, from your tile and grout. Now, your grout might still have some imperfections, but it will certainly look a lot better.

Initial Inspection

Before we get started on our quadruple process, we’ll first identify the cleaning solution that will work best for your home, and very carefully move your light furniture to help us get every piece of your home.

Before we do anything, we’ll do some pre-vacuuming to remove any harmful dust or grime. We’ll also do some site protection with items like a doormat to protect your floors from dirt, corner guards and door stops to prevent damage to your home, and other precautions like cones that we’ll use to keep your home safe.

The Quadruple Process

First off, we’ll begin by using an alkaline wash that we apply by hand. We’ll get down to mop and scrub on your tile, getting that alkaline right into the grout lines.

From there, we’ll bring out the steam cleaners. Using hot water and rotary pressure cleaning, along with vacuum extraction, our steam cleaners will pass over the tiles to uplift the dirt and grime.

After we’ve finished with the steam cleaner, we’ll get down on our knees again to hand clean and dry all the areas that the steam cleaner cannot reach.

From here, we’ll add one more cleaning solution—the acid wash. This is something we’ll do by hand to help further clean and strengthen your tile before we re-steam the flooring one more time.

Post Inspection

Our job isn’t done until you have inspected the tiles and are completely satisfied with our job. If you notice something that doesn’t look right, we’ll get down again and fix it. If you have questions about something we’ve done, we’ll be more than happy to answer that too.

From here, we’ll also seal and protect your tiles to protect them from any future damage, such as re-staining or discoloration. Sealing and protecting it after a professional cleaning like ours will go a long way.


If you notice your tiles or grout are starting to look dirty, give us a call. Our quadruple cleaning process ensures that your tiles and grout will look clean again and we’ll apply some protection to your tiles too in order to keep them clean in the long run.

You no longer need to struggle with trying to scrub your grout on your hands and knees, not when you can give us a call to use our process on your tiles and grout for a deep steam cleaning.