Dirty carpets can be a liability and can have legal ramifications if you’re a business owner or a landlord. You might get sued if someone suffers damage or gets hurt because of the condition of your property. And that includes the condition of your carpeting. If it’s dirty, dingy, and old, you might be exposing yourself to the risk of a lawsuit.

Here’s why.

Germs thrive in your carpet

Improperly and irregularly cleaned carpeting can serve as hotbeds for bacterial growth. Residents or workers with certain medical conditions are at a greater risk of being affected by an unclean carpet. For instance, mycotoxins in a dirty carpet can trigger a person’s asthma.

These mycotoxins – found in abundance in dirty carpets – can also infect your stomach, weaken your immune system, and trigger your allergies. These problems, if left untreated, can pose serious health risks.

If they are suffering from diseases which weaken their immune system, this exposure to bacteria can send them to the hospital. Even healthy individuals, when exposed to these toxins and germs, are put at risk.

Filthy carpets that harbor pests can cause skin-related health issues too. The bacterial and fungus growth inside them can cause problems like athlete’s foot.

Pee from pet animals

If your business is pet-friendly, chances are your carpeting has been soiled by pet urine. It isn’t just unpleasant, but it is also hazardous. Pet urine, feline pee, in particular, can exacerbate asthma and emphysema. It can also act as an allergen for people with specific allergies. The culprit is the ammonia – an element in feline urine. While it is not toxic, it can lead to health risks in humans.

Besides, if left uncleaned, it smells nasty too.

Rotting carpeting rots the subflooring

If left unattended and uncleaned, over the years the carpeting can start to rot. And that’s bad news for your flooring too. Your floor underneath the carpeting will start rotting also, and by the time you find out, it’ll be too late. You’ll have to tear apart the whole flooring to replace it.

Neglected and rotting carpeting spells trouble for your residents or workers too because rotting subflooring can give way underweight and lead to a serious accident.

Mold and Dust Mites

If your indoor air is moist, if your floor is damp, or if your carpet isn’t cleaned and dried regularly, it can lead to mold growth inside your carpet. This problem can be a nightmare for any home or business owner. This fungal growth can trigger allergies in humans and their pets, which, in some extreme cases, can be fatal.

Dust mites are little critters that live off the skin cells you shed and the bacterial and mold growth inside dirty carpets. They can find their way into your nose, lungs, and eyes via air circulation. When they do, they cause allergic reactions and skin rashes.

You can avoid all of these liabilities if you get your carpet deep cleaned every six months by Dan Dan the Carpet Man. If your carpet needs deep cleaning, call us today before it’s too late.