When you or someone in your household has severe allergies, it can be challenging to find the right cleaning methods and tools that won’t aggravate your allergies. In your pursuit of clean carpets, the last thing you’d want is to suffer a reaction to the cleaning chemicals used. Thankfully, this is not the case when you hire us to clean your carpets professionally.

Will I Experience Any Allergy Symptoms After a Carpet Cleaning?

The great news is that our carpet cleaning services are allergy friendly and won’t make your allergies worse after a carpet cleaning. With the use of professional cleaning equipment, we can thoroughly clean your carpets without aggravating your allergies. 

Even those with severe allergies to most or all soaps can have their carpets professionally cleaned without having to worry about allergy symptoms afterward. This is all thanks to professional carpet cleaning expertise and a form of deep cleaning called hot water extraction.

What Is Hot Water Extraction and How Does It Prevent Allergy Symptoms?

Hot water extraction is a method of carpet cleaning that uses hot water. As you may expect, it uses hot water and relies on high pressure and steam. The combination of hot water and high pressure removes dirt, allergens, and bacteria from deep within your carpet fibers. The heat of the water effectively kills anything that may be left behind.

Hot water extraction is used in combination with special soap to remove stains without aggravating allergy symptoms. 

How water extraction is not only quick but also incredibly efficient. Even when only hot water and steam are used, the method kills and removes harmful bacteria, allergens, and dirt that can otherwise make your allergies worse, even indoors.

Benefits of Hot Water Extraction for Those With Allergies

Many people are afraid that carpet cleaning may worsen their allergies, but what they don’t realize is that living with dirty carpets do far more damage than any residual soap. Hot water extraction can conquer both of these issues by removing hidden allergens in your carpet and leaving no trace of soap or cleaner in your carpets afterward.

Dirty carpets are one of the worst aggravators of allergies. The dirt, bacteria, and allergens that hide in your carpet fibers get tracked around your home and even circulate in the air. Despite air filters and vacuuming regularly, they can be hard to get rid of until you kill and remove them with hot water extraction.

Because hot water extraction relies primarily on the use of hot water and high pressure, there will be no residue left behind. For those who are allergic to ingredients in most cleaners and soaps, this makes it the best option for cleaning your carpet effectively. 

After a cleaning, your carpets will be cleaned all the way through as hot water is able to penetrate deep in between carpet fibers and remove hidden allergens. It’s one of the deepest-reaching carpet cleaning methods, and even those who don’t have severe allergies trust it to get the job done.

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It’s not easy to live with allergies. You have to think about everything you bring into your home and how you’ll keep your home clean, so you don’t experience allergy symptoms indoors.

Carpet cleaning can seem daunting for those with severe allergies, but hot water extraction is an allergy-friendly carpet cleaning method that is incredibly efficient. You’ll get fresh, clean carpets at the end without suffering from any allergy symptoms. Call us today to schedule your carpet cleaning, so you don’t have to endure the dirt and dust in your carpets anymore!