When it comes to your carpets, you probably think you have a handle on getting rid of stains and smudges, especially if you live with pets or children. However, there are some scenarios and stains that can be impossible to remove without professional cleaning services.

When unique carpet cleaning scenarios arise, it’s important that you contact our carpet cleaning experts in Orlando so that you don’t permanently damage your carpet or make the stain worse. Here are some unique carpet cleaning situations where calling professionals should be your first move.

  1. Red Wine and Grape Juice

Red wine and grape juice are classics. No matter what color carpet you have, you should always contact carpet cleaning experts when you spill one of these liquids on your carpet. Your carpet needs careful and professional care to have the stain removed without damage.

  1. Blood

Accidents happen. Whether someone gets a bloody nose or the kids and pets play too rough, blood can get on your carpet when someone gets hurt. While it may seem like a quick fix, blood requires some extra care to remove it from deep within your carpet fibers.

Blood can soak deep into your carpet before you even realize it, which means cleaning it up takes more effort than you may initially think. Fortunately, professional services have it handled.

  1. Coffee

Mornings can be rough, but there’s nothing worse than spilling your cup of joe before you even start your day. Whether you trip over a stray toy or your cup gets knocked over by a pet, coffee on your carpet is a pain to get rid of. Often used as a natural dye, coffee leaves behind dark stains that are next to impossible to remove on your own.

Coffee can be removed with professional cleaning services, but it can be hard to do on your own. Especially if you’re in a rush when it happens and don’t have time to take care of it right away. Fortunately, with the right solvents and experience, coffee stains are no match for a professional cleaning service.

  1. A Returning Stain

Even if you enjoy mysteries, returning stains are not fun to deal with. Some spills may be quick and easy to clean, only for the stain to return a day or two later. You may clean it again, a little surprised and confused, only to be frustrated when it returns a second time the next day.

If a stain returns after you clean it, it’s likely a sign that the stain was never fully removed or cleaned in the first place. Luckily, professional services can take care of this, even if the stain has returned a time or two.

  1. Constant Odors

Maybe your carpets look fine but smell awful. No matter how many times you vacuum or pull out your carpet cleaner, there’s always an odor that never seems to disappear. In this case, hiring a professional team to clean your carpets is in your best interest. With professional-grade equipment and solvents, they’ll get rid of the smell and leave your carpets sparkling clean.

  1. Worsening Allergies

Did you know that allergies may not only be caused by spring and pollen, but also by dirty carpets? Carpets can hide a lot of allergens and bacteria, making your home unsafe for those with allergies. Even if there aren’t noticeable stains or odors, dirty carpets can make your allergies worse any time of the year and leave you sniffling, sneezing, or itching. Fortunately, with professional cleaning, your carpets will be free of allergens.

Tackle These Carpet Cleaning Issues With Us

Your carpets are meant to make your home cozier, but that isn’t possible if they’re dirty, smelly, stained, or full of allergens. Fortunately, our professional carpet cleaning services can help reduce these issues and ensure your home is clean and the air is healthy. If you have concerns about your carpet or think it could use a cleaning, don’t hesitate to contact us so that you can go back to living in a clean home!