When it comes to keeping your home and office clean, regular and professional carpet cleaning is necessary. While vacuuming will help keep it free of debris, dirt and bacteria will still bury deep between the carpet fibers and only be removed with professional carpet cleaning tools and equipment.

If you’ve never had your carpets professionally cleaned, though, you may wonder if your specific carpet is suitable to undergo the cleaning process. Some carpets are made from materials that are more fragile than others, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be cleaned.

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Are All Types of Carpet Safe to Professionally Clean?

Carpet cleaning professionals are thoroughly trained and knowledgeable on how to safely clean the many different types of carpets. No matter what your carpet is made from, our experienced professionals will know how to clean it safely and without damaging it.

All of our professionals have been properly trained and know how to clean all types of carpeting. Even for carpets that are more delicate, hot water extraction is always a good, safe option when done by trained professionals. With our training and experience, your carpeting will be in good hands no matter what it is made from.

Benefits of Hot Water Extraction

Hot water extraction is a great method for cleaning your carpets, no matter what material they are made from. This method of carpet cleaning provides many benefits despite only using water and no harsh chemicals or cleaners. Here are just a few of the benefits:

Environmentally Friendly

As mentioned, hot water extraction doesn’t use any chemicals or toxins to clean your carpets. This means that the water won’t contain anything that’s harmful to the environment. There won’t be any harmful or irritating chemicals that linger after the cleaning, either, so those with asthma or allergies in your household won’t suffer afterward.

Deep Cleaning

Hot water extraction uses high pressure and heat to remove and kill bacteria, toxins, and dirt. It will provide a deep clean, even for thick carpets, pulling dirt and debris out from between your carpet fibers without damaging the material.

Overall, hot water extraction provides a very deep clean. It is by far one of the strongest carpet cleaning methods and is entirely allergy and asthma friendly.

Safe for Pets and Children

If you have pets or children or both, then your carpets would have been put through a lot. There’s likely a lot of bacteria and germs built up in your carpet that need to be removed, and hot water extraction will take care of everything. Your carpet will be fresher than ever after only one carpet cleaning session.

As hot water extraction doesn’t use harmful chemicals, it’s great for children with sensitive skin and pets. You don’t have to worry about any lingering chemicals or toxins. Instead, you can rest assured that your children will be safe to roll around and play on the carpet, and your pets won’t have any health issues if they do the same.

Hot water extraction is the perfect cleaning method for sensitive skin, even for babies and young children. This makes it a great solution for young families and other sensitive people such as the elderly or immuno-compromised people.


No matter what type of carpet you have, it’s safe to have them professionally cleaned. With hot water extraction, we ensure that your carpets will be well taken care of and cleaned without damage. As long as you hire experienced and professional carpet cleaners, all of your carpets can be safely cleaned, so don’t hesitate to call us today to schedule a carpet cleaning appointment with us!