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Ultimate Carpet Cleaning - 15-Step Sequence | Orlando Fl

Dan, Dan the Carpet Man offers cleaner carpet and the most convenient professional service experience. Your Technician will advise you on selecting the right level for your home. Add steps separately to customize your service while staying on budget. Services are clearly itemized on our “published” price list. You only pay for the area (based on room count / size) that you have cleaned!

  1. Pre-inspection. During the pre-inspection, you can work with the technician to identify soiling condition, spotting, carpet material, and your specific concerns.
  2. Furniture Moving. For a more thorough cleaning, our Technician will carefully move light furniture. Larger ieces are left in place. As necessary, light furniture on legs will be protected from contacting wet surfaces by elevation onto disposable foam blocks or plastic sheets.
  3. Pre-Vacuum. Using our commercial heavy-duty HEPA-filtered (or externally-vented) vacuum equipment, your carpet is pre-vacuumed to remove harmful materials including dust, sand, dry soil, and debris before cleaning.
  4. UltraCare™ Site Protection. We’re always careful, but to better protect your home we can deploy specific site protections including a door mat (dirt tracking), door seal (temperature control) corner guards and door stops (hose damage) and other precautions (signage, cones).
  5. Proprietary Pre-spray. All carpets are pretreated with our eco-friendly triple-blend proprietary pre-spray application containing disinfectant, deodorizer, and emulsifier.
  6. Agitate. After we apply pre-spray to your carpet, it is agitated with a “pile rake” to work the solution into the carpet pile, dislodging soil, and helping the solution break down soluble soil.
  7. Pre-spot. Before starting the deep cleaning process, we locate specific areas that may need special attention. We apply (spray on) our proprietary spot remover and traffic lane cleaners in an effort to boost the cleaning power of our regular cleaning process.
  8. Extract & Rinse (wand). Using our truck-mounted hot-water extraction system we “steam” out dirt and residue while sanitizing your carpet with very hot water. Pressure, vacuum, and heat are regulated for an exceptionally clean carpet without over-wetting.
  9. RotoVac® Deep Clean. The RotoVac® system is recommended for restorative cleaning particularly when carpets are heavily soiled.
  10. Post-spot. We take the additional time to re-clean any “spots” that are not removed during the regular cleaning process using specialty spotting techniques and more powerful cleaning solutions. Permanent “stains” (organic or non-organic) may not be able to be removed.
  11. Dry Bonnet Machine. The rotary dry bonnet process helps to assure maximum soil and dirt removal, promotes faster drying, and prevents “wicking” (reappearance of spots).
  12. Carpet Protector. Spills clean-up easier, permanent stains will be prevented, and you’ll get better dry soil removal with vacuuming when carpet protector is applied. Your carpet will look better between cleanings and your next professional cleaning will be more effective.
  13. Grooming. “Raking” or “brooming” the pile returns it to its full upright position. The carpet pile is set in one direction for faster drying and better visual appeal.
  14. Speed-Dry. High-velocity air movers are placed to dry your carpet faster and to prevent possible mold conditions. Speed drying may reduce drying time by as much as 50%.
  15. Post-inspection. After cleaning is completed, we ask you to inspect the job with our tech. If there is a questionable area, we will re-clean it for you immediately. If you will not be home at the time of completion, your technician will call you to provide our post-inspection report, obtain payment authorization, and get procedures for securing the premises when we leave.

At each successive service level, 5 steps are added to our cleaning protocol so our technicians spend more time on your job, use more powerful equipment, and employ more advanced cleaning techniques (and solutions). Our prices are based on the service level you select (based on number of steps).

Step Numbers correspond to our 15-step sequence

15 Step Circle Level 1

Level 1

Basic 5-step

  • 1. Pre-inspection
  • 5. Pre-spray
  • 6. Agitate
  • 8. Extract & Rinse
  • 15. Post-inspection
10 Step Circle Level 2

Level 2

Advanced 10-step

  • 2. Furniture Move
  • 3. Pre-vacuum
  • 7. Pre-spot
  • 9. RotoVac
  • 10. Post-spot
15 Step Circle Level 3

Level 3

Ultimate 15-step

  • 4. UltraCare™
  • 11. Dry Bonnet
  • 12. Carpet Protector
  • 13. Grooming
  • 14. Speed-dry

Here’s why Dan Dan the Carpet Man should be your cleaning company!

1. Reputation: Dan Dan the Carpet Man enjoys one of the best reputations around. The area’s most seasoned floor covering experts, interior designers and Realtors® refer our services exclusively. We have 1000’s of satisfied residential and commercial customers in the greater Orlando area.

2. Fair pricing: We charge a fair price based on the scope of work and the jobsite conditions at the level of cleaning that’s appropriate for our property and your budget. Our over-the-phone estimate is verified on-site and before we start the job you receive a firm price quote based on our “published” price list. No “bait-and-switch” or “high-pressure” sales tactics. Only honest, up-front, and fair pricing.

3. Commercial: Grade Products. Discounted and consumer-grade cleaning products tend to leave sticky residue behind and sometimes discolor your floors or fabrics. We refuse to use such products. Insisting instead on top quality products with proper pH levels means cleaner fabrics and floors and a healthier indoor environment.

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4. Satisfaction Guarantee: Our “Re-clean” Guarantee is included in our Hero (Advanced 10-step service-level 2) and super hero (Ultimate 15-step service-level 3) residential packages as well as our 10 step commercial cleaning. If any spots resurface on your carpet within 3-weeks of our service we will return to your property and re-clean the affected area(s) at no additional charge. Coverage does not apply to Berber (Olefin) carpets and is not included in our Good Samaritan Service (Basic 5-step service-level 1)

5. Annual Programs: We offer cost-saving annual cleaning programs to customers who care about the appearance of their property. Pay for 3 full cleanings within 12 months and get the 4th full cleaning FREE (of equal value). Annual maintenance programs with monthly payment plans are available too!

6. Experience and Education: Our company is experiences in all types of fibers and soiling conditions, no matter how unusual they may be. If we can’t clean it – no one can! Whatever your cleaning challenge is, we can handle it! And, we invest in education. Our “Lead” technicians are certified by the IICRC® (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning & Restoration Certification), the world’s most recognized by body of certification for carpet, upholstery, and tile cleaners.

7. Systems: Equipment is very important! We insist on using the highest quality, most advanced, commercial-grade truck-mounted equipment and specialized cleaning attachments. The systems we use will achieve maximum soil and spot removal without over-wetting your floorcoverings or fabrics and without leaving a sticky residue behind.

8. Referral Rewards: For every new customer you refer to us, we will send you a “Referral Reward Voucher” for $50 when your referred customer pays their invoice. Use the voucher toward any of our cleaning services.

9. Better Customer Service: Our mission is to provide the most outstanding service experience possible. We are committed to showing up on time, carefully deploying abd retracting our equipment, and communication with you throughout the service experience. Our staff will arrive in a properly equipped vehicle, dressed in uniform, and ready to serve you in a courteous manner. No matter what we are cleaning for you, you’ll see our fully-trained, professional technicians using safe and effective IICRC® approved processes and state-of-the-art commercial grade equipment.

10. Credentials: We’re proud of our professional accomplishments over 19-years of service and are happy to provide new clients with our industry certifications, proof of insurance, professional references, client testimonials, and social media ratings. We look forward to adding your positive rating!

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