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Pet Stain Removal

pet stain removal

In many cases pet stains can be effectively removed from carpets, but you need to follow the correct procedure in doing so. The steps that you should take are similar to those when removing any stains from carpets, but the major difference in the case of pet stains comes in removing the odor as well. Unless the odor is removed, your pet will tend to return to the same place.

Here are tips to help you remove pet stains from your carpets. If these tips dont work, hiring a Ocoee carpet cleaning professional can help!

Act quickly

The longer you delay in removing the pet stain, the more chance it has to soak into the carpet. As a result, it will be harder to remove. It will also be more likely to spread across the carpet, resulting in additional areas that you will need to clean.

In addition, the longer the delay in removing the cause of the problem, the longer the odor will have to attract bacteria and the more ingrained it will become in the carpet itself.

The best time to act is while the spot is still moist and can be cleaned more effectively.

Avoid rubbing

Most people’s first tendency to clean up a pet’s mess on a carpet is to rub on it in the same way that you would rub on a stain on a table or any solid surface. You should avoid doing so as rubbing will spread the mess and make it much harder to clean.

Remove excess

The trick is to pull the mess out of the carpet before it can soak in further. For urine, it is best to soak it up using paper towels or old rags. By pressing down as hard as you can, you will be absorbing it and thereby lifting it out of the carpet. Go as far down into the carpet as you can.

For more solid deposits, the same rule applies, but in this case you will need to remove the mess using disposable gloves, thick rags, or even a tool such as small shovel. Discard the result in the toilet.

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Remove odors

One way to remove the odors is to use a cleaning and deodorizing product designed for that purpose. Here the key is to use as little of the product as possible and to allow it to soak into the carpet so that it reaches down to the lower levels. After a few minutes, allowing it to settle in, remove the excess in the same way as before using paper towels or rags.

Should you feel the odor is still there, use more of the deodorizing product, but always use as little as possible.

If you would like a natural way of removing the odor, vinegar diluted with one part cold water can work. Allow it to soak in for a few minutes and then remove it using paper towels or rags in the same way as described above. If this method is not effective enough, you might want to resort to a commercial product.

It is a good idea to rinse off the area with cold water once you are done. Again, remove it by soaking and allowing the area to dry thoroughly.

Call in the professionals

Even should you be able to remove most of the pet stains that occur from time to time, it is essential that you call in a professional cleaning service at least once a year. By doing so you will ensure that remaining evidence of deep stains that you have not been able to clean completely will be removed using professional equipment that is not available to most people.

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