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Windermere Carpet Cleaning Tips

Carpet cleaning tips

If Dan Dan The Carpet Man knows one thing, it’s Windermere carpet cleaning. Dan knows his carpets as he and his technicians collectively have dozens of years of carpet cleaning experience behind them. One question that Dan and his crew continuously get is how to keep the home carpets impeccably clean. While DIY cleaning can never replace an annual professional cleaning, there are some things you can do on your own to keep your carpets looking clean. We at Dan Dan the Carpet Man will happily share some of our secrets with you.

Your Carpet Needs a Good Rinse

When people start to clean their carpet, they often focus too much on the washing end of things. However, you will also need to rinse your home carpet so that all of the detergent gets out. Many homeowners decide to rent carpet shampooers, use way too much soap, and don’t get all of the detergents out of their carpet. Getting the detergent out of the carpet is extremely important as the cleaner attracts dirt. When you don’t remove every bit of it from your carpet, that means you have a substance that attracts dirt on your floor. You don’t want that. We can come to your home and get all of that detergent out of your carpet.

You Need to Vacuum

Hot water extraction may seem cool, but the first step to taking care of your carpet is vacuuming. Don’t just vacuum with half a mind on your carpet and the other half on a million other things. The more dirt Dan and his crew can get out of your carpet before the hot water extraction; the better off everyone will be. We will take our massively strong vacuums and do several passes over your carpet in all different directions. While Dan and his band of technicians can do a bang up job on your carpet, you can also purchase the very best vacuum your budget will allow and use it as often as you can. Go over all of the carpets in your residence with a vacuum at least a couple of times a week. You should vacuum more often if people walk on your carpet with shoes on their feet. When vacuuming, move the vacuum slowly and in different directions.

Dry Your Carpet Thoroughly

Now you will need to concern yourself with drying your home carpet. If you have a wet carpet, it will get dirty once someone steps on it. This can give the carpet mold and musty smells. Dan and his crew will often get a lot of calls from people after they have used DIY carpet cleaners. What ended up happening was that the homeowner used too much cleaning solution and water, which meant that the machine could not suck out all of the water, which left the carpet a soggy mess. Your carpet should always become dry within four hours.

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Preventing Carpet Stains

The worst stains, wear and tear, and overall messes that we see on carpets do not come from sudden accidents. Instead, they come from normal wear and tear over a period and ground-in grime and dirt. As a homeowner, you can do two things to prevent grime and dirt from building up on your carpet. The first step involves not allowing family members or house guests to wear outdoor shoes in your home. You should instate this rule because outdoor shoes track in mud, dirt, and grime. You can eliminate most of the crud on your carpet by not letting people wear outdoor shoes indoors. Oil and grime on your home carpet can also come from everyday cooking. When you cook, moisture and oil go up in the air in your house. Even if you purchase a good fan, oil will settle down on the floor in front of your home stove. Many people track this oil into other areas of the home. In many homes, the two dirtiest areas one can usually see are the two feet from the house’s doorway and the area where the carpet joins the kitchen. A rug over your kitchen threshold can keep the oils from your kitchen from staining your carpet.

Annual Cleanings

While DIY carpet cleaning can be great for spot treatments and keep your carpet looking good throughout the year, it is not a long term solution. Our unique cleaning products and tools are designed to get your carpet significantly cleaner than a store-bought carpet cleaner.

Remember to call us at Dan Dan The Carpet Man for you annual carpet cleaning to keep your carpet looking magnificent and extend its life.

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