Wood floors are susceptible to weather conditions. The most adversarial season that mostly affects wood floors is summer. Summers have the capacity to combine several factors that occur simultaneously to cause wood floors to cup or even worse, buckle. In central Florida, even the best-installed wood floors require keen attention and regular maintenance to sustain that clean and glossy appearance on many interior decors. Some of the causative agents of the deterioration of wood floors due to weather conditions may include:

Sunny and moist days

Hot summers not only cause discomfort to humans but also to constructions. Houses and their floors are like humans in that they need to breathe. Hot temperature causes sweating of surfaces. The heat also causes wood floors to expand.
Wood and moisture have an interesting relationship. They are a nemesis. Humid weather conditions make wood floors to gain moisture. The relative humidity expands the wood. Humidity compounded with hot temperatures lead to heightened expansion. The resultant effect is the cupping and eventual buckling of wood floors.
Strong sunny rays penetrating windows with drawn curtains also burn finishes on wood floors making them dull. They sometimes look all burnt up and dirty not because of actual dirt but since the finishes are worn out due to the heat.

Dry and cold days

The hygroscopic nature of wood does not only predispose it to expansion but contraction as well. The name hygroscopic means that the material can absorb moisture and release it to achieve an atmospheric equilibrium. During winter conditions, the temperatures are extremely low. Low temperatures often prompt low relative humidity. Wood floors release the humidity in them to equalize the humidity imbalance thus contract. The cold compounds the rate of the shrinkage to an extent that cracks appear on the wood floors.


Stormy conditions brought about by cyclones, hurricanes and tornadoes cause the breakage of windows by flying debris. Shuttered window pieces and the debris scratch floors and cause depressions in cases where huge objects fall on the floor or are dragged around by the strong winds.
Storms also cause fluid spills on floors. Liquids with the capacity to stain floors may fall off shelves or even come from outside and make puddles on the floor. Others may be acidic in nature and corrode the wood floor finishes. Additionally, particles carried by the winds make the floor dirty while water spills drain into the hardwood and causes buckling.

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