Caramel taste and flavour in drinks or snacks definitely makes for a sumptuous bite. However, in the event that caramel finds its way to your carpet, you will be faced by the problem of getting out a sticky stain. There is a home-based solution that you can try to remove the stain all by yourself.
For this remedy, you will need white vinegar, liquid detergent and water. The objects to aid your stain removal that will be necessary include a bowl, butter knife as well as some towels.

First, you need to get out as much caramel from the carpet as possible using the knife. You need to be careful not to spread the caramel about as this will make stain removal harder. Next, you will need to mix the liquid detergent (that does not have bleach) with a cup of room-temperature water. You will then need to dampen a towel with the solution you have just made.

After you have wrung the towel and gotten it sufficiently dampened, you need to use it to blot the caramel stain. In another bowl you will need to mix water and vinegar; ideal ratio is 1:3. Use the solution to make another towel damp.
Using the damp towel, blot the spot, making sure to work towards the center of the stain. After this, you need to remove as much vinegar from the carpet as possible. Use a wet towel again to blot the area and then another dry one in a bid to get out any residue.

If this process does not remove the stain, feel free to call Dan Dan The Carpet Man!