Getting the carpets cleaned inside your home can be an expensive service to pay for if you go with a professional company in your local area. The other option would be to get yourself a carpet cleaner that you see at the local big box stores and then you can do the carpets yourself when you have the time. The plus about having your own cleaner is that you can keep up on the carpets rather than having to wait until you can schedule, and pay for the professionals to come and do it for you. What many people might not realize is that there are dangers that come with doing the carpet cleaning on your own. Those dangers, however small they might be, can cost you more in the long run compared to what a professional service team can do for you.

Poor Results Due to Lack of Power

– Because you purchased a carpet cleaner from the store, there are a few things that you should understand.  Many of them do not heat the water, which aids in cleaning the carpet and activates the shampoo that you would be using, getting your carpet even cleaner.  Because you are shooting water into your carpet in order to get the dirt moving so it can be removed, there is water that could be left behind because the vacuum is not powerful enough to remove it all.

Damp Carpet can Cause Smells

– Damp carpeting can cause weird smells throughout the home and might even invite the growth of mold inside the carpet.

Carpet Delamination

– If you are using too much water, the carpeting could be delaminated from the flooring and come up over time.

Carpet Discoloration

– Carpeting can also get discolored when too much water is used and not removed properly.

Carpeting Can Shrink

– Excessive water usage can also cause some carpeting to shrink, removing it from the floors where it is attached.

Carpet Gets Dirtier Faster

– Due to lack of power in most machines, detergent used to clean the carpeting can be left behind causing dirt and other debris to collect faster requiring another cleaning.

What about Mold?

You do not need a doctor to tell you that mold is not good for you.  When you are not removing all of the water that gets put into the carpeting when you shampoo it can promote mold growth and that is not a healthy situation to be living in.  Mold can affect people in different ways and breathing in mold spores is certainly not something that you want to deal with for your family.  Mold in the carpeting is only the start once it starts to grow.  Mold can transfer to walls and throughout the house if it is not noticed and taken care of right away.  The process to find and kill mold is an important one, but also one that takes many steps to ensure the mold does not come back.

Getting rid of mold in your carpeting

This process is very tricky and only because you do not want to spread the mold spores while you are trying to clean the area.  Once you find the mold, make sure that you seal off the area so that spores do not travel while cleaning.  Pull the carpeting back about 5 feet from any wall.   Once you have the carpeting pulled back you can start the cleaning process with just about any anti-mildew detergent.  Once you have the area cleaned up creating a clear barrier, you can put the carpeting back in place, as long as it was not ruined by the mold.

Keep mold from coming back

There are a couple of things that you can do to inhibit the growth of mold.  If you had it once you can install a HEPA filter air cleaner in that area to help keep the spores from moving around and re-growing.  You can also make sure to contact a professional carpet cleaning company to come in a make sure that you carpets are cleaned thoroughly and correctly the first time around.  Mold can spread fast and ruin your entire home.