Hardwood floors are a beautiful addition to any home; but just like any other flooring, it requires a good amount of care to maintain that fresh look that you so desire. Because of our years of wood cleaning services, we have quite a few tips that can help you make sure that the wood stays amazing. Whether it’s before any damage, or it’s after any degree of wear, there are small things you can do; of course, when dealing with an issue too large, or one that you’re not comfortable with, do not hesitate to call a professional wood cleaner.

Before the Damage

Though you want to show of that lovely new floor, one of the best things you can do is put covers in places. Rugs and mats can be stylish additions to your room, but they also help to keep human traffic from scuffing the floor. Wood flooring has a huge nemesis in furniture, especially pieces that are moved often. Legs of chairs or book cases can scratch that wonderful sheen and produce glaring marks visible to all. In order to help with wood cleaning, be sure to put guards beneath your furniture’s feet, so moving them doesn’t cause marks.

Regular Care

One of the easiest things you can do in your wood floor maintenance is to dust and mop with a dust agent in order to remove any loose materials. Vacuuming is another option, but always be sure that you’re using the brush attachment, as other styles can cause scratches on the floor. The last thing you want is to cause more problems when you’re trying to prevent cleaning.

Deep Wood Cleaning

Sometimes there are blemishes and stains that a simple dusting job can’t handle. It’s moments such as these where it’s not a bad idea to turn to some more specialized cleaning tactics. Wood cleaning products are available in many stores, but you should pay attention to the level of cleaner because there are different uses for different wood flooring. After diluting the cleaner appropriately, be sure to go over the floor in a damp mopping procedure. Do not let water sit on the wood longer than necessary, as water can cause warping damage.

Mark Removal

In cases where there are scratches or marks that go beneath the surface, there are still methods of cleaning that can remove them. We always urge people to hire professional wood cleaning specialists to deal with deep marks, because a home cleaning can often result in worse damage to the floor. This is primarily because the different types of wood can be hard to distinguish if you’re not familiar with what your flooring actually is.

Wood cleaning is a process that can be made significantly harder if certain basic cleaning steps aren’t taken on a regular basis. Even a small dust job every so often can keep those small particles from building up and creating even worse problems further down the road. If there are ever problems that are too severe for a home cleaning, we offer professional wood cleaning services to ensure that your flooring returns to the original quality that you started with.

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