Sweeping and mopping are two ways to keep your tile floors looking beautiful. However, if you want to bring your dull tiles back to life, it’s a good idea to have the grout cleaned as well. Grout secures tiles and fills the crevices between each tile piece. Unfortunately, tile and grout get dirty over time, making the floor look unattractive.

Even though you may be tempted to clean tile and grout by yourself, it’s always a better idea to let the professionals at Dan Dan the Carpet Man handle it. In this blog, we will let you know why it’s better to get professional tile and grout cleaning.

Tile & Grout Cleaning Equipment

Vicariously scrubbing grout with a scrub brush isn’t an effective way to remove grime. Not only will it take you a long time to finish one section of the floor. It also means you also have to deal with the mess you’ve made once everything is completed. By hiring a professional to clean your tile and grout, you won’t waste any of your time or energy.

Cleaning your tile and grout is a two-person job. While one technician is scrubbing the floor with specialized tools, the other is using truck-mounted equipment that’s designed for high-pressure rinsing and extracting. The experts at Dan Dan the Carpet Man have perfected this procedure, so we will have your floors gleaming in no time.

Removes Harmful Bacteria in the Tile & Grout

Aside from making your tile floors vibrant, the tile and grout cleaning service also removes harmful bacteria. After the experts at Dan Dan the Carpet Man clean your tile and grout, we will dry and seal it. The sealant is created to keep grime and dirt from seeping through the floor, which keeps the tile clean for much longer.

Extend the Life of Your Tile & Grout

The way you clean your tile and grout might not be effective for prolonging its life. If you’re scrubbing too hard or not enough, you risk either damaging your tile and grout or not lifting problematic stains. Over time, these things build up and lead to cracked, aged-looking tiles and grout.

Dan Dan the Carpet Man professionals use cleaning techniques that are right for your tile and grout. We can lift stubborn stains, clear away dirt, mold, grime, and make your tile and grout look just like new without damaging it further.

Avoid Harsh Cleaning Chemicals

Believe it or not, the cleaning products you use at home could be doing more harm than good. Many DIY cleaning solutions are too harsh and can cause damage or yellowing to your grout in the long-term. Also, breathing in a cocktail of different surface cleaners can be dangerous for your health.

Make Your Tile & Grout Shine

Thanks to the deep cleaning nature of tile and grout cleaning, you can expect that your tile and grout floors will look as good as new. After reading about the advantages of professional tile and grout cleaning, you’re probably interested in having your tile floors treated. If so, don’t hesitate to contact Dan Dan the Carpet Man. We offer reliable tile and grout cleaning to commercial and residential properties in Orlando. We also have the experience servicing tile of various types, colors, and cuts. We’re also well-versed with the unique cleaning needs of all kinds of flooring materials, so you can trust us to take care of your floors.