Getting your grout and tile professionally cleaned can free up a lot of time on your schedule and give your house that fresh new look once again. However, before your Orlando Tile & Grout Cleaning professional shows up, you need to get a few things prepared. This will ensure that the entire cleaning process goes smoothly.

Preparations to Make

To help you prepare your home, here’s a guide on what preparations you should make before your cleaner arrives.

Organize and Move

Get any furniture that sits on top of your grout and tile cleared away. Put it in a different room (preferably a room without tile or grout) so that the area where the professional cleaner will be working is clear. This includes everything from little trash bins to entire dressers. Everything that can be moved should be moved.


You might not realize this but when you dust, the dust typically ends up on the floor. So get some dusting done before the cleaning session so that you aren’t brushing dust onto freshly cleaned floors.

Mop and Vacuum

But it’s a tile floor, why should I vacuum? Vacuuming will ensure you get all the debris off the floor. Sweeping works too, but vacuuming is often quicker and doesn’t leave behind a line of debris where the dust pan sat.

Once you’ve vacuumed (or swept, if you prefer), get out your mop. It will be even better if you clean the floor more thoroughly. 

Make Sure to Choose the Best Professional Tile and Grout Cleaners

Preparing for cleaning is one thing; choosing the right professional tile and grout cleaning service is another crucial factor. Here are some points to consider when you’re choosing your professional cleaner:

Ask for Referrals

Any cleaner with a good reputation will have referrals. Ask your family and friends if they’ve ever hired a tile and grout cleaner in the area. If they have, start a list of cleaners they’ve used. Finding a cleaner via referrals is one of the best ways to ensure you get an experienced cleaner. Alternatively, ask your preferred cleaning service about reading some of the reviews they’ve had.

Don’t Look for the Lowest Price

The cheapest services will often offer the cheapest quality of work. Don’t fall for the lowest price. It’s very likely that the work won’t be done well and you’ll end up paying for low-end work. The last thing you’d want is to pay another company more to fix the subpar work or even damages done to your flooring.

Make Sure They’re Licensed

If a cleaner isn’t licensed, don’t even consider them. Their license should be up to date and on par with all standards. Any cleaner that doesn’t readily offer up proof of licensing should be removed from your list of potential cleaners. It’s simply not worth the risk.


Cleaning your tile and grout professionally is the best way to ensure your flooring lasts longer and looks good. Follow our tips for how to prepare your home in advance so the cleaning session will go smoothly.