In your home, there are areas where the tile and grout are installed which are especially vulnerable to dirt, spills, and bacteria. With time, the look of the tiles can change as the tiles start to fade and grout lines become chipped, cracked and dirty. 

You might have already hired professional Orlando tile and grout cleaning experts to clean the grout but there is certainly still an advantage to applying grout sealer after the cleaning itself.

Benefits to Having Grout Sealer Applied After a Professional Cleaning

Protect your tiles

Grout sealer makes your grout water resistant and since bacteria and mold like to multiply in moisture, this also stops your grout from becoming a dangerous breeding ground for germs and mold. This way, you can be confident that your grout will last longer and retain a clean and fresh look.

Easy cleaning

Tile grout is porous and can be very difficult to clean, especially after soaking up liquid stains and contaminants. With grout sealer, your grout has a layer of protection that means it won’t absorb liquids. You won’t find yourself having to scrub out liquid stains from your tile grout as often. The grout sealer also strengthens the barrier between your tile and grout.

Delay wear and tear

Applying grout sealer will help to lessen the likelihood of damage to your tile grout. With a simple application, you’ll be on your way to delaying inevitable wear and tear and prolonging the overall lifespan of your tile’s surface.

Improve the aesthetics

You’ve handpicked your favorite tiles and invested a significant sum of money to get them installed. It goes without saying that you’d want the best look and aesthetics possible for your home. Using a grout sealer does just that – instead of faded, damaged and stained grout, you can instantly refresh the look of your tiles. 

In fact, some people might even think you’ve done a full retiling when all you’ve done is refreshed the look of your grout and maintained that new look.

Cost effective

Grout sealer is a cost effective way to ensure your tile investment can last through the years. Sealed grout will not stain or discolor as easily and you won’t have to risk any damage to your tiles through harsh chemicals or scrubbing when you’re trying to remove stains.

Having to slowly remove grout by digging it out is costly and takes up a lot of time. Being told that your grout is damaged and requires a full replacement isn’t music to your ears either. There’s really no good reason not to apply grout sealer, which is so economical and cost effective, so you won’t have to replace your grout over time.


There are definitely benefits to gain from applying grout sealer, even after professional tile and grout cleaning. It simply makes for much easier cleaning and maintenance, while keeping your grout free from stains, discoloration, bacteria and germs. Overall, since it’s so affordable, it’s more a question of why wouldn’t you apply grout sealer for all its benefits?