Hardwood floors are a beautiful component with any home décor, but over time, their beauty can fade if they are not cared for properly. While wood can be fairly resilient, using the right products and tools on your hardwood floors is essentially to maintain them and prevent excessive wear.

Hardwood floors are made from a variety of naturally occurring and man-made composite wood or resin materials. They come in the form of hardwood plank flooring, parquet block flooring, and engineered hardwood flooring. Nonetheless, the most important factor to consider when determining what products and equipment to use on your hardwood floors is the finish. Hardwood flooring finished with a polyurethane coating is the simplest way to clean while varnish, lacquer, and shellac flooring requires more detailed care. Using these tips and tools for cleaning your hardwood floors will keep them in the best shape and help you avoid unnecessary refinishing projects.


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