After a carpet is cleaned, several procedures must be implemented to protect and preserve the fibers. If you chose to work with Dan Dan the Carpet Man, you can cleanse every space in your home professionally, and keep each area in optimum condition. According to our award-winning service technicians, the process of caring for carpeting won’t be challenging if you invest in:

  • A deep cleaner
  • Chair mats
  • Spot cleaners

A Deep Cleaner Eliminates Hidden Grime

Although our equipment can pull dirt, dust, grime, and debris off of carpeting, you’ll still need to use a traditional deep cleaning machine at least twice a year. When shopping for a unit select something that has a large storage container for water, various bristle options, and an efficient distribution system that mixes the water and shampoo evenly.

Chair Mats Protect the Carpet

When we tackle cleaning projects in residential and commercial locations, our technicians usually pinpoint stains where desk chairs are located. The big issue is that the wheels on a typical office chair are made out of a unique, plastic material; when the coating peels, it will ruin a light carpet. However, you can avoid this problem by placing mats underneath every chair in your home or office. Chair mats are manufactured in a variety of styles, so you can easily find a design that matches your carpeting.

Spot Cleaners Attack Beverage Stains

If you have kids, they’ll probably spill a drink on your newly cleaned carpeting at some point. But hey, let’s not blame it all on the kids. Adults who drink wine…Well you already know how those spills go! In these situations, we usually tell our customers to use a spot cleaner if the stain isn’t too harsh. Beverage stains must be cleansed quickly because the liquid will permanently damage the fibers if it dries.

Other Important Considerations

We understand that kids, pets, and frequent guests can leave a lot of dirt and debris on carpeting. This is why everyone should take their shoes off before entering a home. When we tackle cleaning jobs, our crews always find dirt in areas that get plenty of traffic. Stains build up in these locations because dirt rubs off of the rubber material found underneath different shoes. If everyone travels throughout your home in their socks, you won’t have to worry about heavy carpet stains that are caused by running, jumping, and stumbling.

We recommend that homeowners vacuum their carpeting at least twice a week. This strategy will eliminate lingering dirt before it sinks deep into the carpet fibers. If you don’t vacuum regularly, your carpeting will get darker because of the dirt.

Using pressure or hot water to treat a stain isn’t recommended. When a towel is pressed into a stain, the weight may push any debris deeper into the carpet pile. If you try to eliminate a stain with a blow dryer, the heat will evaporate the liquid. However, the intense heat will slowly set the stain before all of the liquid is removed. Therefore it is best to jump straight to the spot cleaner so the stain is immediately tackled while it’s wet.

We’ve tackled carpet cleaning projects in business and residential locations for several years. If you’re seeking professional services, you’ll benefit from working with us. Contact us, Orlando’s Carpet Cleaners at our office and schedule an appointment with our dedicated crew.