Clean carpets improve the aesthetics of one’s humble abode and can extend the lifespan of the fabric. Too frequent cleaning, however, can aggravate the natural wear and tear of the carpet and accelerate the decline of quality. Thus, a homeowner must strive for a balance in between never getting carpets cleaned and over-cleaning and, consequently, overpaying for it.

Cleaning Schedule

The answer to your question “how often should I get my carpets cleaned?” depends on several factors. Now you might be thinking “it’s just a carpet, why over think it?”, but establishing a good carpet cleaning schedule is actually important for three main reasons – health, cost, and investment. If the schedule for cleaning carpets is spaced too widely in a year, the carpets might accumulate too much dust, debris, and bacteria, which could affect the health of the inhabitants of the household. Cost-wise, a cleaning schedule of once per week is obviously not a budget-savvy one. Lastly, your carpets should be thought of as an investment, especially if it’s one of those fancy tapestries from Middle East or Europe.

Foot Traffic

A huge factor that impacts your decision of how often you should get your carpets cleaned is the foot traffic coming in and out of the house. If you invite many guests from work or your children invites their friends from school, chances are your carpets will be trampled on more often than when you don’t have guests over. If your foot traffic is fairly high, such as a party at least once a week or friends coming over every day, then have your carpets cleaned once per month.

Pets and Children

Not that they should belong in the same category, but children can be as messy and clumsy as pets. If you have both in your household, chances are your carpets will get an even greater degree of abuse than in a household occupied by individuals. Pets, even trained ones, can still have accidents on your carpet from time to time and that is a smell you do not want lingering in your carpet. If you have children and or pets, you should have your carpets cleaned about one per month or bi-monthly.

Allergy and Asthma Problems

If a household member suffers from asthma or other breathing problems, carpets should be cleaned frequently, every six months or so depending on the severity of the allergy or asthma attacks. Carpets are arguably the biggest filter in your household, so it makes sense to have them cleaned by a professional like Dan Dan the Carpet Man to remove 100 percent of dust and germs.

Carpet Material

Carpets that are made up of polyester or olefin should be cleaned more frequently than wool, cotton, or nylon based carpets. If your Orlando, Florida household has a polyester- or olefin-based carpet, the fibers that make them up absorb more oil easily and thus require frequent cleaning. If you have a vacuum cleaner, which any carpet owner should have in their home, vacuum the carpets thoroughly at least once per week.

Carpet cleaning should be left to professionals who have the expertise, manpower, and equipment to clean all carpet fabrics and sizes in a timely, cost-effective, and precise manner. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our trained and experienced carpet cleaners.