You probably remove the lint from your lint trap every time you use your dryer. This is an essential step in preventing dryer fires and keeping your machine working in top shape, but maybe your clothes still aren’t drying. Or perhaps you smell a burning smell. These signs, along with a few others, might indicate that the actual dryer vent needs to be unclogged.

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Early Indications That My Dryer Vent Is Clogged

The vent in your dryer can get clogged with lint during the regular cycles of your laundry. Not with just one cycle, of course, but over the course of many cycles, and may eventually restrict the airflow and limit the operation of your dryer.

This can be a fire hazard, although even beyond the danger of fire, it can be an inconvenience to you as well.

Longer Drying Times

One of the best indications of a clogged vent is that it’s taking longer for your clothing to be dried. That’s because the humid air isn’t leaving the machine through the vent like it should, meaning that you will need to spend more time drying or more cycles drying—using more electricity in the process.

Burning Smell

You should not notice any burning smell when you’re doing your laundry, but if you do, this is one of the best indications that your vent is clogged. That burning smell comes from your dryer working too hard and is a good indication that you need to call in a professional quickly.

Now, if you notice a burning smell, you will probably also notice that your clothing is hot to the touch. This is normal to some extent, but if it is too hot to touch, that’s a good sign that your vent is clogged.

Check Your Vents

You can check your clothing, but you should also check your vents. This is something you can do simply by looking around your dryer. Check to see if there is any dust around your dryer or the tubes leading in and out. Or maybe there’s a vent that isn’t opening properly.

This is a good sign that there might be something wrong, and is something you can do simply even if you aren’t experienced with dryers.

Lots of Lint

You may also notice a lot of lint in your actual lint trap, more than usual. Having more lint than normal means that your lint isn’t leaving through the flap as it should be. This is when you should try and check your vents to see whether you can physically see any lint there.

Annual Cleanings

You should get your dryer vent cleaned out annually if you can, so if it has been more than a year, this is yet another sign that you should look into getting your vent unclogged. Even if you don’t notice any significant problems with your dryer, getting it cleaned once a year is a smart choice to ensure that it continues working efficiently.

A professional like us can help you out with your annual cleanings. We know how to disconnect your vents and unclog them, not to mention how to get them plugged back in properly. 


Your dryer vents are a vital part of staying safe—because clogged vents can cause fires if they aren’t cared for properly. Not to mention that a clogged vent means problems with getting your clothes dried, or your clothing being too hot. If you notice any problems with your dryer not working as it should, or it’s about time for your annual cleaning, call us to clean your dryer vent.