Carpet is a reliable choice for many, whether it’s for a residential home or a commercial property. There is just something comfortable and cozy about stepping on carpet, compared to a hardwood or vinyl floor. 

However, while it may look and feel good, maintaining your carpet is not always the easiest. We all know how carpets trap dirt and stains easily. To combat this, regular maintenance and cleaning are needed to prolong your carpet’s durability and lifespan. In fact, a professional cleaning by carpet cleaners in Tampa every 12-18 months is highly recommended.

Many people think that professional cleaning will probably be costly, and doing it yourself may sound tempting. Before you purchase your cleaning supplies to get started though, keep reading first to understand the risks and downsides of DIY carpet cleaning.

Risks of DIY Carpet Cleaning

If you have decided to rent out your own DIY carpet cleaning machine, that is hardly the end of it. Without professional help, you also have to purchase cleaning solutions. Factor in the costs of the rental as well as the time and effort needed to bring the machine where you need it, and the idea of DIY cleaning does not sound so good now.

More importantly, such machines are likely to be only good at surface carpet cleaning. The dirt that is visible on the surface may be removed using such machines, but beneath it, your carpet can still be dirty. 

Even after your DIY cleaning and washing, you still have to dry the carpet. Depending on the area of your carpet, this can be a long process without the right equipment. With low water pressure and weak vacuums, there is only so much you can do. Your best hope is that you do not end up with a carpet that is soggy and musty.

There is also no guarantee that such rental cleaners are going to be effective for your particular carpet. The risk of damage is always there, and certain carpet cleaners can be too harsh, causing wear and tear instead.

Why Professional Carpet Cleaning is Better

When you hire professional help, you can expect high-quality results. With an experienced crew doing the hard work for you, you can rest easy knowing that your carpet is getting the right treatment it deserves.


Instead of risking it with DIY cleaning, professional carpet cleaning services will help to extend the life of your carpet. This is done so by removing all of the dirt, dust, and debris that have accumulated over time among the fibers. Once a thorough cleaning is done, the chances of such pollutants adhering to your carpet become lower.

A thorough cleaning is also only possible due to cleaning methods utilized by the professionals, such as hot water extraction.

Save Time and Costs

Contrary to common belief, engaging cleaning services are actually going to save you both time and money. With the latest innovations and technology, professional cleaning experts like us can do the job much quicker and more efficiently.

Expert Knowledge

As seasoned carpet cleaning experts, we are armed with deep knowledge of the different types of carpets. We know how to clean your specific carpet in the best way possible, without causing damage to your precious flooring. Reduce the chances of damage by removing the guesswork from the equation.


While regular vacuuming will always help, a deep and thorough cleaning is still required for carpets if you want your investment to last. By relying on a professional crew, you ensure that your carpet is getting the best treatment.